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Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru
Your first debut single cd is released today! Your manager, who you knew is interested in you, congratulates you by giving you a huge bouquet. Would you accept it?

Yes, it’s only flowers to congratulate me.
No, my lover will be jealous.
I don’t know.


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  • Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 41]
    Wednesday, December 26, 2012

    The school bell rings. The teacher tells the class that Riko and Sou will be absent today because it seems that there is a dress rehearsal for MST so for the rest, pay attention as class is about to start. The other students are discussing about excited they are about it and they will absolutely watch it. Reiko is very displeased over this. She takes out her cellphone from her desk and starts to type. She writes to Sou about how she anticipates tonight’s MST because she can see his cool expression so gambatte. She sends it and smiles. At the studio, Miwako is telling Riko and others that they must engrave this in their hearts, ‘for enabling us to debut, thank you very much’. They must remember to be respectful and tell the staff ‘I’m under your care’[/yoroshiku]. They must still show a smile even if the other party didn’t respond. Remember, people who are hated by the staff cannot progress onstage. “Is there still anything you don’t understand?” While Shinya and Soichiro quietly stand by, Riko and the two tremble in fear and just say none. Raising up his hand, Yuu says that he is nervous that his stomach hurts. Miwako hands him some water and stomach medicine to drink. Riko and Sou say that they couldn’t sleep at night that their eyebags are so dark. She tells them to get the make-up artist conceal those. Pushing up her eyeglasses, Miwako exclaims okay, we’re going. They follow Miwako and it is like they are walking through a wilderness. Soichiro burst out in laughter and exclaims what kind of troops is that. Shinya says that is why a 25 year old virgin is quite troublesome. Riko and the others are surprised to see the MST set being prepared. Then, a staff member who is carrying some boxes of equipment bumps into Riko. He apologizes and starts walking towards the man calling him to hurry. Riko remembers Miwako’s warning that they must treat the staff well for if they are detested they won’t progress onstage. Riko bows and exclaims, “Welcome, you guys!!” Sou got influenced that he also shouts his welcome. Yuu is at a lost over what’s going on. Soichiroh bursts into laughter again. Annoyed and embarrassed Miwako shouts that there’s nothing very funny about it. With tears in his eye from laughing, Soichiro tells gloomy Miwako to forget about that and what’s the big deal. He says that she is scaring the kids for being that sensitive. Mush and others are trembling for they made a mistake. Miwako retorts back to Soichiro that this is really important. Soichiro says that is why he is saying that at this time, all the more one should be calm. At the women’s room, Riko washes her hand and lamely thinks that it is quite awful. She sits on the bench outside the toilets and laments over being too excited. While telling herself that she has to be refined and courteous, a young man passes by. He asks her if there is a queue. Riko looks up and looks surprised. The young man repeats his question if there is a queue to the toilet. She stands up and gesture to the toilets. She tells him not at all, it’s okay, just go in.

    After the young man enters, Riko looks shock. Then, she quickly takes out her cellphone and writes an email to Sou that she just met Kaitouranma [快刀乱麻]’s Shibaken [柴健]. [Kaitouranma seems to be an idiom in Japanese which means ‘solving a problem swiftly and skillfully’] She also mentions that Shibaken is a different kind of good-looking guy than Yuu, a decent type. And, she sends the email. While doing his thing in the toilet, Shibaken realizes that he was quite stupid to think that there is queue for how can a girl line up at the men’s room. Upon going out, he sees that Riko is still there. He calls out to her and apologizes for asking such a weird question and please forget about it. Riko says not at all, it is alright, don’t mind it. Shibaken apologizes and says he is going. Riko bows to him. He stops and turns to tell her to please don’t start recklessly report that she has a good relationship with Kaitouranma’s Shihada Kengo [柴田健吾]. This nickname is Shibaken. Riko is stunned speechless. Back at school, while the teacher having a lecture, Reiko notices that there is a text message. She reads Riko’s message for Sou regarding meeting Shibaken. At the dressing room for Kaitouranma, Shibaken returns. A group member greets him back and another member plans to go to the toilet. Shibaken tells him that it would be better not to go there right now. The group member asks why. He says that there is a non-performer[/not an artist] currently there at the toilets’ entrance and her hair is like a mushroom. Their manager says that it could be the lead singer of Mush & Co for they are going to perform tonight. Shibaken asks who Mush is. He says that it is OT [Office Takagi]’s new artist, the band that first debuted in the CM [commercial] of Pepsi. He asks if Shibaken hasn’t seen it. Taking out his iPhone, Shibaken says that he only watches his own shows and no wonder Mari is going onstage, it is to praise[/promote] the newbie. He finds some information on the iPhone about Mush & Co. He says that it is her but he doesn’t recognize this group. The other group members look at his iPhone and say that it seems that they have seen that group. Shibaken sees that their single ranked 21th place and mutters that it’s a shrimp[/small fry]. Later on, Riko, together with her friends, looks nervous at Soichiro, Shinya and Miwako who bow to a certain guy and thank him for giving them an opportunity to perform onstage. The man says that it is alright, there’s no need to be too polite. He smiles and says that he is really anticipating it since it is OT’s new artist so he’ll leave things to them. Mush & Co. exclaims that they will definitely do their best in the performance. The man says that it is quite unexpected for Shinya to be the producer. Just when Shinya is saying that actually he always wanted to do that and it is his wish.., the man sees someone that he apologizes to Shinya and leaves. The man greets Aki who greets Kiyo-san [清] back. Kiyo tells him to say a word first so that he can come and fetch him. Aki says that there’s no need for that. Kiyo says that Mari’s new song is really great and touching. Aki thanks him. Kiyo praises him by saying that no wonder it is Crude Play’s Aki that he is really curious how Aki can write such great songs. Aki says, “Talent?” Kiyo claps and says that is right.

    While Shinya is just watching this, Kiyo tells Aki that he is quite delight that they are the first ones where the song will be performed. Riko and Sou are irritated when Yuu kept on shouting how come Ogasawara is there. Riko thinks that even if before she thought that she already knew but it is only at this time that she truly knows that this person is Crude Play’s Aki. Kaitouranma is being called out. Just when Shibaken is asking about the accompaniment to his band member, he notices Kiyo telling Aki that he’ll be under his care[/yoroshiku] and Aki saying that he doesn’t have to flatter him. Kiyo says not at all for from today on, he’ll be depending on Aki to write more good songs. Aki says is that so. Shibaken asks his band member who is that guy whom Kiyo is bowing to. His band member says that he doesn’t know but it has to be an amazing person though he is quite young. Shibaken looks surprised upon seeing Aki and Riko holding hands behind each other’s back. He freaks out over what is that. Soon, the performance [/rehearsal] is about to start. The hosts introduce Mush & Co. and Riko lets out a tense ‘ahaha’ Shibaken couldn’t believe that Mushroom Head sounded off a deer-type of sound. The host says that there will be four groups performing artists that will perform splendidly. Shibaken glances at the side to see Aki with some staff members [looks like manager-types] and thinks that he doesn’t know who he is but he even got to sit backstage. He couldn’t believe that guy [Aki] is some sort of lover with that girl in a sailor uniform. Soon, Mush & Co. is going to sing their new single. Shibaken looks irritated for it is a lip-synching. He becomes fidgety. He thinks that before the official performance, he must definitely talk[/persuade] to her that if she kept on acting dumb[/foolish], how can her band continue to survive. He stares at the toilet room and thinks that she will definitely come back to this place. He sits on the bench to wait for Riko. Then, he spots something. He sees Mari pushing Aki into her dressing room. After the door closes, surprised Shibaken thinks that even if it is just a flash but he saw it. “No way. That kind of backstage! No way, it’s two-timing! By the way, Mari and Mushroom Head.. The scope of his hunting grounds is also quite wide!!!” Then, Riko passes by and starts to enter the toilet. Riko is surprised when Shibaken suddenly grabs her arm. Shibaken looks a bit flustered and surprised. Meanwhile, during school break, grumpy Reiko types in her Twitter, ‘Mushroom Head and Shibaken|” Then, she smiles. Blurb: “Lecture!? the way, Shibaken has fallen for Riko!?”

    Surprisingly, we have a new character at this stage that I’m curious what his role is. He somewhat looks like a younger version of Aki. I recall Kaho Miyasaka being told by her editor[?] that she should put a mole on one of her characters in Akai Ito so that they can be distinguished because they look alike. I wonder if the same person advised this author the same thing. =P Whatever his role is, hopefully, he can help Mush & Co’s performance at the MST to push up their ratings. It is starting to get depressing that Mari obviously ‘defeated’ Riko in terms of a better song and there is still Reiko who is spreading rumors about her online. It’s as if there is no hope.. and this might be their first and last CD. Maybe Shibaken can indeed advise Riko to be more confident and maybe, sing LIVE ^^ If he falls for Riko, then, Riko’s admirers are increasing =P I’m not sure if it will be good or not if Shibaken slips up and mentions Aki is in Mari’s dressing room..unless Riko sees that for herself. It might give her ‘more fighting spirit’ or ‘make her goof up’. It would be a bit strange though that it would be Shibaken ‘helping’ Riko out..I was hoping that Soichiro has some sort of back-up plan unless he has given up on them. Anyway, whatever rumors Reiko will spread, I really hope it will backfire on her and make Riko famous instead. I also hope that this time around, Riko and Sou would realize who/how the information is being leaked because Sou is the only one whom Riko mentioned about Shibaken. Also, I continue to hope that the author won’t let Shinya do anything underhanded against Aki..even if it is also becoming difficult to see him pitiful like this. I wonder if he had noticed that Aki had become somewhat confident about his talent. Scans by 红莲 & all★wink汉化组

    Quote of the day:
    The power of words can make or break you. ~ Author Unknown

    Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 2]
    Tuesday, December 25, 2012

    Cover page: “Becoming the world’s most happiest bride- is it really like this?” Standing at the altar, the priest asks Nao if he vows to always love Karin whether in sickness and in health and to mutually help each other, always until death. Nao says, “I do.” While their parents watch and Karin’s father is teary-eyed, the priest asks Karin if she vows to always love Nao whether in sickness and in health, and to mutually help each other, always until death. Lifting her veil, irritated Karin shouts, “I don’t want to!!!” Her father starts to freak out over what she is thinking and is this pre-wedding jitters again. Karin shouts, “Daddy! What the heck is this!? How come the ones who attended are only the parents of both sides? How come it is like a simple and crude ceremony!!? Isn’t this Karin’s wedding!? All of the school’s students should be invited! It should be broadcasted on the television!! I should at least change into 10 gowns!!! Isn’t it inevitable that it should be luxurious, GRAND and SPECIAL!? Just stop this kind of ceremony- *throws away bouquet and starts to walk away which freaks out her father* If you want me to marry then properly make the preparations!!” To her surprise, Nao stops her by holding her waist. Nao says that didn’t he properly tell her already that this wedding ceremony is done secretly for her protection. This made Karin blush that she exclaims his name. He tells her that if the people around them knew that a high school student got married, they will be looked at with curiosity by the others until graduation. “And, didn’t you hate that kind of thing?” Pushing him away, Karin asks him to give her concrete example of what is that curious look that others will have. Nao tells her that it will be like this – perverted guys will say that since she is married then she has already been ●●, doesn’t married couple always ▲▲ every night, so they definitely do it every night, and the newly wed wife’s reaction is definitely intense. Freaking out, Karin shouts that’s gross. While trembling Karin crawling on the floor, Nao tells her about that luxurious wedding that she wants, they can just hold a wedding again after she graduates.

    While sitting down, Karin says that she doesn’t want to. Nao calls her name. Nao is surprised when Karin exclaims that she doesn’t want the wedding to be hidden like this. She thinks that she actually wants to show off for she had finally found herself a suitable first love and she’ll be known as the legendary bride of Nao *scene of Karin clinging on to Nao while the other girls cry with envy* so she totally doesn’t want to hide it. Karin exclaims that she doesn’t mind being looked at a strange way because about this marriage, she definitely wanted to tell everyone about it. Nao tells her that he also wants to tell everyone and show off that she is his bride. Karin looks up to him and says then isn’t getting married to her worthy of being proud of. Nao says but, half of his feelings want to keep this a secret. Karin asks why. He asks her if she doesn’t think that this is kind of special that ‘in the school, just between the two of them, they have a secret’. “It isn’t at all just because of your protection that it is kept a secret. *smiles* It is because only between the two of us, this special thing will continuously increase. My and Karin’s bonds can continuously deepen. Could it be that you didn’t think that way? *whispers* It is even possible that we’ll have a secret that our family won’t even know about.” This made Karin blush. She says, true, having lots of secrets isn’t bad at all. The priest coughs and repeats Karin’s wedding vow. This time around, Karin says, “I do!” The priest then says that it is time for the wedding kiss. This made Karin blush all over. She forgot about that, and direct kiss is a necessity in wedding ceremonies. She glances at her parents and wonders how did her parents kissed in front of her before. As Nao removes her veil, Karin becomes more nervous for she felt quite embarrassed when it is obviously her first kiss. Nao tells her not to be so uneasy for it is also okay to just kiss her face. Embarrassed Karin denies that she is nervous. She closes her eyes and exclaims that it is fine to quickly kiss, right? She tells herself that this childish trivial kiss isn’t a big deal so why.. Nao looks surprised for blushing Karin is trembling. To her surprise, Nao kisses her on the lips. Soon, the happy parents throw flower petals at the newly married couple. Karin is still touching her lips with her hand. Smiling Nao looks at Karin and apologizes for tricking her but in a wedding ceremony, in the end, it should be.. He stops upon seeing blushing Karin. He seems to blush and look shaken.

    Soon, lunch is served. Huge wedding cake is being cut. At the staircase, Karin reads her note for her parents, “Beloved Daddy and Mommy, today, Karin got married. Daddy is a kind person who always smiles. *her father crying* I really like this side of daddy. Mommy is a kind person who always smiles. *her mother smiling* I totally revere this side of mommy. It’s really great that I’ve become daddy and mommy’s child. *her father is crying waterfalls that her mother has to calm him down* Thank you for always treasuring me while bringing me up until now. *smiles* So please be reassured that Karin will definitely become the world’s happiest bride with Nao.” Then, she hands over the envelope with the note to her father. Her father says that it is obviously a joke during their college days but it had unexpectedly come true. Karin asks, “College?” Her father says yes, for the four of them [including Nao’s parents] studied the same major during college and they have been good friends since then. Nao’s mother says that she gave birth to Nao when she was in 4th year college. Karin’s mother says that after two years, Karin is also born so they tell each other that when Nao becomes 18 years old and Karin becomes 16 years old, it would be a really amazing thing if they got married. With sparkles in her eyes, Karin thinks that it is a wedding destined upon their birth so in the end, it is really a love arranged by fate!! Karin’s father says that aside from the wedding, they have prepared a birthday present. “The best place to nurture your and Nao’s feelings. Your and Nao’s new home.” Karin imagines a beautiful mansion that will be their love nest. Karin blushes and says is that so. Her father says that they have already given her everything, all the necessities of life. Karin looks surprised. She realizes that after the wedding, from today on, she will be living separately from her parents. This made Karin tense that Nao assures her not to worry because he is here. Karin remembers that is right, from today on, she and Nao will always be together. Then, she freaks out upon remembering that also means that they will hold the ‘FIRST NIGHT’ today.

    Soon, some black Benz cars drive through the street. Clinging on the seatbelt, Karin wonders what to do for she hasn’t prepared herself yet for this. She glances at Nao who smiles back at her. This startles her. While following her father to the new home, Karin wonders why Nao is so calm and collected. Her father exclaims, “Look, it’s here.. your and Nao’s new home..!” Karin is totally shock while Nao is semi-surprised for it is a run down two story apartment. Karin’s mother says that it is quite nostalgic. Nao’s mother giggles that no way, this place is still around. Nao’s father says that it is still the same as before. Karin gloomily looks at her father and asks if it is a joke this time around. Karin’s father says that this is the apartment where he and his wife stayed while they were poor. This surprises Karin that she shouts what does he mean poor for doesn’t their family belong to a famous family. Her father laughs and says that it seems that she didn’t know that their family is a so-called newly rich. Her mother says that her husband had really worked hard in his lifetime. Nao’s mother says that isn’t it amazing an otaku[/nerd] got into business and would unexpectedly tightly grab on a client[/s], not quite the same with her husband. Nao’s father just sweatdrops and looks away. To Karin’s shock, her father tells her that even if he isn’t that interested in a luxurious life, but in order to cope with the tax policy, he had built that luxurious house. “Even if the quality of life is currently very good, but mama is still quite nostalgic about the life during that time. Even if we were poor and it is also quite hard, but because of that, mama and papa were able to put together our combined efforts to pass through the difficulties. *holds hands with wife* Thanks to this apartment, our bonds had become, more and more, deeper.” Karin’s mother says that is why they thought about putting Karin and Nao in this difficult surrounding to nurture their love for each other. Karin is furious that she shouts how is that possible at this run-down place.. Nao holds her shoulder and tells Karin to leave it to him. Karin thinks that no wonder it is her husband since he would unexpectedly say it confidently. To her shock, Nao says, “Father, Mother, thank you very much that you would even prepare such a great new home! I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you two had pondering on this earnestly. From today on, I’ll definitely make Karin happy.” In tears, Karin’s father holds Nao’s shoulder and says, “It’s really great to have you as my son-in-law! And this way, the Oriyama family can also be at ease..” Karin interrupts them by angrily shouting for them to wait. She exclaims why and calls Nao stupid for she.. Nao smiles and says, “You and me only have to be together, and no matter where we are, we would be happy.” This made Karin blush. Soon, their parents wave them goodbye. Nao waves them goodbye but Karin just looks away with hands on her waist. Soon, they enter room 203 – Oriyama. Nao gestures her in and soon the door is closed. Narration: “That’s right, with only love, it doesn’t matter where the place is, if love truly existed.”

    So, they smoothly got married even it isn’t exactly how Karin wanted it to be. I do wonder if that is the real reasons why Nao would want to keep their marriage a secret. If so, that is probably why Nao would tell his teammates that Karin is just delusional about her marrying him. Nao seems to have an amazing talent of convincing Karin to do the things that she would easily protest about. I doubt any other guys can do that. Maybe it helps that Nao is two years older than her. I do wonder if there is really a ‘defect’ in Nao’s personality or he is just the type who is really perfect. He seems a bit eager to push this wedding through and to be with Karin. If he truly likes Karin and knew that he will marry her later on, that could be a reason why he is turning down any favors from the other girls. With that, he doesn’t seem to be a playboy. He doesn’t seem to be gay either since he couldn’t help but kiss her at that wedding. Since Nao’s parents are good friends of Karin’s parents, it does seem quite unlikely that he is a ‘bad guy’. So, if there’s no problem with him, I guess it has to do with their current ‘poor’ situation which will probably drive Karin crazy since she isn’t used to that lifestyle. I understand what her parents’ intention is but it does seem like a crazy thing to do. Maybe the author wanted Karin to still be rich and yet, learn the hardships of living a poor life. I wonder if Nao is somewhat used to that since he isn’t exactly complaining and even happily accepts the apartment. Or well, he just likes Karin. If no one is ‘faking’ their like/love, I guess the last narration would mean that right now, it is still infatuation and their ‘attraction’ will be tested later on. Also, given Karin’s spoiled personality and that poor environment, their marriage might head to divorce if Nao’s personality is also bad. =P Scans by all★wink汉化组

    Quote of the day:
    Weddings remind us that our lives have meaning and that love is the strongest bond, the happiest joy, and the loveliest healing we can ever experience. ~ Daphne Rose Kingma

    Free Talk: Christmas Greeting
    Monday, December 24, 2012

    With faith, courage and hope, every dream is achievable.
    If you dream, dream to succeed.
    May this Christmas, God bless you with determination, honesty and happiness.
    May the blessings of the Lord visit you and your loved ones at every moment in your life.
    I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

    Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 1]
    Monday, December 24, 2012

    Cover page: “Oriyama Karin, 15 years old. She will do any possible method to get the things that she likes. But, in this world, there is some kind of thing, that one can’t absolutely attain. I knew this when I became 16 years old.” Narration: “Ah, even if I dreamt of it, I also wouldn’t have thought of it. June 6th. On my 16th birthday, I finally graduate from childhood.” There is a beautiful three layered white birthday cake decorated with berries and flowers on the dining table. A note says ‘Happy Birthday Karin’. And, with a plate, Karin pushes down the cake and wrecks it. She exclaims, “Karin said that this year’s birthday cake will be chocolate flavor, right!?” While her parents stop eating midway, the three chefs timidly say that it is because it is already night when she came home from school when she ordered that.. Holding the plate she used to destroy the cake, Karin exclaims that isn’t an excuse and how many times has she told them not to put raw food [<- probably referring to the fruits] on the cake because right now, she totally lost her appetite. The three chefs tearfully plead to Karin’s father. Her father says okay. He stands and tries to tell Karin not to be too spoiled. With teary-eyes, Karin says, “Papa~~~ It is obviously not easy to pass through one’s birthday. Karin is very hurt..” This obviously worked for soon enough, Karin is happily eating her three layered chocolate cake with flowers and princess crown on top. The three chefs are dead tired as they lie down on the floor. The maid scolds the father that Karin is already 16 years old and is it okay for him to let Karin be spoiled like this. Karin’s father blushes and says that he actually has no reason to rebuke her and she is his cute angelic daughter. “And--.. this year will be the last time for her to celebrate it like this. *gesturing to a maid who pushes a tray cart that has a huge ribbon box on it* Karin! This is papa and mama’s gift for you.” Karin takes out a beautiful dress from the box. Putting the dress in front of her, Karin exclaims that it is so cute and it is like a wedding gown. “I really want to quickly wear it--” Her father tells him that she will have a chance to wear it this weekend. Karin asks if that is true and what’s the occasion. He tells her that it is a wedding. She sweetly asks if that is okay because if she wears that white gown, won’t she be like the main star. She adds that just wearing a plain dress is already quite flashy. Her father says that it is alright for she is the main star of the wedding. Karin is puzzled. He tells her that he has good news for during the wedding ceremony, it is only the bride who wears a pure white gown. Karin says that she knows that. Her father continues to say, “This thing has been decided a long time ago. When you are 16 years old, you will marry the person whom I decided on.”

    After looking surprised, Karin breaks out a smile and says what kind of joke is that, it isn’t even a bit funny. Upon seeing her father’s somewhat sad smile, Karin realizes that her father isn’t joking. “What to do, what to do, it’s for real, right?” Just when her father is opening a folder [in miai/arranged marriage, it usually contains the picture of the other party] to tell her whom she is going to marry, Karin slams the wedding dress on the chocolate cake. While the chefs are freaking out over the newly baked cake that Karin is currently wrecking, Karin shouts what kind of joke is this for it is impossible for her to marry someone whom she didn’t choose. Taking the table knife, Karin points it to her neck and says that she already has someone she had chosen. She thinks that ever since then, there was never one wish of hers that didn’t come true and no matter kind of love it is, it will only be her and the one whom she has chosen. There is a flashback of Karin falling over on to Nao [previous wrote his ‘尚’name as Shun but from the Japanese writing it is more like Nao or Haru. If you know the right one, just tag me, thanks~] who asked if she is alright and it’s great [that she is okay]. Karin shouts, “I won’t get married! If you force me, I’m going to kill myself in front of you. Papa, do you also think that is okay?” Her father nervously says okay, it is his fault for deciding on his own so don’t get excited. “I’ll quickly call Tsuruki-san to decline this thing so quickly put down the knife. Okay?” Karin mutters, “Tsu-ruki?” Her flustered father says yes, the other party is Tsuruki Nao, a third year student from the same school where she attends. “He is really an excellent youngster so it ought to be good even if you don’t meet before marrying..” To his surprise, Karin quickly throws away the knife and looks at the folder that her father is carrying. After staring at the picture, Karin says, “..since it is what papa said, then it can’t be helped.. *flips hair* For Karin and this guy to get married is also okay!” Her father nervously asks if it is really okay. Looking away, Karin says ya, ya. She freezes when he says that a while ago, she was crying over having someone she likes in school. While trying to explain, Karin just shouts that she already agreed so don’t bother about small issues like that so why don’t he quickly call the other party before she changes her mind. Her father says is that so, then, he’ll call them up. While happily dialing, her father says that Nao-kun will definitely be happy that since he’s going to marry Karin. This made Karin blush. Carrying the folder with the picture, Karin prepares to leave the room. She exclaims of course, since he is getting married to Karin. The parents just smile while the servants start to clean the mess. While walking, Karin looks at the folder again. “I simply couldn’t dare believe it but it’s true, I’m getting married with Tsuzuki-senpai. It’s the first love partner that Karin has chosen. *happy upon recalling how she literally fell on him and he asked if she is alright* See? If it is only I, Karin wished for, there has never been a situation that it won’t come true.”

    At school, in the soccer field, Nao manages to break through the defense with the ball and scores a goal. Fangirls scream. “Tsuruki-senpai, so cool-!!” They start to shout praises about him. A girl shouts that he’s so handsome that she’ll fall for him. Another girl screams that his brain is also quite good for he is always in the top 3. He is fluent in English that he won in the debate convention. If prince is being mention, it definitely refers to Tsuruki-senpai. And, one of the girls said that she went to this school with the goal of being with Nao [in the same school]. Sitting on a beautiful intricate rose metal bench with a huge umbrella for shade, Karin is watching Nao with her binoculars. She thinks that in the end, the one who suits her in this school is Tsuruki-senpai. She is surprised to see a couple of girls wanting to lend towels to Nao, who is about to drink some water. Karin gets irritated when a girl complaining over those girls for going forward at Nao. Her friend tries to calm her and tells her to just watch. Nao sheepishly tells the girls giving him the towel that no matter who gives him something, he never accepts it. The friend tells the girl see, Nao won’t accept anything so relax, and it is already happiness to watch him. Karin thinks, “ a group of pitiful insects.. Tsuruki-senpai is already Karin’s thing.” She puts her binoculars on the seat and starts walking. The coach is shouting that break time is over. To his surprise, Karin walks pass him and into the field. Everyone is surprised when Karin shouts, “Tsuruki Nao! *surprised Nao turns to her* To..tonight.. about that.. is..” The coach exclaims that it is her again and how many times does he has to call her attention before she’ll pay attention, it is prohibited to enter the field during practice. He grabs her wrist and says that even if she is the ojousama of the Oriyama family but for her to do this, he is also troubled. Wincing in pain, Karin shouts for him not to bother her when she is only going to see Tsuruki-senpai, her wedding partner. Pulling Karin to him, Nao apologizes to the coach and asks him to let him handle this. While walking Kari out of the field, Nao asks her not to go into the practice field next time. While the other girls are infuriated over Karin with Nao, surprised Karin says what and don’t think that just because she’s going to get married to him, he’s pleased with himself. Blushing a bit Nao says that it is because if his important bride would get hurt, it will be really bad. “After club activity ends, I’ll quickly go to the Oriyama residence. Wait for me.” This made Karin blush and she says okay. Everyone watches as Karin leaves. A dark haired teammate says that no wonder it is Nao for only his fans would obediently listen to him. Short teammate says especially that first year student for she is his super fan because she is here since the new school year started. The dark haired guy asks if short guy likes Karin since he noticed that she is there everyday. Short guy exclaims no, for her to even prepare a special chair to sit on and aside from the trouble she causes, it makes one feel agitated to be always be watched using those binoculars. He laments that it is a waste for Karin is quite cute. Dark haired guy says that girl just said that she is getting married to Nao. Nao is surprised and says that for her to say that, maybe she is delusional. They believe what he said.

    That night, at the Oriyama residence, everyone is frantic for they can’t find Karin just when the Tsuruki-s are about to arrive. Someone wonders out loud if Karin ran away. Her father tearfully shouts that he’ll listen to whatever she wants to say so please come out. It turns out that Karin is waiting by the post at the front porch. She is waiting impatiently. Then, using a mirror, she fixes her hair. Then, she hears a car stopping in front. She quickly hides and thinks that he really came. From the post, Nao holds out his hand to her and smiles. “Karin! Thank you for agreeing to marry me..! I’m simply the happiest man in Japan.” Taking his hand, Karin blushes and asks what he is saying for shouldn’t it be ‘I’m THE WORLD’S HAPPIEST MAN’!? Then, the door opens and her father screams that it turns out that she is there. Hugging her, her father shouts that he kept on looking for her in the house but can’t find her so he thought that she ran away because she doesn’t want to get married. “But, I didn’t think that it turns out that you want to be the one to welcome Nao-kun ahead of the others..!” Blushing Karin denies it and tries to tell Nao that she just happen to pass by there. Her father tells her not to be too opinionated. Then, Nao’s mother, accompanied by her husband, tells Nao that isn’t that great for Nao is always anticipating the marriage and early this morning, he is quite excited. Embarrassed Nao tells his mother not to say anymore. He glances at Karin and says that after seeing her in school, he is actually always thinking of her. This made Karin blush. She thinks that while she is watching him [play soccer], he is also watching her and this is quite a coincidence for it is simply destined love. Soon, after the talk between the two families, the young couple signs the marriage contract. At the church, a maid opens the door and says that the bride has finished preparing. Nao looks surprised over how beautiful Karin looks in her wedding gown. Nao smiles and says, “’re the world’s most beautiful, Karin.” Narration: “Right now, I still didn’t know. The so-called destined love is not at all such a sweet[/happy] thing.”

    Maybe I got too used to conflicts that I find this series a bit strange for everything is going too smoothly. She’s getting married to one’s first love who is also the most popular guy in school. And, it just so happened that he is also into her. Hehe, maybe the author is still setting things up. For there should be some catch and the only possibly right now is the guy might have some hidden bad personality perhaps. I’m thinking the author is going for the idea of marriage not being an easy thing afterwards even if both mutually like each other especially with Karin’s personality. Or, maybe something like at the end, Karin will be less spoiled but then, for her to be like that, I guess she is a bit amusing. =P Hm..the personality of the couple seem to be a change from the type of characters that the author usually has in her series. Anyway, we’ll see what direction this goes.. Scans by all★wink汉化组

    Quote of the day:
    Be true to yourself and to your feelings. Those are the only things in your life that will never lie to you. ~ Author Unknown

    Watashi wa Mada Sore o Shiranai [Chapter 0]
    Sunday, December 23, 2012

    [Free Talk: This is Chika Shiina’s new series serialized in Cheese! Magazine. First of all, I would like to mention that this series has sexual content and possible mature themes. Her art is so-so and is quite similar with Sakurada Hina’s that I wonder if she is an assistant or something. Actually, the stories they write are a bit the same, too, in some ways. In this story, it seems to be about a May-December romance. The Chinese title means, ‘Things That I Still Do Not Know About’. Since it isn’t a colored spread, just a colored page in chapter 1, I think that this will be a short series.]

    Narration: “From the moment that you were born in this world, the other party who you will attract you has already been decided.” There is a picture of a girl and an older man. “Let me say, ojisan [/uncle; older man not related], I beg you to stimulate my instinct more intensely.” At a guy’s room, a naked guy lies on his bed and says, “Hey, Anna [杏柰], you said that during the time your father has gone overseas, you’re going to stay at the house of your father’s friend. So isn’t that like saying that you’re moving?” While sitting naked on the guy’s bed, Anna says that it can be considered that way. “..but, even if I say that it is moving away but it is only a station away from this place. So, there is also no need to transfer school-..” The guy asks what it is [that she paused]. Anna replies, “Basically, when I heard that my old man said that the person I’ll be living together with is ‘his friend’. I thought that it is a woman but it turns out to be a man. A 40 year old ojisan! *stands up* I really don’t understand what Pops is thinking. Does this make him feel more at ease than for me to be all alone by myself? Ah~~ I want to drink some water.” The guy tells her not to go walking around naked. Anna goes to the kitchen and opens the refrigerator. She takes a bottled water. Just when she is about to drink, she notices a note with some money bills on the table. The note says, ‘For Takumi [guesswork from 拓海], I’m going to work. Here’s some money and go eat.’ Anna thinks that the parents here are also.. Anna returns to the room. Takumi tells her that he also wants some water. Anna shoves the bottle water to him. Takumi says that’s cold. Anna says, “Ah- Adults are really unreasonable. Mouth is saying that they are ‘worried’ about us but they would just leave us aside without a care. Leaving behind a note ‘Go play with the neighbor’s kid’ then, they only care about being busy at work. If they knew that I and Takumi are not going steady but having H[/sex], that is definitely enough to scare them. It is obviously caused by them who abandoned me!!”

    Takumi replies, “Then how about this, Anna- *pointing to self* For the time being, try going steady with me?” Anna looks aghast in surprise at him. Takumi nervously asks what kind of expression is that. Anna angrily shouts that is what she should be asking him. “What do you mean by that!? What ‘for the time being’! When you are saying those kind of words, your attitude should be a bit serious!!” Takumi asks if that is true. Anna shouts in frustration and says that’s enough. Later on, with her school bag and some boxes of her belongings, Anna sweetly says, “Nice to meet you, Tatsuo-san. [guesswork from 龍生] I’m Kurihara [guesswork from 栗原] Anna♡” Tatsuo casually greets her back and says that he’ll show her, her room so quickly come in with him. While Anna has a bewildered speechless look, Tatsuo tells her to take off her shoes and arrange it properly. Anna wonders what that is, she obviously have a full smile when she came to greet him so what’s the meaning of that scowl. She smiles and thinks of pulling a little prank on him. She suddenly grabs hold of Tatsuo’s arm and says, “Tatsuo-san♡ From today on, I’ll be under your care[/yoroshiku]..” She looks surprised when Tatsuo looks at her and tensely tells her to quickly let go. After recovering from that, Anna apologizes for doing such a rude thing. “By the way! *flirting mode* As a payment for letting me stay here, what do you wish for me to do for you?” Tatsuo just looks at her. Narration: “The moment that I held on to this person, I had a good sniff of a scent. This scent stimulated the side of my being a woman, an instinct’s scent.”

    From here, it is obvious that Anna is a ‘bad girl’ type especially since her parents aren’t really there to ‘teach’ her. From what she said, it really does seem that ‘playing with the neighbor kid’ turned into something different than what her parents had in mind. ^^; Takumi seems to be a naïve guy, too and like her, his mother[/parents] isn’t always around either. That is one aspect that I’m interested in..kind of like a view of a ‘bad girl’ who is usually cast as the antagonist of a shoujo series. She seems to be an observant, intelligent yet flirty girl. And, apparently, she isn’t quite good with an older man who isn’t ‘biting’ her advances. =P It will be fun later on. The scent thing will be explained in chapter 1. Chapters 1-2 are quite good so I plan to summarize this regularly. Scans by 深雪汉化组

    Word of the day:
    The character of your children tomorrow depends on what you put into their hearts today. ~ Our Daily Bread

    What's Below~~
    Friday, December 21, 2012

    Thank God I managed to finish Kyou no Kira-kun today ^^ It is highly unlikely that I can get a summary up this weekend since we have reunions. I’m not sure about 24-25th either because something might come up. We’ll see. ^^ So, Advanced Merry Christmas to those who might not be visiting during the holidays ^^

    Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 16]
    Friday, December 21, 2012

    Page 16: Boyfriend. Cover page: “Really like you, really want to hug you tightly!” Narration: “Kira-kun *Kira held Nino’s hand and said, ‘The meaning of my existence is you, Nino’* had thrown my own words back to me.” Covered with a blanket, Nino sits on her bed with a blank look. Sensei perches on her bed post and quietly sweatdrops. He flies to Nino’s bed and asks if she couldn’t sleep. Nino says, yes. She blushes and lies back on her bed. She tells him that just thinking of what happened yesterday made her somewhat excited. With a teasing look, Sensei says that is right, after all, she got promoted to ‘girlfriend’. This made Nino blush even more. Nino wonders out loud over what kind of progress will happen between them in the future. “Just thinking of this since the start, I couldn’t stop imagining it.” With folded arms, Sensei says that Kira is a pretty boy so he ought to quickly make a move on her. He tells her not to say other things for won’t he directly kiss her and if he does any strange thing to her, *gesturing a punch* she should definitely hit him. Getting out of the blanket, Nino says that she thinks that ought to be not quite possible and she had also thought about that. Narration: “Today is the first day of starting going steady.” Kira is waiting at the gate. Nino comes out and nervously greets him. Kira just says, morning with a blank look. Surprised Nino exclaims what’s up with him. Kira says that it is nothing and everything is normal with him. “Come, let’s go.” Nino notices that Kira has his hand[/s] is in his pocket. While walking, Kira is telling her about watching a television show that he didn’t notice that it is already the middle of the night, and it is a movie about zombies. It is by seriously watching the deeper contents of the movie that he finds it very interesting. It is quite philosophical that he starts to like zombies. Nino keeps looking at his hand on his pocket then, she looks at her hand. She agrees about what Kira is saying. Sensei seems puzzled. Narration: “Ah- about that, how should I say it. It is a start which is, just like before, with no change.” In the classroom, everyone looks at the door when Kira and Nino come in. A student says that they’ve arrived so who is going to ask. Another student says that after all, they hugged in the classroom. This made Nino blush as she remembers that when they returned yesterday, everyone is already gone. A guy holds Nino’s hand and exclaims, “Hey, Bird Girl, are the two of you going steady!?” Kira chops their hands to separate them. Kira pulls Nino to him and says, “Right now, she is my girlfriend. No one is allowed to touch her.” Everyone blushes and exclaims if this is for real. Nino is surprised by Kira’s declaration. Yabe looks glum while lying his head on the table.

    During PE class, Hyakuta says that she is really curious about it that she can’t help but straightforwardly ask her. Ikigoma asks up to what progress they have gone to. Nino looks at them with big eyes. Blushing, she tells them that nothing has happened. She wonders if this is the so-called girl’s talk. To Nino’s surprise, they tell her that she definitely wants to have deeper affection early on and it isn’t bad for her to take the initiative and attack. Ikigoma says that every time her boyfriend kisses her, she always feels like floating. Hyakuta says that she understands, for there are times when she has the urge to bite him [/her boyfriend?]. Nino is quite surprised about this ‘urge’. While the girls are changing their clothes and talking about cosmetics, Nino thinks that she doesn’t quite understand what they’ve told her. Nino goes out of the room and thinks that in the end, everyone is girls and she’ll ask her mommy to teach her to put make-up. She is the first one to go out of the dressing room. She notices a couple of girls with Kira. Kira apologizes and tells the girl that he can’t go steady with her. The girl’s friend says that even if she doesn’t want to say bad things about Nino, but this girl is not only cuter but her character is not bad. “It is also okay for you to try out and date with her, how about it..?” Nino freaks out for Kira is being confessed to and that girl is even saying that she has no charm at all. Kira says, “I’m sorry, all of my time belongs to Nino.” Nino blushes over that. The girl’s friend leads the dejected girl away and says that since he said that, then forget it. Kira scratches his head then notices Nino peeking from the corner. Kira asks her what interest is that, for her to secretly watch from here. Nino exclaims that it is a coincidence. Kira leans toward her and rests his head on her shoulder. Kira tells her that he refused [that girl] so give him a reward. This made Nino blush redder. She starts to stroke his hair and says, “O—okay. Nice guy!!” Kira asks if she is foreigner. Blushing Nino wonders what to do for she is starting to understand what Ikigoma and others are saying. Kira suddenly stands up and says, let’s go. To his surprise, Nino suddenly clings on to him. She says, “I still want to be with you for a while.” Kira looks at blushing Nino. To her surprise, Kira pulls her away from him. He apologizes and says that he suddenly remembered that the old timer [teacher] told him to see him. While walking downstairs, Kira tells stunned Nino that it is about being lectured about what happened yesterday so she can go ahead.

    While walking the hallway, she wonders if she can understand that literally or was it deliberate that he pulled her away from him. Then, he notices that Yabe is walking beside her. Yabe says that they’ve already thought properly over what the cat’s name will be so he thought of telling her. Nino says is that so, so what the name is. Yabe says that it is Arashi because his older sister likes that idol group. Nino says that’s cool..then she thinks that wasn’t that cat female. Then, Yabe asks if she is really going steady with Kira. This made Nino blush that she is lost for words but managed to say pretty much. Putting his hand on the wall to block her way, Yabe says she should break up with Kira. This surprises Nino. He walks away and mutters that it infuriates him that she was snatched away. Nino nervously wonders what was that and that startled her. At the staircase inside the building, during lunch break, Kira comments that Sensei seems to be asleep. Nino says that Sensei explore around the school during PE class so he is a bit tired. A note says that they are eating inside because it is cold outside. Kira is puzzled for how come he is exploring when he usually just stays in the classroom. Nino says that it seems that Sensei wants to exercise lately. Kira mutters over assuming before, that Sensei would be his first love rival. Looking somewhat serious, Kira says that he always feels that he only have to do some ordinary sports and it will be strenuous[/tiring]. This surprises Nino. Kira says that it is nothing and possibly, it isn’t that serious yet. If excessively no sports, one won’t be stuck with a name[/logo] of being a sports idiot, right? Nino starts looking worried that Kira notices this. He pinches her face and says that at this point, give him a smile. Deciding to change the mood, Kira says that compared to that, he has something to give to her. Holding a small box, he tells her that it is her birthday gift and sorry if it is late. Surprised Nino exclaims that she forgot. “Thank you. Can I open it?” Kira says yes. She opens the box and it is a beautiful small bottle. Nino exclaims that it is a perfume and there are even some bird wings on it. Kira tells her to try it out. Nino is sparkling. She takes the tip of the bottle with a dropper and puts some of the perfume on her wrist. Nino says that it is a fragrance like the smell of a mature woman with rose as part of the ingredient. “With this, I also can be a girl who can properly interact with guys.” Kira looks surprised. Realizing what she said, Nino quickly tells him that it is nothing, she is just talking to herself. Kira holds her perfumed hand and says, “Ya, it’s very fragrant.” Nino blushes. Kira leans to her. Anticipating a kiss, Nino closes her eyes. She waited and nothing. She opens her eyes to see Kira covering his mouth and looking away. To her surprise, he says that it is almost time to go back to the classroom. While Kira wakes up Sensei, Nino is downcast over it.

    While walking downstairs, Nino wonders if it is just her misconception that maybe the cause is due to her excitement but then, when she just hugged him a while ago, Kira had particularly pulled her away. Kira turns around and says that about a while ago.. To his surprise, Nino is no longer behind him. In the classroom, Kira nervously looks at Nino’s empty seat. He thinks that it is bad for she unexpectedly ditched class. He also thinks that she had totally misunderstood and she also won’t answer the texts he sent her so he should have looked for her earlier on. At the roof, Sensei looks at downcast Nino sitting at the floor. Nino had told Sensei that she wanted to be alone for a while. Sensei thinks that even if he doesn’t know what happened between the two but with that dismayed look, most likely, it has something to do with Natural Perm’s attitude. Then, he notices someone arriving. Kira says that he has found her. He asks Nino what she is doing, she’ll catch a cold. She looks flustered. She gloomily says that it is because she is ashamed for she’s the only one who is quite excited over this. Surprised Kira exclaims that it turns out that she has that kind of misunderstanding. Nino continues to say that it is okay and she’ll pay attention to it from today on. Kira shouts, “It isn’t so- *covers blushing face* I only feel that I only have to make a move and I have this feeling that I won’t be able to stop. I’m actually enduring, idiot!! *Nino looks at him in surprise* ..this morning, I’m already giving it my all for me not to be excited. If possible, I really want to make you always stroke my hair every single day. I’ve become strange. I like you too much, up to the extent that I don’t know what to do.” This made Nino blush and wonders if that’s true. Still covering his face, Kira lies down on the ground and says, “Ah, geez.. I originally do not want to say those words.” To Kira’s surprise, Nino clings on his shoulder. He turns to the side and tells her not to come near. Nino lies down on the ground beside him. He rolls sideways from her and she follow him by also rolloing towards him. Kira somewhat sits up and wonders what she is doing. He exclaims that he said, not to come close to him. Clinging on to him, Nino giggles and says, “Kira-kun, you’re so cute.” This made Kira blush. He says that he doesn’t care anymore. He holds her wrists and they are about to kiss. They were interrupted by Sensei shouting for them to stop, that’s enough. Embarrassed Kira shouts that he is unexpectedly peeking. Sensei shouts back that he is always there. “Don’t complain in front of me, you perverted kappa!!” Kira covers his face and says that it is no good, this is also too embarrassing. Sensei shouts that serves him right. Nino smiles and says that he’s cool. Narration: “November 29th – Starting today, I have officially become Kira-kun’s ‘girlfriend’.”

    A nice cute chapter which somewhat reminds me of Kimi ni Todoke wherein the lead guy is enduring from making a move that caused misunderstandings with the girl. Thankfully, in this one, it is just one chapter rather than a full arc of that theme. ^^ I guess Nino is acting more than Kira here after the topic is being talked about by her friends. As usual, Kira really can say things that make any girlfriend’s heart melt for him. I like the ‘don’t touch’ and ‘all my time belongs to Nino’ bit ^^ What’s cool about it is Nino gets to hear them. The perfume is a nice gift and it looks somewhat expensive. And, maybe a lesson for those who don’t act fast, it is only after those two became a couple before those who had a crush on them would confess or for Yabe’s case, hint on liking her. Too bad for them, it is too late..though Yabe might have a chance depending on Kira’s fate in this series. Scans by 離境漢化組.

    Quote of the day:
    If there is any misunderstanding, we will resolve it among ourselves. ~ Rajiv Shukla

    Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 17]
    Thursday, December 20, 2012

    Cover page: “From deep within the heart, the tightly locked [door to the] truth gradually opens..” Narration: “My earliest memory dates back to the winter when I was three years old.” Outside the apartment, a boy is happily laughing outside with his mother. Inside the house, young Iriya hears the laughs. Narration: “At that time, what I only remember is the feeling of an empty stomach, feeling cold, and the sound of the television.” On the television, it is a show of the rabbit mascot. Wearing an ill-fitting shirt, Iriya stands up and calls out to his long haired mother who is watching the television. “Mama, I’m hungry..” Narration: “[And], a mother who throws an annoyed[/impatient] look towards me.” His mother tells him that there is something at the cabinet and surely he can do that little thing by himself. Iriya takes a stool and pushes it by the cabinet. He stands up on the stool and tries to reach up the cabinet. He finally sees a small [easy to open] tin can. He takes the can and calls out to his mother. His mother takes the can and opens it. Then, she gives it back to happy Iriya who gobbles up the food. Putting on her coat, his mother tells him that she’ll be out for a bit so he be good and stay at home. Iriya mutters that he’ll be good and stay.. Narration: “A young mother. Even if she doesn’t use violence towards me, but she would usually not come home for consecutive days and just occasionally return home to give me some food to eat. What she is doing is like I do not exist.” The scene changes to Iriya watching the television about a zoo wherein one can touch the animals, and right now, the most popular one is Mr. Rabbit. The announcer exclaims, “Ah, he’s very cute~~” After watching him, Iriya’s mother asks if he likes the rabbit. Iriya turns around and says yes for the rabbit is very cute. His mother says ya. She smiles and says, “Did you know? If it is too lonely, the rabbit will die. So, if it turns into human, we don’t know what will happen to it. *looks at Iriya* ..Such a strange kid. What are you smiling for?” Narration: “It doesn’t matter what the details[/content of what she said] is, it has already been such a long time that I haven’t seem my mother smile like this and talked with me. It’s alright. Mama still likes me very much.” Soon, it is around July-August according to the calendar. The house is really dirty and Iriya is lying down on the floor. He is breathing hard and thinks that it is too hot. “Mama still hasn’t come back. *crawls to the door* I’m so hungry. I already couldn’t just depend on water. But.. Mama said that I can’t go out on my own. If I don’t listen to mama, I’ll be hated. I want to become an obedient[/good] child. *crawls to the cabinets* Is there something.. that can be eaten.. *finds a plastic bag with a carrot* Carrot.. *nibbles on the carrot* I’m like a rabbit. Mama, could it be because she hates me that she won’t come back. *drops the carrot and falls on the floor* She said that a rabbit can die from being too lonely. *cries* But whether it is because of loneliness or hunger, I will die in the end.”

    Later on, the landlord with policeman Ken calls out to Miss Iriya. While Ken opens the door, the landlord tells him that Miss Iriya has delayed paying the rent for half a year already and he finds this a bit strange. Ken says that they are coming in.. Then, the two are surprised to see a boy lying down on the floor. “There’s a child..!” “Are you okay? Hey!?” “Ah, it seems he has a high fever. Call the ambulance!!” Soon, Ken puts Iriya into the ambulance and Iriya is confined in the hospital. Narration: “Like that, when I still totally don’t understand what the adults are saying, I was brought outside.” An older policeman in plain clothes asks Ken if the parents are still not found. Ken says yes, the [rent] contract is under someone else’s name and they couldn’t contact the guardian[/guarantor]’s address. The older policeman says that upon being discharged from the hospital, they’ll just temporarily put the child in the orphanage[/welfare center]. Another officer says that because of other things, he went there once and it seems that lately, those places are already full. Ken offers to let the boy stay at his house. They ask him if it is alright. Ken says that his mother used to work at the orphanage and it should be okay for him to stay at his place until they found a guardian. There is also his nephew there who is about the boy’s age. Holding a soccer ball, Yusa holds out his hand and shouts, “Call me Issei!! Let’s properly get along!!” While Ken smiles at them, Iriya greets Yusa back and introduces himself. Yusa slyly smiles and thinks that it is like having a younger brother. Narration: “The things that follow in the outside world were a shock to me. It turns out that in other people’s houses, you can eat everyday this kind[/much] food. *While Yusa wolfs down his food, Iriya look surprised over his food which consisted of rice, soup, fish[?], and pickled vegetables* I can take a bath everyday. *While taking a bath, Yusa washes and plays with Iriya’s hair* And wear clean clothes. *cabinet with clothes*” Later on, a couple arrives at the house. The woman shouts, “Shun-kun!!” She hugs Iriya and apologizes for coming late. Iriya wonders who these people are but this woman smells fragrant. The woman says that she is his aunt. She’s the older sister of his mother. While Ken pats Yusa’s head, Yusa tearfully asks if Iriya is leaving. The aunt hugs Iriya again and says, “But, from today on, auntie and uncle are your parents, Shun-kun. So, there’s no need for you to be worried again. Iriya thinks that these people are his..?

    They bring him to a huge house and say that it is now his new house. His aunt tells him to go in and here, he can totally do what he wants [/don’t have any misgivings]. Iriya thinks that it is a spacious beautiful house, the food is piping hot, and the quilt is quite soft. Narration: “-It all made me dumbstruck. Then, until now, what is that thing that I’ve considered as love? I cannot make them hate me. I must make them like me. I won’t make them bring me back to that house.” While Iriya’s aunt prepares some coffee to a stern looking glasses woman, the woman asks the aunt if she properly thought of it, suddenly wanting to adopt a child with an unknown background. “If it becomes troublesome, I won’t care even if you run crying to me.” Iriya comes out and greets his grandmother. [/aunt <- the other translation has Iriya saying ‘aunt’ so maybe the woman is a friend] He bows and introduces himself. He also politely says that he’ll be under her care [/yoroshiku] from today on. The grandmother is surprised by that. Narration: “Fortunately, my ability to ‘grasp the situation’[/observe people] is quite good compared to ordinary people. Being too nice makes people worried. *Iriya overhears his mother telling her husband that Iriya doesn’t let her spoil him[/demands anything]* If it’s too perfect, it will make people hate me. *kids are saying that it is a test problem that no one can understand but Iriya got a perfect score* Appropriately, make others see one’s insuffiency[/also make some mistakes that would make others not too disappointed] *teacher scolding Iriya and friends for playing soccer at the hallway which caused the window to break* I’m striving hard in order to become someone who is worthy of being liked by many people. The most important thing is—[/rather than] *at the sports festival, some girls are gossiping that it is that boy whom they heard was pitiful before.. Iriya looks at them and smiles. They blush and say that he’s handsome* drawing the sympathy of people who would secretly gossip behind my back. It’s good that I make them comrades [/stand at my side] for this is more effective. The only thing that I’m thankful of that person is that, she gave me this kind of face.” At the library, a girl asks Iriya if they can go steady. Iriya thinks that going steady means being a lover. Narration: “The first time I’ve been confessed to, my heart feels somewhat incredible for the one I made happy is a cheerful and nice girl. *To the girl’s delight, Iriya says okay.* I’ll definitely properly cherish. I definitely can also be like everyone[/ordinary people] in attaining happiness, but..” The girl tells surprised Iriya that his kindness makes her feel that it is a sham. “I’m sorry, let’s break up.” Narration: “At first, I totally didn’t quite understand it.” Iriya thinks that maybe it is a problem of being headstrong[/fate] and it is also the first time he went steady with someone. Narration: “But, the number of going steady continues to increase--” A girl told him that it doesn’t seem different from being friends. Another girl shouted that she had enough for she already told him that he’s not allowed to be so nice with other girls.

    At the playground, dyed blond Yusa asks if he broke up again and didn’t he say to her that they are going on a date today. “Let- me say- you treat girls too nicely. The other party would definitely misunderstand. Using that face and smiling at them- Although it is very pitiful to be dumped, but why don’t you be a bit cold[/indifferent] in order not to give them an opportunity[/idea] to confess.” Iriya retorts back, “How is that possible.. I have no way of treating other people coldly.” Yusa asks why when it is obviously very easy. Iriya says, “Because--” Then, he looks surprised. Narration: “Because treating other people nicely isn’t at all, for them to like me, rather, I’m afraid that they’ll hate me. Ah, that’s it. *recalls that girl saying that his kindness is a sham* I finally understand. I think I don’t know what is ‘because of like[/love], that I want to properly cherish [her feelings]’. I couldn’t erase [/it never disappeared] that fear.” Yusa is surprised when Iriya says he knows..he won’t go steady again with anyone. Yusa somewhat pouts and thinks that isn’t exactly what he meant. Narration: “From the start, I don’t have any right[/qualification] to like others. *fixing his necktie to go to high school* Three years in this place had peacefully passed by. At least, I have to get in the college that my parents expect me to go. Do my very best and bring out one’s good side[/strive hard in pretending to be sincere]--” Makoto tearfully declares that only wanting to become cute, girls would become strong!! Iriya thinks that she seems to be a clumsy[/stupid] girl. After looking surprised, he smiles. Narration: “Perhaps, it is true.. this is a side that is similar to me. Wanting other people’s approval. Doing one’s best to strive hard in wanting to be loved by everyone and be worried about this. –wrong? Wait a minute, this girl even if I ought to say clumsy[/stupid] or she’s only a bit clumsy.. *Makoto always falling down and making mistakes* that it can be an obstruction for her to keep on living [/dangerous to her life] but.. *Scene 1: Uki scolds Makoto and she apologizes. Scene 2: Makoto thanking Nanami for teaching her how to make a cake. Scene 3: Makoto happily laughing with her friends.* ..even if she has no way of being perfect[/doing things right], it is also alright. Isn’t it good to maintain one’s true self, and believe a bit in the people around you. At least, this girl-- *Makoto telling him that she likes him. He looks at her and stretches out his hand* If I stretch out my hand once again, is it allowed[/will I be forgiven]? Even if, as a result, it will hurt me and[/or] the other person.”

    Side Story 4: Morinaga Uki Narration: “She’s obviously quite cute when she didn’t say a word. I have already heard people say things like that so many times. Morinaga Uki. 10 years old. Saying the truth is good.” A mother is telling her neighbors that from the start, she had two sons and finally, she gave birth to a girl. She is so happy about it because she obviously anticipated to make her wear cute clothes, and cook together with her, but from start to end, it isn’t as she wished.. Long haired Uki calls out to her mother and says that she’s leaving. In grade 5-2 classroom, one ponytailed girl tells the students that they’ve decide to hold an all-female Snow White play during the academic year’s general assembly. She asks if everyone had already drawn their lots as to what role they’ll play. She asks those who pulled out Snow White and Prince’s roles to raise their hands. Uki says that she got Snow White. The others scream that it suits her. And, who got the Prince..? To their shock, Makoto timidly says that she got that one. The other girls exclaim in disbelief that Makoto starts to apologize for the mood became bad. They start complaining if Makoto can act well, but it isn’t fair to exchange roles, and who’s idea is it for them to draw lots. Just when a girl is already saying that it will be Makoto’s fault if the play fails, Uki goes in front of Makoto and shouts for them not to say that. “We obviously haven’t started practicing yet, so how can you even know, okay! *Makoto tearfully calls her name* Stu-pid, would you please stop crying!” Makoto nervously says yes. The other girls leave and complain that it is cunning that Uki is protecting Makoto and why is she protecting that ordinary girl, is it because she is Rika’s younger sister. The bell rings. The homeroom teacher asks if they had finished the consultation and gambatte. Uki just glances at Makoto. In her house, Uki’s mother is quite happy that Uki is going to play Snow White. She asks if she can go and watch her. Reading her script, Uki says no for that day isn’t a visiting day. While her brother is telling their mother to cook already, their mother asks who is playing the prince. Uki says that since it is an all-female play, so it is a girl named Kisaragi who is playing it. Her mother asks isn’t that girl’s older sister a very beautiful famous person. Uki lamely says ya, ya. Her mother asks what kind of girl is she, is she cute? This made Uki wonder what kind of girl is Makoto..

    One pony-tailed girl shouts at Makoto that her voice is too soft. Makoto apologizes. The one ponytailed girl wanted to re-do that scene just now and scolds Makoto that if she doesn’t perform well, everyone will be troubled. Uki looks at Makoto and thinks, “Kisaragi Makoto, I always feel that she is timid no matter she does. And, she also doesn’t attract any attention.” Later on, at their house, Uki’s mother sees Uki wearing her shoes. She asks Uki if she is already going. Uki says that it is because she still has to practice for the general assembly. Her mother tells her to wait a minute, let her properly fix her hair first. Uki tells her to forget about today, since she will be late. Her mother shouts no, that is her only happiness. Uki wonders what that is. She shouts that she’s going and quickly runs away. Her mother can only helplessly call her to stop and don’t run away. Uki arrives early in school because she ran. Just when she is thinking that no one is there yet, she sees Makoto inside the room practicing her lines. Uki calls out to her and tells her that she’ll help her practice by acting the dwarf. Makoto thanks her. Naration: “I don’t hate her, this kind of person, at all.” One ponytailed girl and friend see this and they look displeased. Soon, the practice went well. Uki praises Makoto for doing well. Makoto says is that so. Uki says that is the result of their practice and everyone should also.. With folded arms, one ponytailed girl asks if it is really like that for in the end, Makoto is too short and she’s shaking in fear while acting. She totally doesn’t look like a prince. Uki protests that now, she is saying about being too short.. One ponytailed girl’s friend adds that if Makoto doesn’t look like a prince, she doesn’t look like one. One ponytailed girl says that if this keeps up, the play would fail. “How about this! Kisaragi-chan, how about you cut your hair?” This surprises Makoto that she says that this is a bit.. Holding a pair of scissors, one ponytailed girl shouts that if her hair is short, she’ll definitely look like a prince. “Come, let me cut it!” Makoto exclaims that won’t a wig do? One ponytailed girl says that they are already performing tomorrow and since they are in a rush, there’s no way they can prepare that. She adds that they are only going to perform once for the audience’ enjoyment so this is a very important responsibility. Makoto nervously says no. Uki tells them to quickly stop that but the one ponytailed girl’s friend tells her not to protect Makoto. While one ponytailed girl continues to force Makoto to cut her hair, Uki gets angry that she grabs the scissors from the one ponytailed girl and cuts off her own hair. Everyone is shock. Dropping her cut hair towards one ponytailed girl and friend, Uki says, “I’ll play the prince. Like this, you guys have no more objections, right?” One ponytailed girl screams and shouts hair. Makoto collapses and faints. Narration: “Kisaragi fainted on the spot. In the end, she is absent during the general assembly day. *Makoto had a fever so she slept through the day* By the way, the stage play is a success, and no wonder it’s me[/I’m good].” As a prince, Uki poses and says that ‘he’ heard that there is a sleeping princess here. The female audience is screaming over how cool Uki is. Narration: “Although, mama cried. *Uki’s mother laments over the only thing that is female about Uki and her only happiness is gone.* But, for me, it is totally okay. And later on..” At the shoe lockers, Makoto calls out to Uki. Uki asks if she is feeling well now. Holding a small package, Makoto tells her that this is a hair clip. It is a hair clip that she chose that can worn with short hairstyle. Taking the package, smiling Uki flicks Makoto’s forehead and thanks her. Makoto thinks that she is like a prince. After half a year, Uki would say, “Ah, that hair clip? Even if I put it in my bag but I don’t know where it went. So-rry.” Makoto can only tearfully says Uki-chan but then, no matter what, she still like [her?].. And, that’s it.

    Now, that is one really sad childhood and I can fully understand the trauma that it caused Iriya. Unless the mother has some good reason for it, it really does seem that she abandoned Iriya to die. Obviously, he is an unwanted child and whatever her issues are, it doesn’t justify what she did to him. Not only he almost died, it is also affecting his life up to the present that he can’t have a ‘normal’ life without the extraordinary fear of rejection/being hated and abandoned. It is interesting that rather than thanking his mother for his life, he would only thank her for his good looks which had enabled him to somehow adapt and make others gossip about him less. It made me wonder what if he is ugly, would the others say instead, that no wonder he is abandoned? If he isn’t smart and ‘pretending to be nice’, would his aunt still adopt him? It’s good though that Yusa stuck with him no matter what. Even if Yusa can be annoying, I think it helps to have someone who knew what he had gone through to be there for him. Amusingly enough, instead of Yusa being the older brother, he seems to be the younger one because of how clingy he was with Iriya. But, Yusa can be protective of him when he needs to, and he even went to the school where Iriya goes. Iriya is indeed what Makoto is aiming for but being too perfect and pretending to be nice for the sake of being liked/not be hated turns out to be no good either. I guess thanks to Makoto, he will somehow loosen up and act accordingly, if possible, to what he really thinks and feels. Hm..if he ever lets himself fall in love and go steady with Makoto, then it will be up to Makoto to be careful with his heart or else.. But then, just by Makoto believing in him about the stealing incident, I think that is already a step in ‘healing’ Iriya. The side story is nice and the theme is already quite evident on doing what’s right regardless of what people say. Unlike the main couple of the series, the side characters have already their own individuality and self-confidence even if they differ from others. They don’t need other people’s approval. And, by being themselves, they win the admiration of others. ^^ I do kind of feel sorry for Uki’s mother. ^^; PS. I’m using two Chinese scanlations so in parts where it is different, I’ve added how the other translated it in the [/..]. Scans by all★wink汉化组

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    The need to be approved by others is your own need to be approved by yourself. ~ Gabrielle Wichowski

    Kedamono Kareshi [Chapters 2-3]
    Tuesday, December 18, 2012

    [Free talk: Chapter 3 is amusing so I’ll resume this series. ^^ But, like the first chapter, this is a ‘non-detail’ summary. Boy 1 is Keita [圭太] and Boy 2 is Ryou, guesswork from 涼. If you know the correct names, just tag, thanks~]

    Himari is giggling in her sleep over Ryou saying that he is very happy that they are in the same section. She thinks that she saw him again yesterday and afterwards, she’ll see him everyday. Keita is calling her but she isn’t responding. So, he leans to her and shouts for her to wake up, idiot. This made Himari scream out loud. At the kitchen where everyone is eating breakfast, Himari’s mother is lecturing her over screaming loudly in the morning that they’ve disturbed the neighbors. Embarrassed Himari apologizes for it. Keita’s father says that this is very good for it shows that Himari is quite energetic. Himari gets irritated when Keita smiles at her for her mother praised Keita for being dependable. Himari is infuriated over Keita acting humble by saying that there’s no need to over praise him since he is as dependable as Himari. She wanted to expose Keita’s true nature but seeing her mother happy with Keita’s father, she decided not to complain about Keita. She got angry when Keita whispers, “Stu-pid.” Preparing to go out, Himari tells Keita that when they go out, they are to pretend that they don’t know each other as if they are strangers and do not go near her within 1 meter radius. After she left, Keita angrily mutters what’s up with her when she is obviously stupid Himari. Running off, Himari thinks that she said it and it is really bad that he turns out to be the son of the guy whom her mother remarried. And, her hatred for him turned out to be more serious than before. It is already terrifying before, what more afterwards. At the train station, Himari couldn’t believe that there are so many people. She is okay before since she rides a bicycle to junior high but she can’t ride a packed train. She decides to wait for the next one. Keita notices her and wonders why she isn’t riding on the train. Soon, the second train passes but it is still quite packed with people. Looking at her cellphone, she thinks that she must bear with it or else, she will be late. She decides to go to school early starting tomorrow. Keita approaches her and asks her why she isn’t riding the train, is she planning to skip school. Himari just say that there is some reason so don’t bug her and don’t go near her. She exclaims that it is because of him that she became like this. It is because he and his friends would always bully her that she has a phobia with guys. Himari couldn’t believe that she told him. To her surprise, Keita pulls her in the train and tells her that they are going or else, she’ll cause problem to her mother. Himari tearfully thinks that this is a new way of bullying.

    In the train, Keita shields her from the crowd by standing in front of her while she is standing by the wall. He tells her that this way, any vulgar uncles[/ojisan] won’t go near her. Himari cries and thinks that compared to some vulgar uncles, there is someone scarier in front of her. She thinks that this is actually good than be crowded to death. She starts to think that he is concerned about her. She thanks him but instead, he berated her for taking things to heart regarding what happened when they were young. She took back what she thought of him and thinks that he is really an awful guy. In school, the other girls are gossiping about who is that girl with Keita who rode the train with him. At the shoe lockers, Himari is puzzled over the girls staring at her. Then, a flirty girl named Yuna [guesswork from 友梨], clings on to Keita’s arm and glares at Himari. Yuna asks if Himari is the girl who rode the train with Keita. While Keita just yawns, Yuna scolds Himari over what she is thinking when Keita already has a girlfriend like her. Himari is shock that guy has a girlfriend. Himari realizes that those glares from the other girls are all because of Keita. In the classroom, a couple of guys exclaiming about Himari riding the train with Keita so are they going steady. Pointing at Keita, Himari furiously denies it that it is a misunderstanding and how could she go steady with this kind of guy so please don’t say such strange things. Keita is irritated over that. The two guys laugh that it turns out to be a misunderstanding for they thought it is some love triangle. Ryou says he thinks that it isn’t true and he would want to ask if both of them don’t have a relationship. Himari exclaims that they don’t have a relationship at all and they just so happen to be riding on the same train. Himari is speechless when Ryou says that it seems their relationship became better than before. Himari glares at Keita and thought that she couldn’t say it that starting yesterday, she has been living together with this guy under one roof. Keita sticks out his tongue at her. Remembering those jealous girls, Himari decides to keep it a secret. When passing the forms, Himari snubs him. When going home, she also snubs him. He calls her and she always snubs him. At the house, Keita puts up his leg at wall to block her way. He asks her what’s up with her attitude today. Is it okay for her to have that kind of attitude in the school and at the house for it makes everyone and her mother think that something happened between them. Himari looks away and says how is it possible for something to happen between them when the one she likes is Ryou. Unlike him, Ryou always helps her. He’s kind, cool and totally unlike him. She looks surprised and realizes that she said too much. Keita smiles and says is that so, then, he’ll help her smoothly go steady with Ryou and that isn’t a bad thing, right? And, there is a scene of Ryou together with a girl going to a fastfood restaurant.

    Himari wonders what Keita is talking about and it couldn’t be for real that he’ll sincerely help her. At the bowling center, Ryou exclaims that thanks to Keita, it has been such a long time since a lot of people come to play together and it’s quite nostalgic. Himari couldn’t believe that Keita is really helping her for Ryou is there. Ryou calls out to Himari who cries over how handsome Ryou is in casual clothes. Keita smiles at her that Himari think that she really doesn’t understand all the more what he is thinking. A couple of guys greet Himari. At first she is puzzled then she realizes that these two are the guys with Keita during elementary who bullied her. Himari starts to become nervous. Keita smiles for Himari is going to be bullied. But, to her and Keita’s surprise, the two guys say that Himari has become quite cute but then, she is always cute when they were young that they can’t help but bully her. They apologize for their bullying before and tell her that they don’t have bad intention about it. Accepting their explanation, Himari tells them not to mind about the past. The two are happy about it and say that she is so nice. They tell her to go in. Keita doesn’t look happy over this. Himari thinks that if today’s goal isn’t to see the people who bullied her, could it be that Keita is really only going to help her. Then, the others decide to form groups with one guy and one girl. Himari freaks out that Keita is really planning to bully her. To her surprise, Keita says that Himari will pair up with Ryou. Keita asks if it is okay with Ryou. Ryou says that he doesn’t object to it. Himari couldn’t believe it for she got paired up with Ryou. She turns to Keita who ‘mouths’ for her to remember to thank him. Himari wonders if Keita is really going to help her since he tells Ryou to help teach her to bowl, tells the two of them to buy drinks, and makes her sit with Ryou at the karaoke bar. Ryou tells Himari that he is with her the whole day thanks to Keita. Himari thinks that Keita is obviously pairing her with Ryou. She thought that he is definitely scheming selfishly from behind but no matter how she thinks of it, he doesn’t seem to be doing it and she still couldn’t trust him 100%. But then, for her to be able to be with Ryou like this, it is all thanks to him. Keita thinks what’s up with Himari to have that kind of idiotic expression for Ryou already has a girlfriend. He slams his glass on the table over Ryou[?] fickleness. Keita angrily goes out and passes by the toilet. He overhears the two [former] bullies talking about how big the change that happens within 4 years and Himari became very cute that they have their eye on her. They wonder if she currently has a boyfriend so maybe they’ll ask her email later on. Keita puts his arm on their shoulders and tells them that Himari already has someone she likes. They are flustered that Himari already has someone so they have to look for another target. Keita scowls and wonders what’s up with him.

    While walking in the streets, they decide to eat since they are hungry. The girls call out to Himari to ask her what she wants to eat. As Himari goes to the others, Keita asks Ryou how things are going with his one year younger girlfriend. Ryou asks how come he is suddenly asking. Keita tells him not to mind that and just answer him. Ryou looks surprised and says that it can’t keep it from him. To Keita’s surprise, Ryou admits that the progress hasn’t been smooth and he is planning to break up. His girlfriend generally is also thinking the same way. Keita asks if he is serious. Ryou is puzzled by his question about being serious. Ryou just wonders out loud what Himari and others are up to. Keita tries to call him but Ryou already joined Himari and others. Himari tells Ryou that thing in the crane machine is cute but she couldn’t get it. Ryou offers to try getting it for her. Keita nervously wonders why this situation is making him depressed. He curses for this obviously isn’t what he planned. Later on at the street, Himari thinks that the whole day is quite baffling. Everything is good and it is all thanks to Keita. Recalling the things that he has done even if that thing [pushing her to the bed] happened but maybe, it is Keita’s way of treating her as a family member. If that is so, she wants to try and get along with him as a family member. Himari approaches him that Keita starts to whine why it is her and they shouldn’t get close within a meter radius. Thinking that she doesn’t want to lose to that, Himari tells her that right now, she wants him to accompany her. Later on, at a store that sells tableware, Himari tells gloomy Keita which does he think suits her mother and stepfather. Irritated Keita asks her how come she called him to go here for this thing and if it is his father, they can just use their parents’ wedding gifts. Himari looks at him as Keita continues to grumble why he has to be with her. Himari says that no matter what, she and him are those two’s children and no matter how much she hates him, for her mother, he is her ‘child’ so she [Himari] also wants to improve their relationship a bit in order for their parents to be at ease. She tells him that regarding today, she also have started to change her view towards him. She smiles and thanks him for sincerely helping her with Ryou. Holding a cup, Himari admits that it is because it is him, from the start, she thinks that he will surely deceive her and he is planning something from behind but this time around, it doesn’t seem like what she thought it would be. Keita slyly asks her if in return, she would want him to tell her Ryou’s email address. To Keita’s surprise, Himari says that there is no need. Holding up her cellphone, she tells him that Ryou had already told her earlier on, and it is all thanks to him. Himari wonders if she would text Ryou. After looking stunned, Keita looks away and mutters what is that, ah, is that so, then that’s really great.

    Fufufu..I find it amusing how Keita’s plan had backfired and he unintentionally made Himari get closer to Ryou. Contrary to what he planned to make Himari heartbroken since Ryou already has a girlfriend, it turns out that Ryou would dump his girlfriend soon. Instead of being bullied, those two guys are close to confessing to Himari. I think it will be interesting how Keita would win Himari’s heart later on after this. Lucky for him, he is the lead guy here. =P I do wonder if Keita really has a girlfriend or Yuna is just the type who claims to be. Keita seems to be an immature, childish type especially the way he tries to get Himari’s attention through bullying. But like what Albrecht in Kainushi wa Akuma says, ‘be careful in bullying to get the girl’s attention for you might end up making her hate you.’ ^^ Maybe if Ryou breaks Himari’s heart in some way like two-timing, maybe Keita will have a chance to win her heart. Scans by all★wink汉化组

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    The most important things in life are seldom the most obvious. ~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie

    Black Bird [Chapter 72] -Fin-
    Monday, December 17, 2012

    A [black] bird flies by Kyo’s estate. At a storage room, a young boy is hiding. Someone approaches him and asks, “You’re hiding in this kind of place that you’ve made me look hard for you, Young Master Sou.” Pouting Sou calls out to [grown up] Jirou. Sou whines how come the one who found him is him and calls Jirou an idiot. Jirou nonchalantly tells him and even if he only recently assume his position[/take office] but in the end, he is also responsible in taking care of him [Sou] so he has to be always at his side to guard him. “If you do not want to be found, then please hide in a more concealed place.” Sou is frustrated that he curls up. Jirou says that is enough, they are going for Kyo-sama will be coming back soon or is he wanting to get Kyo’s attention[/importance] that is why he is deliberately doing this. Sou didn’t reply so Jirou calls out to him. Sou tearfully says that his father isn’t worried about him because just like that, he left him and went out by himself. “His mind is only filled with mother when today is obviously my birthday--..” Jirou thinks that is inevitable because Sou’s birthday is also the Princess’ day of misfortune. “It has already been six years. Young Master Sou is also six years old. Generally, it is a day which we won’t forget throughout our lives. That thing during that night had quietly stung the eardrums--” Flashback: Someone is shouting that Misao is already experiencing labor pains. The doctor arrives and asked if the water bag broke. Tarou ordered Saburou to quickly get a bigger water basin. Jirou gave some blankets to Ayame. While the others are flustered over their helplessness, Jirou looked surprised upon seeing a glance of Misao lying down on the futon with Kyo and the doctor beside her. Then, he fell on his knees as the door closed again. He thought that fundamentally it is an occasion that should be celebrated but the mood is quite heavy. He took out a piece of strawberry candy and thought that just now, Misao was still smiling when she called out to him and gave him a delicious candy. He held the candy tightly in his hand and thought that he read a lot of books and frantically searching about it, but he wasn’t able to find it. “Find a way for the princess to live on. *crying* And I have already searched as if my life depended on it.” He glanced at the side to see his brother Tarou also crying. He thought that Tarou wanted the princess to be healthy that he created a diet[for her].

    Narration: “Everyone really likes the princess. Everyone already put in all of their effort in it. How come it still, won’t do at all? How come it is so unreasonable?” They were startled when they hear the baby crying. Crying Ayame came out the room with the baby. She told them that young master Sou is already born. Narration: “No one could utter a sound but only stare and look.” Jirou looked in the room to see Misao’s hand, that is holding on to Kyo’s hand, had gone limp and fell to her side. End flashback. Tarou arrives at the storage house and asks Jirou if he has seen Sou. Jirou glances at Sou who is nervously hiding behind some boxes. To Sou’s surprise, Jirou says that it seems Sou isn’t nearby. Tarou asks what they should do when Kyo is still away, and Sagami is really worried. Jirou says that it is alright for if it is Sou, even if they don’t look for him, he’ll definitely be quite lonely that he would go running out by himself. Tarou sighs and goes out. Sou calls out to Jirou. He freaks out when Jirou tells him that afterwards, he should just be good and take in Sagami’s scolding[/lecture]. Jirou thinks that just like what they’ve anticipated, upon birth, Sou has an extraordinarily monster strength but looking at him like this, he is also like an ordinary child and that is because Kyo had properly taught him. It is like what Misao said that it is almost the same. Jirou pats Sou’s head and tells him that he thinks that actually, Sou is important to Kyo. Sou pouts and shouts that he’s lying for his father likes his mother more. To Sou’s shock, Jirou says but of course, because in Kyo’s heart, there is no one, more important to him than Misao. Narration: “Going back that day to that room where Young Master Sou’s cries are heard. Kyo-sama lightly kissed the princess who is no longer moving. Everyone thought that it is a farewell kiss. It is a kiss that pained everyone’s heart. Who would have thought that this kiss still has some other significance. The one who first noticed it is the doctor.” Flashback: While holding Misao’s wrist, the doctor said that she can still feel the pulse and even if it is weak, but it is definitely beating. Everyone look surprised and wondered if Kyo is actually passing his own energy to Misao with that kiss. Someone said that actually, they, being youkai[/monsters], can actually pass their energy to a human. “Causing the dead to become alive but then, energy has a limit. Able to keep the princess alive will also be only just for a short period of time. And in case, the lips part, the princess will--..” Narration: “And even if it is like that, no one can stop Kyo-sama. This isn’t a long term plan. Those words are like splashing cold water that no one could say it. After a whole day has passed, even if it is already the second night, this kiss still continues.”

    Carrying some books, Jirou walked pass the kitchen and thought that he can’t be at ease if he doesn’t do something. Seeing Tarou chopping something, Jirou wondered if his brother also thought that way. While Saburou gave Tarou some vegetable, Jirou noticed the bag of candy that Misao gave him by the cabinet. Saburou told Jirou that Misao bought that candy and she said that lately, she likes eating that. Saburou said that he also like it. Jirou looked at the bag and thought that there are still many left. Recalling Misao telling him that it is delicious, Jirou started to tear up over not yet eating all of the candy. To his shock, Saburou grabbed a candy and ate it. Jirou exclaimed what he is doing for this is given by Misao. Crying Saburou said that it is alright, for Misao said that they can eat it and if they ate it all up, she will buy them again. “So, it is alright. We’ll wait for the princess to wake up again and afterwards, we’ll go buy lots and lots back.” Jirou thought that Misao believed that she won’t depart from the human world and she steadfastly believed that Kyo will definitely not give up. Jirou is startled when the blender starts making a loud noise. He exclaimed to Tarou if he is making some mixed fruit juice. Tarou shouted that it is finished. Carrying the glass of juice, Tarou started to run and call out to Kyo. In the room, Sagami tried to tell Kyo to rest for if he collapsed, Misao will.. Tarou interrupts by calling out to Kyo and telling him to drink the juice within 5 seconds for that is his special energy replenishing drink. To their surprise, Kyo took the glass and drank it straight within 3 seconds. Sagami lightly patted Tarou’s back. Flustered Jirou thought that they believe and support Kyo’s faith in “Don’t give up”, “Strive hard until the last second”, “Make that unreasonable fate begone”, “Always until the end struggling with all of one’s strength.” Soon, everyone is resting. Jirou woke up from his nap and thought that the wind stopped. He looked up to see Kyo holding Misao. It seemed like a peculiar lonely embrace and this is when the third night will soon pass. Jirou noticed that Kyo gently touched Misao’s face. Jirou became flustered and called out to Misao. End flashback. Back at the storage room, there is some flapping sound. Jirou tells Sou that Kyo appears to have returned. Sou quickly stands up and runs out. Jirou thinks that Sou really likes being difficult with. Sou runs to where the others are greeting Kyo. While Jirou follows behind him, Sou shouts, “Father-sama! Mother-sama..!” Misao, together with Kyo, happily tells Sou that they are back. Jirou smiles at the couple and thinks, “That is a miracle that broke the deathly stillness.” Flashback: Misao opened her eyes and muttered, “..Kyo?” Everyone is surprised. A tear fell from Kyo’s eye. He tightly hugged Misao.

    Narration: “Like that, Kyo-sama let out a loud cry. It is the first time and generally, the last time I saw it. Later on, Kyo-sama said that he isn’t at all sure that this way would work. Before, they already used this same method to help the princess recover from a cold. And before the child is about to be born, the princess mentioned regarding all-out happiness and [he] associate that thinking with the rule of preservation. The note that Shou left also referred to this kind of thinking. ‘Is it possible to preserve[/save] both the immortal fruit and Misao?’ Actually, it is referring to the ‘preservation’ of energy. It meant that the Immortal Fruit will gather up all her unused energy and ‘give’ it all [through sex] to her youkai husband. –No, it’s ‘temporary release’. One only has to give that energy back to the Immortal Fruit and then, she can live on. That is the truth. The more the husband loves her, the more she’ll give energy to her husband which will conveniently increase. So, she is attracting her husband that way. And things ought to go smoothly now. “Even if afterwards, one would realize it after it had passed, and there is a follow through, but at that time, they only thought of it as a miracle.” End flashback. Sou calls out to his mother and suddenly jumps on to Misao. Misao starts to fall that Kyo scolds Sou that didn’t he always told him not to violently pounce on Misao. Sou clings on to Misao’s dress and apologizes. Narration: “We don’t know if it is the after-effect of entering a fake death, but ever since that time, the princess’ legs had been inconvenienced. And after striving hard to quickly recover, she finally was able to walk. *Holding her up, Kyo asks Misao if she is alright and she thanks him.* But right now, the condition of the princess’ legs is still unstable. Kyo-sama would always keep close to her and stayed beside her. Although there are many bitter memories..” Misao tells Jirou good work and does Sou listen to him. Sou exclaims that he did. Sou freaks out when Sagami darkly asks if he is finished playing hide and seek. Sagami sighs and tells Kyo that his son is quite troublesome and it is uncannily similar with him. Kyo just picks his ear. Narration: “It isn’t worth mentioning but Sagami-sama had cut off his hair as a prayer for happiness.”

    Ayame with [her?] daughter arrives. The girl exclaims that Sou is found. She scolds her brother for being clumsy that they lost track of Sou. Her brother says that is because she fell down and things became like this. Ayame tells [her?] children to stop fighting. Then, three young girls call out to Jirou and say that they pick flowers for Sou. They got it from Tarou’s garden. Jirou sweatdrops. Saborou comments that didn’t Jirou always do that. While making a face, he tells Jirou to keep it a secret. Standing behind Saburou, Tarou is furious. He angrily complains that Saburou would pick flowers every time, to give them to girl[s]. Then, someone asks what the excitement is. Buzen and Zenki have arrived. Buzen greets Kyo and says that it has been a long time. Kyo asks how that side is. Buzen grins and says that he’s quite happy for there are a lot of beauties in the North. Kyo says who is asking about that. Jirou narrates that Buzen had took office[/assume position] at some other place so he had left the countryside. Zenki is undergoing training to become the head of the ‘Protect Wings Institution’. [<-庇翼院; Since I didn’t read this series thoroughly, I think it is the orphanage] Kyo teases Zenki that as a monk, he should soon be shaving his head. Zenki says that it is troublesome that Kyo asks if he also knows that he’ll look ugly if he did that. Jirou and his siblings are tasked to take care of Sou. Right now, the ones who still serve at Kyo’s side are only Sagami and Houki. Houki arrives and asks if he is the last one to arrive. Jirou narrates that for all 8 Daitengu to be gathered once again, one can’t help but feel nostalgic of the days when they would risk their lives to follow Kyo. Someone asks if they are all gathered now. Misao says no, they have to call out her parents. Misao looks at the side and says that they’ve arrived. Her parents smile to greet them and Sou goes to greet them. Yoshio carries Sou up and exclaims that every time he sees Sou, he is looks more and more like Misao. Yoko mutters that Sou obviously looks like Kyo as if they have been modeled together. Sou says that it is amazing that everyone is here. “What’s the special occasion today?” Kyo asks what he is talking about for doesn’t he remember his own birthday. Sou looks surprised. He becomes teary-eyed when the girls shower him with the flowers. Kyo and Misao lovingly look at each other.

    Taking a book from his kimono, Jirou watches the two hold Sou’s hand and walk away. Narration: “Kyo-sama had said that an Immortal Fruit is a creature who thirsts for love. Thirsting for love, she makes a youkai protect her which causing her to survive and live on. But no matter how the Immortal Fruit longed for that kind of feeling, if there is no husband who can respond to that expectation, then, everything is only just a fantasy. *flips through book* If it isn’t these two people, if there is no intense love for each other between the two, this won’t produce a miracle. Hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder, the two walk through each day is the product of the deep love for the Immortal Fruit by the person whom humans call a heretic youkai. Hereafter, when a youkai, who mutually love the Immortal Fruit, would appear once again in this world, just use this record book to show [as a reference] to the future generation. Usui Jirou.” And, that is the Usui version of the Immortal Fruit Record. The End. That is a good chapter of keeping the suspense of whether Misao lived or not. It was really like a miracle for Misao did seem to have died and what Kyo is doing is just based on theory. I guess this is his backup plan which he can only try when Misao is on the verge of death. This could be why he is more or less calm during the last few months. Having weak legs is a small price to pay in exchange for Misao to continue on living. Aside from that ‘preserving the energy’ thing, I believe that it is Kyo’s love that kept Misao alive since he isn’t easily giving up on her – passing as much energy as he can to prolong her life even if it seems futile. And, in the end, we have a happy ending ^^ This arc is quite good with the conflict of keeping the child or not at the expense of the mother’s life. They were so desperate when they learned about it that it does seem a bit odd that they suddenly became calm about it at the near end. ^^; Well, it is good that Kyo decided to spend as much time as he can with her rather than looking for what seems to be a hopeless search for a way to save her. In the end, everything worked out fine. ^^ Thanks for reading my summaries of this series’ last arc ^-^ Scans by 深雪汉化组.

    Quote of the day:
    Where there is great love, there are always miracles. ~ Willa Sibert Cather

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    Saturday, December 15, 2012

    So, for this next week, Sugar*Soldier and probably Black Bird if it is out. I don’t know if Kyou no Kira-kun will be out by then. There are a couple of series that I’m itching to do to get it off my mind so I temporarily remove the pending list so that I can summarize without being restricted by a list. And, no summary for tomorrow because I’ll be out. Have a nice weekend ^^

    Kainushi wa Akuma [Chapter 3]
    Saturday, December 15, 2012

    Nora is sleeping in bed. When she turned to the side, she notices something. She opens her eyes to see Albrecht right next to her. He is only wearing a robe. He greets her, “Good morning, Nora. Did you sleep well?” Nora looks aghast then screams. After staying a few days in that church that doesn’t have a priest, a new priest finally arrive to assume the post. Since they are relieved of that duty, they left that little town. Albercht is speechless over Nora snubbing him. He asks her why she is being difficult. Nora angrily says that she isn’t being difficult, she’s angry. “Do you think that wearing that kind of clothes and appearing on the bed of a young girl is something that can just be overlooked!? You irrational[/no common sense] man..!!” Albercht replies, “—ah, in the end, wearing clothes is really not good, right? Next time, I’ll pay attention to that. Actually, this time, I’ll pay attention to that.” Embarrassed Nora shouts no, and why did things turn out that way for on the contrary, she wants him to wear more clothes and how come he is paying attention to the wrong thing. “Do not conveniently jump into other people’s bed! Do you want my heart to stop!?” Holding her chin towards him, Albercht tells her not to worry for if her heart stops, no matter how many times, he can resurrect her because for him, that is quite an easy thing to do. Flustered Nora thinks that is true for him it is easy because he is a devil. There is a little narration of Nora from a small village wherein people called her a ‘red haired witch’. After she met this devil priest, her life had a huge change. He is a devil who gobbles up his own kind and signed a contract with the enemy ‘Church’. She is saved by this strange devil and had become a human who has to take [his] blood regularly in order to exist. And at the same time, she is this silver haired, purple eyed devil’s pet. She doesn’t know how come a devil would want to raise her [as a pet] and in the end, there must be some sort of good benefit for him. Nora says that he is really such a strange devil for she totally doesn’t know what he is thinking. Albrecht says is that so, he thinks that compared to humans, devils are more simple and easy to understand. “Devils would blindly be faithful to their own desire because I’m a devil. Your eyes are beautiful as always. Eyes that possesses a rare power.” Nora thinks that it can’t be just kindness, and the clue is only her eyes which have a rare power which this devil is interested in.

    Albrecht hears something that he looks at the side. Nora asks what is it. He tells her that smell.. Meanwhile, a hooded guy just kills a small demon with his sword. He doesn’t seem to be feeling well. He holds his wound at his arm and mutters that he is injured by the demon’s poison. He calls out to Fritz and Josef. Then, he hears some rustling at the side. He is surprised to see a woman = Nora. He bends down while holding his wound. Nora asks him if he is alright. Albrecht arrives and says that he thought that it is a familiar scent. He comments that the situation appears to be interesting. The hooded man asks if he is the devil priest, Albrecht Eber. Nora is surprised that they know each other and even knew Albrecht’s true identity. Albrecht calls the man, Leo, and comments that it is quite rare to see an excellent exorcist like him to be injured. Leo swings his sword at Albrecht and shouts for him to shut up. Albrecht evades the sword and tells him not to have such a frightening expression. “That will be such a waste of your beautiful face, Leonardo.” Leonardo says that he told him to shut up and don’t conveniently say his name. Albrecht says that he’s as strict as always and the ‘Indignant Angel’ is still quite healthy. Embarrased Leonardo exclaims who’s an angel. Albrecht asks if it would be better if it is ‘Golden Rose’. Leonardo angrily shouts that neither is good and don’t use that tone as if he knows him, you evil thing. Albrecht says that’s quite mean, when he is simply using some praising words to admire his beauty. Leonardo shouts what does he meant by simply praising when he fundamentally wants to anger him, and every time, he would use that harmless looking expression to expose one’s scar. The two stops bickering when Nora shouts for them to shut up and quickly explain to her what this situation is. Albrecht introduces Leonardo Feinen, a priest from ‘Central’ and also a rare exorcist who drives ‘demons/devils’ away and annihilates them. Most of the priests are the types who prevents ‘demons/devils’ from getting near but exorcists can drive them away. Because they went under a special training so it is quite rare for them to be in ‘Central’. Nora thinks that Leonardo’s looks is superior than a normal person’s and could it be that priests are chosen based on the face. Leonardo says that compared to him, shouldn’t he introduce her to him. Pulling Nora to him, Albrecht says that she is his cute Miss Pet and her name is Nora. Leonardo sweatdrops and asks pet, is he serious. Albrecht says that he is. Nora looks aghast for normal people would have that kind of reaction. Leonardo says that even if Albrecht is a devil, he is also a person of the ‘Church’ so how can he raise this human girl- He becomes dizzy and falls down on the ground.

    Later on, Albrecht asks if it is a demon’s poison. Leonardo says yes, even if it is a small demon but there are a lot of them. ‘Central’ sent them to handle it but he got separated with the other two. While walking wobbly, Leonardo says that he can’t continue on staying there for he has to quickly find the others. Nora tells him to first treat his wound. Leonardo says that he doesn’t have time for that because if he didn’t quickly find the others-- Nora angrily pats the ground beside her and scolds him to sit down and don’t answer back. Leonardo timidly says yes. Nora tells Albrecht that she’ll treat the wound and he go find the other two. Albrecht kisses her head and says okay since it is the request of his cute Miss Pet. Nora angrily shouts what he is doing. Albrecht tells her that holy water which Leonardo has can be used to treat a demon’s poison. While Leonardo is staring at them, Nora mutters Albrecht is a scoundrel. After putting on some holy water, Nora has already bandaged the wound. Leonardo thanks her and puts on his coat. He asks her if she knows of Albrecht’s true identity. Nora says yes. He tells her that only a few people knew about that devil thing and even if it is at ‘Central’, it is classified secret because they cannot let the people know that the ‘Church’ and the devil have an association. Nora tells him to relax, for she doesn’t plan on telling anyone. She thinks that it is because the current her is depending on that devil to continue to exist. Leonardo says is that so, and she isn’t voluntarily being raised by Albrecht, so is it because of some hard to say secret. Nora looks at him and says that he is a good person. This made Leonardo blush. He tries to say, no, he is only.. Then, they notice that they are surrounded by the demons. Meanwhile Fritz asks Josef if he is alright. Josef says yes but he had a sprain. He wonders out loud how come there are many demons there that they just won’t end. They had split up with Leo and they hope that he is alright. Albrecht interrupts them by asking if they are the ones with Feinen. He introduces himself and says that he was asked by Leonardo to look for them. He informs them that Leonardo is only lightly injured and relax because his companion is attending to him. The two were relieved. Albrecht borrows one of their swords and says that it seems that they have guests. The two were scared for they are surrounded by the demons.

    While Leonardo is busy fighting off the demons, Nora shouts for him to watch out. A demon is attacking him from behind. To his surprise, Nora hits the demon with a thick stick. Nora shouts that it’s okay now and don’t just blankly stare. Leonardo exclaims yes. While they are running, Leonardo wonders out loud why the demons are increasing instead of decreasing and even if they are small demons but if there are many, they would just use up their strength. Nora wonders why the demons in this forest keep on increasing and there should be ‘something’ there. To their surprise, Albrecht suddenly grabs Nora to him and says that just now, she hit a demon. Then, Leonardo is reunited with his two companions. Leonardo asks if they are alright. They say yes and they made him worry. They start to praise Albrecht for being strong that in a flash, he annihilated the huge number of demons. They also say that both Albrecht and Leonardo are beautiful and strong, and Leonardo is lucky to be able to stay alone with the girl with Albrecht since she is very beautiful. Leonardo nervously tells them what are they talking about and it isn’t like he is doing something that he shouldn’t be doing. Then, Albrecht tells them that it seems that all the demons in the forest had already gathered around them. The others look around and realize that they are surrounded. Nora wonders out loud what they should do. Albrecht says that even if the number increased, they are small fry. No matter how many, they can be handle as long as Nora is there. This surprised Nora that she asks what he is talking about. He tells her that fundamentally it is impossible for those demons to get close to her but because she is incomplete so right now, he’ll[/let’s] release her ‘power’. Nora starts to protest that she cannot do it and don’t suddenly.. While Leonardo is puzzled over what they are saying, Albrecht tells Nora that she can do it and just think, even if she is unaware of it, she is the one who protected the villagers and she possess a great ‘power’. Nora looks surprised over being told that she has ‘power’. He tells her, “Open your eyes. Look at the ‘demons’ carefully. Recognize the ‘demons’ clearly. And, then, annihilate the ‘demons’.” Nora opens her eyes and there is a bright light. After the light is gone, Nora snaps out of it and looks around. All of the demons had been annihilated. Albrecht smiles at Nora who is quite shock over this. Josef and Fritz are amazing for all those demons were.. and what kind of person is she.

    Then, they found a tree with huge fruits on it. Albrecht says that this is the cause, a ‘demon tree’. Each fruit can give birth to a demon and with this tree, the demons would continue to increase. Nora asks what they should do. Albrecht says that it is simple for every tree is scared of fire so they only have to use fire. He approaches the tree with a sword and says, disappear. He swings the sword which he had enflamed and the tree burned into nothing. Nora and Leonardo start to freak out for Albrecht did it with one strike and that will expose his identity. They look at the other two and were surprised that Josef and Fritz idolize Albrecht for being cool. Nora and Leonardo think that they weren’t even a bit suspicious. Later on, the two young guys are thanking Albrecht and anticipating that they’ll see each other again. Nora sweatdrops for Albrecht became popular. Leonardo thanks Nora but she says that there is no need for she didn’t do anything big. She is puzzled when Leonardo is looking at her. He tells her that he hopes that she’ll call him Leo. After she calls him Leo, he takes her hand and kisses it. He tells her that he hopes to see her again. After they left, Albrecht comments that she got along well with Leo. Nora says that his side is better for there are two of them. He tells her that those simple people are easy to deal with. He asks Nora how come he is fine with Leo when she is really disgusted with those men at the town. To Albrecht’s surprise, Nora says isn’t that only a greeting and Leo is a priest. Albrecht starts laughing and pities Leo. Nora angrily shouts what he is laughing about. He hugs her and tells her that even if the other party is a priest, she shouldn’t take them lightly for if she didn’t put her guard up, she will quickly be caught like this.. He holds her hand and leans to kiss[/almost kiss] her. Nora starts trembling and shouts that the most dangerous person is him, you idiot. While Leo is walking fast, he wonders what he had just done, doing such a flirty thing -> kissing Nora’s hand. The other two shouts for him to wait for them. Nora thinks that being a devil’s pet, it is now when she realized only one thing, and that is, this creature called a devil is comparatively vile compared to what she imagined.

    Apparently, Nora’s way of exorcism is quite powerful that she only has to think of it and see it, the demons will be annihilated. Hm..I wonder if it also works for the tree that Albrecht doesn’t need to burn up the tree..unless he is also a show off =P Apparently, Leo has unconsciously fallen for Nora. And, Nora is quite clueless over it since Leo is a priest. I can’t help think that Albrecht is really confusing how he treats Nora..rather than a pet, it seems more like lover. If Nora is clueless about love, Albrecht seems to be clueless over things that one should do or not in a human society =P Hehe, I wonder if he would actually try lying beside her naked next time =P Scans by Classbianca

    Word of the day:
    So then, submit yourselves to God. Resist the Devil, and he will run away from you. ~ James 4:7(GNT)

    Akai Ito [Chapter 4]
    Friday, December 14, 2012

    In her shoe locker, Chihiro finds a note, ‘Invitation for you to become [our] manager. Waiting for your reply♡ 2nd year K.Y.’ Speechless Chihiro looks aghast over the note. Rino asks her if it is a love letter. Chihiro lamely says that she doesn’t think that it is. She wonders out loud what manager refers to. Rino says that since it is a second year student who wrote it, maybe it is about urging her to join. She asks if Chihiro knows what club is it. Chihiro says that the crucial point wasn’t mentioned. Rino says that applications for clubs have already started so is she prepared to go to that club. Wearing her shoes, Chihiro says that right now, there is no particular club that she wants to join. She asks Rino if she wants to apply together to a same club and what club would she want to join. Rino says there is one. She asks Chihiro’s opinion on what does she think of becoming a manager for the kendo club. She tells Chihiro that she thinks that isn’t not bad because during junior high, they’ve already done it so they ought to be used to it. Chihiro lamely says kendo. This prompts Rino to ask if she isn’t interested. Chihiro says not really, but how should she say it.. Rino sheepishly apologizes for if she isn’t interested then forget about it. She tells Chihiro that she is only thinking of it for a bit that is why she casually said it. Chihiro quickly tells her that it isn’t like that, for she fundamentally likes kendo so how is it possible that she isn’t interested but rather than no interest.. Thinking that during junior high, her biggest reason to become the kendo club’s manager is because Nanjou is there but now.. Chihiro gloomily asks if that guy is there. Rino is puzzled. Chihiro starts rambling that it is impossible for that guy not to be there for Murasakinoue Academy is famous for kendo and since he took the entrance exam with Kirigaya, that means that guy would definitely join the kendo club. Rino asks if that person is.. Chihiro exclaims, yes, it’s Hinase. Rino let out a surprise that Chihiro freezes for Hinase is standing right behind him. Hinase glances at the letter and mutters that it’s great that she’s popular. Flustered Chihiro glances at Hinase as he leaves. Kirigaya greets Rino then Chihiro before leaving. Surprised Chihiro greets him back. Rino becomes gloomy for Kirigaya called only Chihiro by her first name. [<- maybe there is a typo for Kirigaya greeted Chihiro by her surname in the Chinese scans. ^^;] While the teacher is teaching, Chihiro is sitting beside Hinase. She thinks that the mood has always been awkward since that exchange seat thing. “Actually.. actually, it also doesn’t matter at all.. There’s nothing to be distressed about. Fundamentally wanted to exchange seats..” There is a scene of the teacher telling them that they cannot change seats on their own. Then, Chihiro and Hinase coincidentally look at each other. Chihiro looks away which irritates Hinase. Then, Hinase pouts.

    After class, the teacher apologizes to Kirigaya and Chihiro for delaying their way home but there are a lot of materials[/papers] to be distributed tomorrow so he would ask their help as class officers to divide it according to the number of people ahead of time. Chihiro is fine with it but Kirigaya tells him that it is the first day of the kendo club so if it is possible, he doesn’t want to be late for it. The teacher says is that so, and it is really no good to be late when it just started so, he can go. Kirigaya apologizes when he obviously signed up to be class president. Chihiro tells him that it is okay for she can do it by herself. Rino volunteers to help for anyway, she is free while waiting for Chihiro. The teacher says is that so, then he’ll leave it to her. Kirigaya asks Rino if that is okay. Rino says yes, and gambatte[/good luck] to his club activity. Kirigaya thanks her for the help and as thanks, he’ll treat her to eat something. Embarrassed Kirigaya says that there’s no need since this is just small thing. He asks her if she isn’t joining the club for wasn’t she a manager of a kendo club during junior high so he thought that she will also continue to assume that post.. Rino tells him that at that time, she only joined kendo club to accompany Chihiro and she hasn’t decided yet which club to join in high school. Kirigaya says really. He glances at Chihiro and says is that so. Chihiro looks surprised by that. Chihiro wonders what was that just now, and could it be that Kirigaya is.. Smiling Kirigaya asks if Rino felt that it is a waste and it is good if she continues on being a manager. Rino says is that so. They were interrupted by Hinase who tells Kirigaya that if he doesn’t leave soon, he’ll be late. Kirigaya apologizes and says that he’ll be going ahead. Rino tells him to take care. Chihiro quietly glances at smiling Rino who is waving goodbye. She is surprised when Hinase tells Kirigaya that he’ll walk him halfway. Kirigaya says okay. Chihiro thinks that for him to say half-way, didn’t Hinase join the club. “What.. I thought that he will definitely join the kendo club. Ah.. Could it be because of his injury during the junior high competition? Is it quite serious that he already couldn’t practice anymore? But, he can run so perhaps merely because he doesn’t want to continue.. *pouts* There’s..there’s really nothing bad about it. Anyway, things about Hinase has nothing to do with me.”

    Soon, the two girls finish compiling the papers together. After counting 36 of the the ones they’ve done, Rino says that it is finished and all are stapled. Chihiro thanks her and says that they can now give it to the teacher and go home afterwards. Rino looks at the clock and it is around 4:13pm. Rino asks Chihiro if they can conveniently pass by the kendo club to check on it. Chihiro realizes something. She somewhat smiles and says okay. Embarrassed Rino asks what it is, it isn’t like she has any other meaning to it, and she is only a bit curious. While saying ‘okay, okay’, Chihiro laughs and pushes Rino. Chihiro thinks that it is okay because after all, Hinase isn’t there so it is impossible to bump into each other. While Chihiro and Rino are walking at the hallway, a guy tells his friend, ‘that girl is..’ At the kendo club’s dojo, Chihiro says that it is huge. Rino agrees. She says that this is the high school’s kendo dojo and it seems the junior high’s kendo dojo is a bit further ahead. Chihiro says that is amazing and Yuuto shouldn’t be here. Then, they notice a lot of girls looking inside that they wonder what’s up. Inside, Kirigaya is busy practicing with the others. The girls are fangirling about Kirigaya being handsome and they are also cheering for him. Chihiro says that is amazing. Rino comments that Kirigaya already has fans. Chihiro asks if Rino wants to get a closer look. Rino just smiles and says that there’s no need, this is enough. Chihiro asks if it is okay. Rino just says that it is enough that she could see. While Chihiro doesn’t seem convinced, Rino says that it seems that that is Yuu-chan. Yuuto is walking by. After practice, Kirigaya looks out the window and sees the girls talking with Yuuto. Yuuto asks the girls what’s up and it seems that the two of them are quite idle so if they don’t have any business, then they should quickly go home. Rino asks if he is on a break. Chihiro asks if he is goofing off. Yuuto angrily retorts that he isn’t goofing around. Kirigaya is a bit speechless surprised over it. Rino asks if she can go and watch him practice. Embarrassed Yuuto exclaims for her not to go. Then, Chihiro notices Hinase standing at the side. She thinks that he still didn’t go home. “Is he watching the kendo dojo?” Then, Chihiro looks surprised.

    The scene changes to the class again wherein the teacher caps the lesson for the day. He informs his students that there are lawless elements happening lately so be careful on the way home so don’t stroll around anywhere. The students say yes. Hinase suddenly stands up and says that it is finally over. He asks Kirigaya that today he doesn’t have club activity. Chihiro glances at Hinase. Rino approaches Chihiro and asks her what’s up, doesn’t she want to go yet. Chihiro stands up and says ah yes. To Rino’s surprise, Kirigaya asks Rino about going home together today. The others are surprised. Rino asks, “Me?” Kirigaya smiles and says, “Yes.” Rino glances at Chihiro and says, “Ah.. but.. if that is so.. what if everyone goes home all together? *The other three look surprised and Rino happily clings on to Chihiro* Anyway, everyone is going to ride on the same train station. How about it?” Flustered Chihiro can only call out Rino’s name. Chihiro becomes nervous and thinks that this isn’t good for [Dark] Kirigaya looks quite scary. Hinase scratches his head and says that he had made an appointment with someone so he is going ahead. “See you tomorrow!” As Hinase goes out of the classroom, flustered Chihiro wonders if it is because she is there. Chihiro says that today, she also has a place where she wants to go. While smiling, she apologizes for she is going ahead. After Chihiro left, Rino apologizes to Kirigaya and asks isn’t it better if Chihiro is here so she’ll call her right away.. Kirigaya holds her arm and says, “Why? I want to go home with you, Sakuragi.” Walking towards the school gate, Chihiro sighs and wonders she is bothered about Hinase and doesn’t this seem like.. She becomes flustered. Chihiro thinks that it isn’t good that she just come out right now and if she walks with her normal walk, she would be able to catch up with Hinase. She decides to walk slower. Then, she is surprised to see a guy by the gate, glancing inside the school. She passes by and feels that the guy is looking at her. She wonders what’s up for it seems that guy is always staring at her. “Even if he’s wearing the same uniform, it isn’t someone whom I know.” She glances back and the guy creepily smiles back at her. Chihiro looks aghast for that is really scary. She starts running and hopes that guy didn’t chase after her. To her surprise, she sees Hinase walking up ahead. “No way.. I’ve catch up with Hinase..” Blurb: “Next, what will happen as the two are on their way home together!?”

    Well, it seems that Rino is indeed the typical clueless, low self-confidence type of girl. Kirigaya is already ‘hinting’ a lot over favoring/liking her and yet, she still believes that he likes Chihiro. ^^; Fortunately, the ones around have already noticed and helped Kirigaya to be alone with Chihiro =P I guess if Yuuto starts making a move on Rino, Kirigaya will start showing a darker aura =P It is a surprise that Hinase is no longer into kendo. Could it be because of his injury before? If so, Chihiro is going to be in a major guilt trip. Maybe there is a different reason like he has to win the match to continue it in high probably, that is why he wept after the lost. Whatever the reason, I wonder if that is why Hinase seemed to have mellowed down a bit. Maybe, it is Chihiro who can bring him back to his own self..hehe, like how they raced at the hallway. I’m curious about what club those people wanted Chihiro to become a manager because I think it involves those guys who are looking at her, including the creepy one. Maybe it has something to do with her fall during the opening ceremony. If Chihiro gets to join that club, maybe Hinase can join, too if he isn’t going to join the kendo club. The problem will be Rino who always stick around with Chihiro. Because if she goes to whatever club Chihiro joins, Kirigaya would be all by himself at the kendo club. Though, it can also be like Hinase without a club and everyone else joins the kendo club. Scans by 深雪汉化组

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    The little rift between the sexes is astonishingly wide. ~ Robert Louis

    Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 103]
    Wednesday, December 12, 2012

    Towako is surprised when Ritsuki asked her to marry him. Blushing Towako pushes Ritsuki away and shouts what he is talking about. While sitting on the floor, Ritsuki sweatdrops. Towako is embarrassed over being suddenly asked to marry, when they didn’t know each other for a long time. “How can you say such a thing so casually.” This surprises Ritsuki. Ritsuki exclaims that he isn’t being casual, he is serious. They were interrupted when Setsuna calls out to Towako. Towako sees Setsuna, together with Tsubaki and Utsugi, trembling in anger. Going to Towako, Setsuna exclaims, “Let’s go! Let’s go back! Don’t stay too long with that brain-dead guy, so that you won’t be infected..” This irks Ritsuki. He shouts back, “What! Saying I’m brain-dead? Oh please, whether it is educational background or IQ of age, I won’t fall behind you, so what right do you have [to say that]?” Setsuna retorts that he isn’t referring to that. Ritsuki continues to say that if it is sports, he is definitely better. Setsuna can only say who knows about that. Watching the two bickering guys, Tsubaki mutters that they are kids. Utsugi nervously laughs in agreement. Setsuna just grabs Towako’s hand and shouts that they are going. Ritsuki just shouts back that he will still come to see her. He mutters her name after Towako left. Then, he felt cold upon feeling Tsubaki’s angry aura behind him. Turning to her, Ritsuki exclaims that she startled him for how come she is still here when he obviously told her not to hinder him. Tsubaki tells him that she didn’t disturb them and there is something that she doesn’t want him to misunderstand. “I still don’t approve of you. Let alone, just now Towako-ojousama also didn’t go home with you. *dark* So, I want you to know that I will always keep [my] guard [up] towards you. *Ritsuki sweatdrops and thinks that isn’t ‘keep guard’ for it seems more like she is ‘nipping it from the bud’* Young master Setsuna and Master & Madame Gokurakuin also uphold this kind of thinking. If you really want to treat ojousama well, I think you should make everyone see that you are sufficiently sincere [/good faith] and you should have awareness[?].” As Tsubaki leaves ala ninja, Ritsuki looks flustered. At home, Towako is calling out to Setsuna but he kept on walking away. Towako is flustered for he is acting like that since they came home. Setsuna then calls out to Towako. Gripping his fist, Setsuna tells her that he won’t say it again about not seeing that person, because he doesn’t have the right to say it..but, if it is about marriage.. Towako becomes flustered for he overheard that. Patting his back, Towako tells him to listen, Ritsuki is just joking and she isn’t going to marry him.

    Holding Towako’s hands, Setsuna says that he said before that he is going back to the Kanmitsuki family, then, he can marry her. Towako becomes flustered over what Setsuna is saying. Setsuna says, “I want to be with you, sister. I don’t want to be apart. I want to stay at your side forever.” Towako suddenly remembers a certain guy [Yuuga]. She mutters that ‘forever’-something is impossible. Surprised Setsuna asks, huh. Towako snaps out of it and apologizes. She just insists that regarding marriage, she isn’t thinking of it right now. “And, Setsuna, you also shouldn’t be like this. *smiles* But, thank you for worrying about me.” Setsuna lets out a heavy sigh for trying to convey it to her is still not enough for her to understand. Towako calls out to him but Setsuna says that’s it for today. She just tells him to rest early. After Setsuna bids her goodbye and left, Towako sits on the floor and wonders what’s up with today for suddenly being asked about marriage. She thinks that without consciously knowing, Setsuna has become an adult, and even if Ritsuki is like a child, his eyes look steadfastly serious. “Could it be between them, marriage--? *surprised* Strange, obviously I haven’t thought of this issue but.. there is this indescribable feeling of familiarity.. as if.. I had already seriously thought over this ‘marriage’ thing..” Her thoughts were interrupted when her cellphone rings. It is a text message from Ritsuki. Ritsuki writes that it is good that she went home because it rained afterwards. Towako writes back that perhaps, today, she’s also happy. “Ah, I also want to thank you for today! And, I’m very happy to receive your message” After 20 minutes, her cellphone rings again. Ritsuki sent a message asking if she is free this Sunday. Towako blushes and mentally apologizes to Setsuna for even if she doesn’t plan on marrying, but, in the end, she still wants to know Ritsuki more. On Sunday, Ritsuki meets up with Towako and he is very happy to see her. Ritsuki says that it is great for he thought that she won’t be coming today since he is worried that her family would oppose to her going out. Towako nervously thinks that her parents’ expression is quite complicated although Setsuna also won’t say anything but actually, Tsubaki is also uneasy about it that she came with her. Towako asks him that he didn’t go to her house today. Ritsuki laughs and says that even if it is romantic to sneak in and see her but that would only make her family oppose him more. “And, wouldn’t that also indirectly cause trouble for you? By the way, if it wasn’t you yourself who wanted and agreed to see me, then even if we mutually meet each other, it will also lose the meaning of seeing each other. *happily points to self* So, I’m saying that for us to be here right now, it is because you want to see me so you came here (^-^)”

    Towako giggles that Ritsuki asks what it is. Towako says that it is because she thinks that even if he wants to be mature a bit but actually, he is like a child for having such a simplistic way of thinking. “In the end, I still think that you are not a bad person...” Ritsuki looks serious. He tells her, “..but, I have caused harm to you and your family. This is a fact that will not change. Even if I also have my reasons, but I cannot deny that that I still have done bad things. So, if it is okay, I would want to work hard since I still want to change my and your family’s relationship. Afterwards..I’ll propose again.” This made Towako blush and says, ‘No way’. Ritsuki tells her that he is serious and he won’t say it only once.. Ritsuki stops when he suddenly notices something at the side. Towako asks what it is. She turns around to see surprised Yuuga looking at them. **Ritsuki really moves fast and from the looks of things, thanks to Tsubaki, he is approaching this in the right direction. Of course, it might be ‘suicidal’/lose her to dictate the exact things he did before so he is just saying that he did some bad things. It seems that her family isn’t exactly telling her about it either..probably because she will ‘be in pain again’ because they would have to brought up Yuuga into the explanation. Towako did unconsciously mention about there is ‘no forever’ and that is what she and Yuuga used to always say to each other..or was it only her? I forgot ^^; Well, it’s good that Ritsuki is going to change for the better just to win Towako’s heart..that will be at least one less antagonist. It has always been mentioned about Ritsuki being childish which might explain his earlier behavior of ‘getting back’..and somehow, I can’t help wondering if he met someone like Towako earlier on or someone to guide him to the right way, he might turn out the right way or at least, ‘getting back’ without hurting so many people in such underhanded ways. Well, I guess better late than never. As for Setsuna, Towako cannot really think of him as a husband-to-be. ^^; Her brain must really reject the thought or that idea cannot get into her brain. ^^;; Anyway, it is such a coincidence that of all days and of all places, Yuuga gets to see Towako again..with Ritsuki. =P Scans by

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    We're never so vulnerable than when we trust someone - but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy. ~ Walter Anderson

    Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 40]
    Tuesday, December 11, 2012

    Cover page: “I admit it. My biggest weakness is compared to my own, I have more tender affection towards his talent.” While everyone is busy with the BBQ, Riko looks surprised at Aki. She glares at him and looks away saying that it turns out to be some unknown [who knows from where] uncle. This gave Aki a shock. Riko looks flustered. Then, Sou gives Riko her favorite onions. Riko thanks him and she starts to eat with the others. Riko glances back and Aki is gone. Riko starts running and shouts that she is going to the convenient store. Riko wonders what to do for Aki got angry and went home. “It’s because of my attitude, right..” She looks up and sees Aki walking to cross the street. Riko calls out to him but Aki kept on walking without turning towards to her. She runs in front of him and shouts for him not to go. “About..just now..” She stops upon seeing Aki’s gloomy expression. She realizes that he is definitely being difficult with[/tantrum type]. Aki says that it is Riko’s fault for calling him an uncle and snubbing him so this is a counterattack. “For a high schooler, it is possible that I’m an uncle but this uncle is going steady with you. the way, upon receiving Shinya’s flowers, you are quite happy. No, I should say that smiling Riko holding flowers is very cute. *flustered* When I obviously want to make you happy..” Riko looks surprised and thinks that this guy is obviously an adult but he’s awkward and cute. Riko is moved by this. Back at the BBQ, everyone is surprised when Aki says that there is no meat. Shinya scowls and thinks that here it is again, unable to read that mood is one of his ability. Aki nervously apologizes for he was asking on his own accord when everyone ought to have eaten the good stuff earlier on. Puzzled Riko tells him that fundamentally there was no meat kind of stuff because it is BBQ. Aki insists that meat has an important role in BBQ. Riko laughs and asks what he is talking about for they don’t add meat in BBQ and he’s so strange. Aki still asks, “But--” Scowling Shinya thinks, “It’s because the family is poor. Quickly notice already! The father is already looking from behind..” Aki innocently says that he knows, it is like few complying with the many. Shiny darkly thinks, “Who’ll come and stop this guy.” Pointing at the food, Aki says that it is like stir-fry vegetables [wild herb]. The mood became heavier. Reiko starts laughing and says that is so funny. Deciding to change the topic [to probably save Aki from his cluelessness], Shinya asks Aki what’s inside that paper bag that he is always holding. Reiko looks surprised when Shinya said, ‘Aki’. After looking surprised, Aki says that it is nothing. Thinking that Aki is quite petty, Shinya stares and says that is a bag from a flower shop [based on the name printed on the bag]. “Could it be that you brought a gift for Mushroom?” Riko exclaims in surprise that Aki is giving something to her. Aki tries to deny it but Riko is already shiny from anticipation.

    Aki tells Riko to calm down. In order not to feel sorry[/regretful], this thing might possibly not make her happy. He glances at the huge bouquet that Shinya gave Riko. He starts trembling and wondering out loud that it should be flowers, but why did he.. Shinya tells Aki that if he doesn’t hurry and let Riko see it, her anticipation will become greater. Sure enough, Riko is quite excited to see what it is. To Aki’s surprise, Shinya takes a peek in the bag. Shinya is speechless then he darkly points at the bag and asks if he is going to give that. Aki gloomily says that it is a spur of the moment thing because from the start, he obviously wanted to buy flowers but upon noticing it, he had this ‘this is it’ feeling. He glances at puzzled Riko. After coughing, Aki finally hands the bag to Riko, and says that if she doesn’t like it, it is fine to say so. It is a small hedgehog figurine container with grass-like plant on its back. While holding it, Riko asks what this is. Aki falls on the ground and ‘went dead’. He gets up and says yes, in the end, it’s like that. It’s alright, he understands, and it is good that she said it straightforwardly. Riko starts laughing out loud and exclaims that Aki is so funny. This surprises Aki. Riko tells him that she’s teasing him, and it is alright, this is super cute. Aki asks if it is true. She says that it is shaped like a hedgehog. Soon, the three are discussing if it is green algae on its back. Reiko glances at the three when Riko asks what to name the hedgehog. Riko says how about, ‘mouse guy’. Shinya and Aki laugh with her. Reiko gets jealous. She quickly takes out her cellphone and opens the camera. She focuses the lens towards Riko and the others. Riko is telling the guys about not making it wither. Then, Reiko focuses her lens towards Aki and seems to have taken a picture. Sou grabs her shoulder and asks what she is doing. She quickly takes his hand off her and shouts that it is nothing, she is just reading a text. Sou looks at her suspiciously. Facing away from him, Reiko is smiling [like a cat that has eaten the pet bird]. Meanwhile, at Office Takagi’s president office, Mari says that Mush & Co.’s debut ranking came out earlier. While happily lighting up her cigarette and sitting on the table, Mari says that from Pepsi’s non-stop commercial, and a very impressive television song so it ought to be in the top 10 but from Soichiro’s expression, it seems to have not progress in accordance to his anticipation. Soichiro just looks away. Mari asks could it be that it didn’t even get into the top 20 and after all that broadcasting, it became like that. Lighting up a cigarette, Soichiro tells Mari not to have that happy expression as if she can’t help it. Mari keeps on giggling. And, it turns out that Mush & Co’s debut single ranks at 21st place. Soichiro just mutters about doing something on the day after tomorrow’s MST [to boost up the ranking].

    While Riko and others are still eating, Aki and Shinya are chatting and drinking beer at the side. Aki says that it is a bit unexpected. Shinya asks what he is referring to. Aki says that for him to have BBQ with everyone on the sale date. He was wondering if Shinya is the type of person who’ll do this kind of thing since Shinya gives him a feeling that he’s a loner. Shinya says that it is because Mush & Co. is a band that belongs to him and it isn’t the same with Crude Play. While Shinya drinks his beer, Aki looks surprised and says that Shinya is now saying such an explosive statement. Shinya says possibly, for he and Aki aren’t the same, he carry things out thoroughly. “Crude Play isn’t my band. It’s your band, right? Do not recklessly look around other places. You should more or less go back to your own lair[/nest]. Or maybe, you still want to continue? Exploiting your status as the lover, and continue to invade and occupy other people’s work territory? *stands up* Mush & Co’s first day ranking is 21st place. So next, is the problem[/subject] of you counterattacking at me.” Aki looks surprised and asks what he meant by counterattacking. Referring to Mari’s single, Shinya says that Aki would voluntarily revise Takagi-san’s music and act as if he is some sort of scapegoat tragic lead. “Isn’t it so? Takagi-san’s music and ability, *scene of Aki revising Mari’s single* being torn apart into pieces, rejected[/denied] and afterwards, abandoned. You plan on doing that, right? It is like Takagai-san making me play your bass again. Making a better work [of art], you treat this as doing a righteous thing, right? But, it isn’t like that. At that time, what Takagi-san instructed me is-- *Takagi giving Shinya the cd and saying, ‘Can you play this music’s bass?’* The objective of Ogasawara Aki, this melody’s creator, is to make the most amazing sound become reality. But what you are doing is rejecting Takagi Soichiro’s music and re-creating it. [<- referring to Mari’s single] This time around, are you also going to use your genius’ arrogance to reject my music? And say, that you can’t endure it.” Aki looks at Shinya is surprise. He thinks that he obviously thought that he should say something. Then, music starts to surround Aki. He wonders how come at that time, music is emerging from his mind when Shinya is waiting for his answer. Then, Shinya is surprised to see Aki crying. A bit flustered, Shinya apologizes for it seems that he said too much. Aki snaps out of it and says no, this is nothing.. Aki thinks, “It isn’t so, Shinya. Because this melody is too beautiful. *wipes tears and looks up to the music surrounding him* Ah, is that so. In the end, I’m a genius.”

    Thankfully, Riko ran after Aki in order not to prolong their quarrel but too bad there is no apology from either over what happened. Well, as expectedly, after a little snub and Aki walking away, Riko can’t help but go back to him again. Aki can be cute and childish as an adult and it seems that is Riko’s type. It does seem that even if Shinya is jealous and everything over Aki, he still kind of looks up to him and is kind enough to stop him from further making a fool of himself over insisting meat with BBQ. =P The gift is cute. And, with both gifts, it shows the personality of the two different they are. Shinya tend to be grand and knows how to splurge for someone, while Aki is more down-to-earth. Compared to his friends, I think that Aki does seem to need Shinya to explain things to him since Aki can be unintentionally cruel because of his cluelessness. This isn’t the first time Shinya has to ‘explain’ things over what Aki is ‘unintentionally’ doing. I still hope that Shinya isn’t going to copy Aki’s music for Riko, which he ‘stole’, especially since he seems to have pride on his own music = hope he isn’t a bad guy or anything since I like this character. It is pretty much confirmed that Shinya doesn’t feel that he belongs in CP and Mush & Co is like a place he made to belong to. I think this might be why he would always clarify that he isn’t with Shun and others since young and he doesn’t always ‘go with the flow’ with them during interviews. It isn’t surprising since Shun and others don’t seem to make him feel that he belongs, either. So, if Aki continues to insist on making music for Mush & Co./be their producer, as the ‘other guy’, Shinya stands to lose everything especially since he can’t really compete against a genius in terms of composing music and on the love relationship, Riko likes Aki. Revising a composition to make it better is indeed ‘good’ but I guess what Shinya is implying is doing it without consent or turning it into something completely different. Takagi would have been okay with it because in the end, it would mean more money for him. But for lesser musicians like Shinya, it must be some sort of insult or maybe like Aki unintentionally belittling him for he isn’t a genius like him [Aki]. does seem different about making a music sound better than totally changing the music you’ve composed but still, either way, it hurts the pride of the one who’s work is being ‘made better’. ^^; I’m thinking of this analogy. Playing the music better is like putting make-up on the face which is ‘temporary’ beautification but changing the composition would be like plastic surgery wherein the change is ‘permanent’.

    I guess for Shinya it is a bit like pride over = ‘even if the work isn’t wonderful or anything, it is mine’ especially since he is a professional musician. Of course, that doesn’t mean anything for Soichiro who is after profit. I think it is just what one’s priority to make music is = is it to ‘make music that you like/want but it might not sell well’ or ‘music that others improved on/no longer yours, and it will sell big’? I think this can also be applied in other forms of art. Like say, a manga..could Shinya’s ‘pride on his music’ be like a mangaka who would stick with his/her own art even if it isn’t beautiful? I’m surprised though that Mari’s single turns out to be Soichiro’s music. I thought she composed it so in a way, it does seem that Aki revised someone else’s music, without permission perhaps, and the payment is sex. ^^; Well, I guess it is kind of even with Soichiro because he keeps his name about composing the song even if Aki was the one who revised it. I’m not sure if Shinya ought to be complaining about it when Soichiro isn’t..but then, Shinya is jumping ahead to kind of ‘warn’ Aki of what he might possibly do..unintentionally. Somehow, seeing them together makes me kind of wish that they form their own music company which could rival Soichiro’s and maybe Shun can finance them. =P Anyway, it is sad to hear that Mush & Co’s single only ranked 21th. It must have been a blow to Shinya’s ego but still, it is good that he bear with it and bought flowers for Riko to celebrate her debut single’s release. Of course, it is kind of infuriating that is making Mari happy. She seems to be making Soichiro regret all that publicity he had given Mush & Co because it didn’t deliver. So, everything now boils down to the MST show. Mush & Co. must do a good job on it to boost their ranking or else.. I’m not sure of Soichiro’s contract with them or like, can they still get this ‘special treatment’ or another ‘single/album’ if their single didn’t go up higher than 21. Hm..maybe replace Shinya with Aki is another option. There is also another problem, that is Reiko. that I think of it, could that gossip she spread about Riko lip-syncing hurt the sales? Maybe, Soichiroh can let Riko sing live at MST since they got nothing much to lose. It would also depend on Riko’s charisma to ‘affect’ the audience there just like how she did in her music class. I wonder though what Reiko plans with that picture of Aki which she seems to have taken. I hope Sou gets wiser about Reiko. Scans by 红莲 & all★wink汉化组

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    See every difficulty as a challenge, a stepping stone, and never be defeated by anything or anyone.~ Eileen Caddy (from 'The Dawn of Change')

    Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 75]
    Sunday, December 9, 2012

    Chizuru shows the others the flower in a box that Ryu gave her. She tells them that it is a ‘secure’ turns out that she heard wrong, it is a preserved flower, a pink rose. Chizuru becomes nervous when her two friends exchange glance saying that it is a pink rose. Chizuru nervously asks them if it is like her. Sawako says yes. Ayane tries to calm Chizuru down. Ayane asks her reaction upon getting the flower. Chizuru says that she also gave him her gift. While Chizuru and Sawako start talking about it, Ayane interrupts and insists on knowing what they talked about for such a long time that she didn’t come back. Chizuru keeps on saying some other things like ramen and television program that Ayane persistently asks her what they talked about when she got that flower. Sawako thinks that it is something romantic. Somewhat flustered, Chizuru tells them that they talked about when they were young, Tooru and Ryu’s deceased mother. It is recollections regarding Ryu that time passes away because for a certain time they haven’t properly chatted. She heard that Tooru will come this year’s end. Ayane asks if she wants to see him. Chizuru says yes, really want to see his face. Chizuru got nervous when the other two are smiling at her. Ayane says that she wants to see first the guy whom she used to like and afterwards confirm her feelings. Chizuru denies it. While Chizuru kept saying that it isn’t so, Ayane says that just like Chizuru, Ryu must have been nervous to unexpectedly choose this kind of gift. The two asks Chizuru if her heart beats faster when she is with Ryu. Chizuru seems to be clueless if she did. Chizuru asks if the other girls got gifts. Sawako shows them her gloves. They say that it is cute and it suits her. Chizuru jokingly says that it would be good if she give Shouta a kiss. Sawako looks away and won’t say a word about it. Chizuru asks what Kent gave Ayane. Ayane says roses that Chizuru whines not to talk about her again. Chizuru tells her that it is a bouquet, fresh red roses. Chizuru couldn’t believe that Kent is a Japanese high schooler. She shows them a picture of the ruined rose bouquet wherein the roses are red yet white in the outside. She tells them that possibly, this kind of rose won’t be available anymore after 10 years because the farmer is already old and it isn’t grown anywhere else. The girls start to wonder what would happen to them after 10 years – married, have a child.. Sawako says that it would be good if they can still have fun like this together. They start shouting what she is talking about when they will always be together. Then, Sawako’s mother brought some food for lunch. They start to tell Sawako’s mother about their gifts. Sawako apologizes for not helping out but her mother says that it is okay for she made the cake yesterday. When Sawako mentioned about wanting them to taste it, her mother decided to invite them for the party along with their boyfriends.

    Soon, Shouta and Ryu arrive. Ryu notices the box and asks if she brought it and showed it to the others. Chizuru nervously says yes. Ryu asks her to please don’t do such a thing. He looks away that Chizuru thought he is angry. But, it turns out that he is embarrassed. ^^ Then, she blushes when Ryu’s stomach started growling. He came there prepared to eat =P Just when Sawako is going to invite Ryu to her room, she suddenly closes the door and exclaims that they can’t go in. Sawako starts to ask if Shouta is really free today, if it is okay with his family, and if he is just forced. Shouta exclaims, no, he is very happy. She blushes and bends down. She whispers to Shouta about what happened yesterday. They were surprised to see that Chizuru is watching them from the door. Then, Kent also arrives. While carrying some things, he says that he came because he really wants to see Ayane. Then, Sawako’s father arrives. He is surprised when everyone welcomes him home. They introduce Ryu and Kent to him. Shouta apologizes for making Sawako come home late. Her father asks if he guarantees to seriously go steady with Sawako. Shouta says yes. Her father exclaims that’s good. Then, Sawako takes a bag of strawberries from her father. Her father is a bit shock that Sawako has grown taller..taller than him. Then, Chizuru suddenly exclaims that hat which Sawako’s father is wearing is supposed to be Shouta’s.. Ayane quickly covers her mouth. After exchanging glances, the two girls just greet him a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Sawako’s father look at the hat before his wife tells him to change clothes. Sawako and others start to wonder what they are going to do on New Year. Kent asks if they are going to the hatsumode [first shrine visit]. Chizuru and Ayane say hatsumode and Sawako’s birthday. Chizuru suggests that they go to the hatsumode together in the morning. Sawako tells them that she is going to make Toshikoshi soba [New Year soba] which everyone would want to eat. Kent notices Sawako’s father standing by the corner that he asks what he is doing there. Chizuru puts reindeer hat on Sawako’s father and shows them the decorations they’ve made while waiting for him to come home. Kent tells Sawako’s father that Shouta is a super nice guy. Ryu agrees. Then, Kent says that Shouta listened to him talk until the morning though he is mean when he occasionally becomes drowsy. Shouta shouts if he is criticizing him. Soon, everyone is having fun. Sawako looks at them and recalls being alone without company in the classroom. Sawako’s father sees his daughter smile with Shouta, and he looks away. Her mother is smiling. “Always, always, it would be good if everyone can be together like this.”

    That last sentence seems like to be hinting that something bad is going to happen. ^^; But, then that could just be typical Sawako hoping that everything will be happy like this. It seems that her father is slowly accepting that his little girl has grown up and happy. He pretty much gave his blessings of approval for Shouta. For them to be surprised over Kent’s gift of roses, I guess it shows that Kent is ‘mature’ compared to the other guys so in a way, he suits Ayane. As for Chizuru, it is still undecided but it is getting there. Scans by 夜莺工作室

    Word of the day:
    This is the message of Christmas: We are never alone. ~ Taylor Caldwell

    Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! (><) [Chapter 7]
    Saturday, December 8, 2012

    Narration: “Five days has passed since the Kobayashi twins, Mitsuru and Mego had exchanged schools.” A guy calls out to Kobayashi [Mego] and suddenly puts a wig on ‘him’. Then, the guy takes a picture of ‘him’ on his cellphone. The guy starts to explain that in order to get a good impression, he told his junior high friends that he got a girlfriend and in the end, they want him to send a picture of the girlfriend to them. Starting to take a picture again, the guy says that Kobayashi looks like a girl so can ‘he’ help him out by making a pose. As Mego makes a cutey pose, the guy says that ‘he’ really looks like a girl. Mego lamely laughs and thinks, “Sorry, I’m fundamentally a girl.” Then, someone bumps behind ‘him’. Mego looks up to see that it is Aoi. Surprised Aoi mutters that it is a girl. Since he is weak against girls, he promptly starts to faint that Mego quickly takes off ‘his’ wig and shouts that it is ‘him’, Kobayashi. Just when he is about 45° before falling on the floor, Aoi quickly stops and stands up straight. Aoi sighs and asks Kobayashi what’s up. While the other guy is puzzled over what had happened, Mego thinks that it is amazing for it seems that Aoi is totally okay now. Aoi scratches his head and thinks that startled him. Narration: “He is Sanada Aoi. Even if he is called Akechi Academy’s strongest guy, but actually, he cannot get near a girl within the radius of 50 centimeter. And if there is a girl around, he will faint. I’m the only one who knows this secret. Of course, I’m a girl and I have kept this secret from Aoi-kun.” Mego covers her mouth and thinks that is dangerous for if she wasn’t careful, Aoi’s secret is almost exposed in front of everyone because of her. Aoi apologizes to ‘him’ over what happened yesterday for he caused ‘him’ trouble. Mego realizes that he was referring to the time when he fainted on top of her. The two blush over this. Mego says that it is nothing. Aoi asks ‘him’ if ‘he’ is free this noon break. “It isn’t my style not to return a favor to someone. I’ll treat you this noon. Come with me to the dining hall.” Mego couldn’t believe it for Aoi had unexpectedly treated her for lunch (*’ψψ̒*) ◦°(°ˊАˋ)°◦ In the dining hall, Mego feels like she is eating at a 5 star hotel even if she didn’t come there before. [<- the canteen actually has lots of graffiti] Aoi asks if it is delicious. Slurping her noodles, Mego says that it is very delicious♡ The other delinquents are shock for the First’s Sanada Aoi is eating with Kobayashi. It is the first time that they saw Sa-chan [Aoi’ nickname] eat lunch with someone. Oh ya, they also saw earlier that Kobayashi and Moyuyu-senpai quite close to each other. They couldn’t believe that Kobayashi’s relationship with the Kami7 is unexpectedly quite good and what’s the inside story.

    Aoi asks Mego if it is really that delicious for isn’t it the most convenient menu[/dish]. Mego smiles and tells him that it is because ‘he’ always likes to eat fried tofu udon but so far, today is the most delicious one ‘he’ ate. “Thank you for treating me- It is definitely because it is filled with senpai’s kindness and sincerity that is why it is delicious. *Aoi blushes in surprise over this* I would say that this is the most delicious udon!! It is rated as an extremely wonderful bowl of udon at the peak in the world of udon..” Embarrassed Aoi covers Mego’s mouth and tells ‘him’ that ‘he’s exaggerating so just quietly eat. Aoi thinks that it isn’t like he was the one who made those noodles. Embarrassed Mego nervously laughs for she was so happy that she lost her senses that she starts to talk too much[/nonsense] but, this bowl of noodles is really so delicious. Mego steal a glance at blushing Aoi who is slightly putting his thumb on his slightly smiling lips. This made Mego blush even more. Mego thinks that she doesn’t know since when DURING THAT TIME, that she felt Aoi had started to treat her nicely. “It’s like it is only a secret that I and Aoi-kun knows that made us closer. I’m sorry, Aoi-kun. Saying this might perhaps be quite careless but I’m really happy. Even if I couldn’t say that I’m a girl, but only seeing Aoi-kun showing a smile towards me, this already made me comparatively happy..” And, that is causing an uproar in the dining hall. The blushing delinquents are exclaiming that Sa-chan unexpectedly smiles and it is the first time they saw Sa-chan smiling. His smile looks quite nice that it makes one’s heart beat faster. Could it be that he has an opposite[/contrast] moe aspect!? At the same time at Toushou High, Azusa is surprised upon learning that there is no such person. Her underlings tell her that they investigated according to what she said but there is no one named ‘Yamada Tarou’ in their school and no one has seen that person. Azusa couldn’t believe it. Azusa recalls ‘Tarou’ telling her not to belittle guys or else, she’ll be taught a painful lesson. Azusa wonders what the heck is that guy who gustily dare to oppose her.. Her underling comments that it is quite rare that Azusa would unexpectedly be mindful of a guy. Azusa angrily denies it and tells her not to say nonsense things. Flustered Azusa says that is right, that stinky glasses guy, doesn’t have anything to do with her.. She looks out the window to see ‘Mego’[/Mitsuru] playing volleyball with ‘her’ friends. Mitsuru manages to hit the ball. Azusa became furious over ‘Mego’ and her helping friends. Azusa angrily thinks that at one side ‘Mego’ is prepared to continue opposing her and yet, like before, ‘she’ acts innocent[/ as if not knowing the situation] and stupidly having fun. “But.. if I look in detail *looks at Mitsuru, ‘she’ seems to look like someone..?” While Mitsuru wipes ‘her’ sweat, Azuaa suddenly blushes. While her heart is beating fast, Azusa wonders what’s going on for her heart is beating towards a girl..”

    Then, Mitsuru ‘high-fives’ Shino for the good hit of the volleyball. Azusa gets angrier. While clenching her fist, she wonders what’s up with this feeling. “Seeing Kobayashi and Takenaka’s relationship to be so good, it makes me more furious than before.” Azusa grabs the trash can and throws the trash down to Mitsuru and Shino. Mitsuru angrily shouts at Azusa that she is being like this again, and she is really repulsive. Azusa laughs and sarcastically apologizes for she thought that is the garbage place. Then, a crumpled paper hits Azusa’s head. She looks down to see Mitsuru sticking out ‘her’ tongue and saying sorry, ‘she’ also threw it at the wrong place. Soon, Mitsuru and Azusa throw the crumpled pieces of paper at each other. Azusa shouts that ‘Mego’ is a pig and ‘she’ is still inexperienced to oppose her. Mitsuru shouts for her to shut up, you nasty natured girl. The other students are watching them. As Mitsuru leaves with ‘her’ friends, the others comment that Kobayashi is amazing for unexpectedly, they don’t know if ‘she’ is winning or losing against Azusa. They were obviously isolated by their other classmates but they are totally not depressed. “On contrary, it feels quite uprightly cool..” While having drinks and resting, Tomo asks Shino how come she is putting down her fringes for she obviously looks good so it is a waste to make the fringes cover half of her face. Mitsuru thinks that Tomo shouldn’t talk too much for if Shino does that, then the other guys will notice that Shino turns out to be cute. Feeling nervous, Mitsuru says, “ that so.. I [<-used by males to address self] feel that her being like that is much better..” Shino ‘tells’ them that she was told that her face is ugly so it is better to cover it up. Mitsuru asks if it was Azusa who told her that. Shino nods. Mitsuru angrily shouts that Azusa is too much and her personality is really twisted. The other two say that Azusa must have been jealous of Shino being so cute. Shino shakes her head and ‘tells’ them, “She is a very pitiful person..” Mitsuru asks if it is Azusa. Shino nods. Mitsuru wonders if something had happened between Azusa and Shino. Tomo tells Shino not to mind Azusa for what she said is just nonsense. “It’s really a waste! Takenaka-chan, you also have someone you like, right? Could it be that you don’t want that person to see your cutest side?” To Mitsuru’s surprise, Shino blushes really red. The other two say that Shino is blushing and it turns out that she has someone she likes. Shino is shaking her head that Tomo tells her that it is okay, for it is obviously nothing to be embarrassed about. Mitsuru looks shocked. He nervously thinks, “For real!? Takenaka already has someone she likes!? No, but just now, she denied it. *notices Shino’s cellphone peeking out of her pocket that has a lavender phone strap* By the way, that lavender strap.. She did say that ‘this is an important flower’ type of stuff.. Could it be that the guy she likes gave it to her!?” Then, Tomo notices that Mitsuru is gloomily lying down on the ground. Tomo asks what happened to ‘her’. Mitsuru says that ‘she’ suddenly became listless.

    When the bell is ringing, aghast Mitsuru wonders about straightforwardly asking Shino about it but then, if it is true, he would get a shock. “Huhu my frail small heart would..” Shino worriedly ‘asks’ Mitsuru if ‘she’ is alright, and if ‘she’ is feeling uncomfortable somewhere. Mitsuru lamely says that ‘she’s fine. Still worried, Shino pulls Mitsuru to an empty classroom. Shino takes a chalk and starts to write, ‘If some dreadful matter had happened, if it is okay, please tell me. You are my first very important friend. *Mitsuru blushes* I really like the you who’s so nice.” Shino smiles at him. Mitsuru grinds his teeth and thinks, “Darn. I obviously know that her ‘like’ and my like doesn’t have the same meaning. Even if that is so, I’m still so happy that I feel like I would cry. I want to kiss her. I want to touch her. I want to hug her tightly. But, my body won’t move. If I were to tightly hold on to her, it seems that she’ll generally shatter. Such a beautiful treasure. Lightly touching her with all of my strength.” At 3:30pm, Mitsuru bids Shino goodbye and ‘she’ll see her tomorrow. Shino looks at ‘her’. She looks at her lavender strap and then, she holds it tightly. She grabs Mitsuru’s sleeve and ‘says’, “Favor, I want you to accompany me in going to a certain place. I don’t have the courage to go there alone.” Shino timidly pleads Mitsuru. Later on, they tightly hold hands while walking. Mitsuru is trembling in happiness for he had unexpectedly gained Shino’s trust. “It’s the first time she acts spoiled. But, where are we going? Forget it, just to be with Takenaka-chan, it doesn’t matter♡” Misturu got carried away. He is excited and happy while they ride the bus and walk together. Shino gestures to the side. Mitsuru thinks, “Huh? *looks aghast* This path feels really fami-liar. NOO WAAYYY. This is Akechi Academy-!! Why would Takenaka come to here!? Isn’t this an all-boys school!? *realizes* Could it be.. the guy whom Takenaka likes is here-!?” Meanwhile, Mego is holding her bag while standing behind a tree. She is looking at the students by the shoe lockers. She thinks, “This afternoon, he treated me to lunch. If it’s okay, I want to take it one step further to become closer to him!! *clenches fists* Goal is to go home together with Aoi-kun after school!! I’ll pretend that it is a coincidence!! Then say, ‘Can we walk together around one block?’!! *sees Aoi coming out of the school building* Here he comes-!!” Blushing Mego thanks Aoi for treating ‘him’ for lunch. Aoi asks ‘him’ what’s up. Mego is distracted when she overhears a guy exclaiming to his friend to quickly look at the school’s gate. “There are a couple of girls there. Whose girlfriend is it? Ah, that sailor uniform is really eye-catching~~” Mego’s eyes widen upon seeing her twin. Mego rushes to Mitsuru and whispers what he is doing there. Mitsuru tells her that he isn’t sure why he came here for he is only accompanying Shino and in the end, they went to this place.. The twins were interrupted when they heard a ‘thud’. They look behind to see that Aoi had dropped his bag on the ground. Flustered and surprised Aoi mutters, “” Shino trembles and becomes teary-eyed upon seeing Aoi. Then, she suddenly rushes to Aoi and clings on him. The twins are shock. Eh eh eh-!? (^q^)/ Blurb: “Could it be the twins are confronting a ‘same time heartbreak’?! Next, the secret between Shino and Aoi about the lavender will be revealed.”

    That was quite amusing..the twins fell in love at the same time and will now possibly be heartbroken at the same time =P It must have really been a shock for them since they didn’t expect that the ones they like is somewhat[?] interested in someone else especially since things are going really well. It does seem a bit weird for Aoi to be blushing and everything towards ‘Mitsuru’/Mego without any possible, ‘could it be that I’m gay’ type of thing. Maybe because Mego seems like a doting ‘pet’ type or ‘follower’ which he didn’t have before because the others were to ‘scared’ of Aoi that they avoided him. Maybe Aoi just doesn’t ‘think’ that, kind of like it is just being ‘innocent/naive’ about it. Of course, the way the delinquents blush over Aoi and Mego eating together, it is suppose to be some joke = don’t think of gay stuff..and it isn’t a big deal in an all-boys school. Obviously, Mego is thinking that the food is delicious because Aoi is there with her and he was the one who treated her to it. Based on the first few pages, it is pretty much confirmed that Aoi’s problem with girls is a psychological problem. ^^; Just thinking that there is a girl nearby, whether a real girl or not, he would faint and become weak. ^^; As for Azusa, I find it amusing how she and Mitsuru throw trash at each other like kids. ^^; It seems she is the one who’s bothered about her heart beating for a girl =P She had fallen for Mitsuru. I guess because of being asked about the person she likes and having a strong-brave friend, Shino got the courage to meet up with Aoi. Well, we’ll probably know what’s up between them in the next chapter and that might decide if the twins would keep up their switch after the week is over or not. And, I wonder if our ‘leads’ are actually the ‘love rivals’ if Aoi and Shino like each other ^^; Scans by 夜莺工作室

    Word of the day:
    Is it wrong to plan for the future? Of course not. It is unwise, however, to forget that God may allow some “uncontrollable unexpected” events as He sees fit. Ultimately, all that happens is for the best—even when it’s hard to see. We must trust Him and His plans for our future. ~ Author Unknown

    Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi [Chapter 14]
    Friday, December 7, 2012

    Koharu blushes when Natsuki tells her that he can’t help mind as to who is the one she likes. Koharu wonders if Natsuki is jealous, jealous over the one she likes. To Natsuki’s surprise, Koharu starts laughing as she thinks that the one she likes is obviously him. Natsuki’s heart beat upon seeing her smile. Koharu looks at him and turns away saying that it is a secret. She tells Conan that they are going. While Koharu walks away with the dog, Natsuki exclaims that isn’t fair for he told her [about the one he likes]. Koharu turns to him and makes a face [stick out tongue] at him. Natsuki shouts for her to wait but Koharu playfully tells Conan that they should run and escape. As Natsuki catches up to Koharu, Koharu thinks that even if her love is one-sided, a love that cannot be returned, but it is a love that can make her feel happy. As tired Conan rests in his dog house, Natsuki calls out to Koharu. About to enter the house, Koharu tells him that she said that it is a secret. Natsuki says that it isn’t that, they are going to buy a cellphone together tomorrow. “It is to protect your safety. This is a childhood friend’s order.” Koharu blushes. She tells him that he is overly protective and speaking of that, he should be saying that to Aki. Natsuki tells her to shut up and don’t worry about that, quickly go home. Koharu smiles and thanks him. Koharu thinks that to be given this kind of importance, in the end, it’s good to be childhood friends. At a cellphone store, the childhood friends are awed over the dazzling line up of cellphones. Koharu says that there are so many phones, so which one is good. Natsuki suggests that they do it based on feeling. Natsuki suddenly picks up a cellphone and exclaims that he wants this one. Surprised Koharu exclaims that he decided on it quite fast. While Koharu is choosing, a girl is telling her friend about wanting to have lovers’ cellphone for using the same cellphone feels like conjugal love. The other girl says that she wants a smartphone so that it will be a pair together with her boyfriend. Koharu’s ear enlarges while eavesdropping on them.

    At the park, the childhood friends are looking at their cellphones. Natsuki comments that Koharu chose a cellphone like his. Koharu says yes, for it looks cool. Natsuki agrees with her. Koharu wonders if this is okay even if it is a one-sided love. And, they are also childhood friends, and even as friends, to use the same kind is.. She is startled when her phone starts ringing. She answers it and it turns out to be Natsuki who says, “Hello? *Koharu blushes.* Ah-.. can I ask, is this Koharu-chan?” Koharu says, ye, yes. Koharu thinks that this feels strange for obviously they have the usual distance from each other but his voice sounds so near. “I feel as if my heart beat is also going to be heard over the phone.” To Natsuki’s surprise, Koharu hangs up. Natsuki grumbles as to why she hanged up. Koharu says that it is too wasteful, the phone expenses. Flustered Koharu tells them to look, compared to her, he should report to Aki that he bought a cellphone. Scratching his head, Natsuki says ah, ya. Koharu is a bit surprised by his reaction. Koharu exclaims that of course and geez, she feels sorry that she is the first one whom he communicated with on the cellphone. Natsuki tells her not to say it in such a lewd way. Embarrassed Koharu exclaims that it isn’t even a bit lewd. Koharu thinks that the implication of Natsuki having a cellphone is he and Aki will talk more on the phone and their relationship will be more intimate. While Natsuki is going to enter Aki’s phone on his cellphone, Koharu thinks that she should also put in Koharu and the others’ number in. Natsuki looks at her and asks if she is going to put in the number of the person she likes. This surprises Koharu. Thinking that he’s the one she likes, Koharu exclaims, ah,..yeah. Natsuki looks away and looks irritated.

    That night, the twins are happy to see a cellphone which Koharu showed to them. They are glad to be able to immediately contact Koharu. Koharu’s father asks how come Koharu didn’t have it until now. Koharu’s mother says that it is because during elementary, Koharu destroyed it within a month for three times already. The twins say that they want to use the ‘special move’. Koharu is puzzled about it. They tell her that it is taking a good looking picture using the camera. Uchuu [who turns out to be a girl ^^;;] poses that Koharu exclaims that is a good picture and her younger sister is so cute. The twins also want to have their picture taken but their mother tells them that it is almost time to sleep. Preparing to sleep, Koharu thinks that today is such a fun day. Just when she is sleeping, she is surprised by a ring from her cellphone. She sits up and reads a message from Natsuki who says ‘good night’. Koharu blushes over this and thinks that texting is really great. Koharu greets him good night too and informs him that tomorrow’s bento is fried chicken. Natsuki texts back is that true, and that’s great. Koharu thinks that being with the person she likes, it seems like the day is a bit longer. Koharu[?] texts for him to sleep early for there is PE class tomorrow. Koharu happily thinks that it is like always until she sleeps, Natsuki is always accompanying her at her side. During lunch the next day at school, Koharu’s friends look at Koharu who is busy texting on her cellphone. Sumire comments that Koharu is quite fast in exchanging texts[/got into using a cellphone]. Konoha asks what messages is Koharu texting to Natsuki. The messages were: good morning; I’m hungry; PE class is tiring. Konoha says that it is completely unsubstantial stuff. “But, I understand. I’m also very happy when exchanging messages with my boyfriend.” Konoha feeds Koharu her chocolate covered biscuit stick. She also says that for a girl in love, a cellphone is an important tool. While eating lunch with his friends, Natsuki’s cellphone rings. Kotarou tells him that Koharu is texting back again. Natsuki reads the message that she is finished eating and she’s so full. Natsuki replies, ‘Me, too’, Then, he puts down the cellphone to eat again. And, his cellphone rings again. He sends a message back again and his cellphone rings again. Natsuki exclaims that the pace is too fast. Souji laughs and says that after all, Koharu is a girl. Kotarou says that is really nice for she also wants to receive messages from Sumire. Natsuki says geez, when obviously it is nothing much. Souji tells him that even if he says that, but he still replies back to Koharu. Natsuki tells him to shut up.

    After drinking his juice, Kotarou asks Natsuki if he also exchange messages with Aki. Natsuki says that he doesn’t know what message he should send. Kotarou says that it is such a waste for this is a rare opportunity. Natsuki says rare, huh. At the hallway, Koharu’s friends say that they will be going to the office so Koharu tells them that she’ll wait at the courtyard for them. Her cellphone rings so she quickly looks at it for it is from Natsuki. Natsuki wrote that the bento is delicious and as always, thanks. Koharu smiles and thinks that she’ll savor this since she is so happy as if her treasure had increased. She looks up the window and wonders if Natsuki is eating outside. She sees Natsuki by a balcony. Just when she is about to call out to him, she notices his serious expression while looking at his cellphone. Koharu realizes that he is sending an email to Aki. She thinks that is right, as a childhood friend, she cannot do this kind of thing. She walks away thinking that in a so-called romance, there are lots and lots of happiness and pain. At the lockers, Natsuki is surprised to see that he has 0 text messages. He complains what’s up with Koharu that she would suddenly stop sending messages. He wonders out loud that it is enough with him so is she now starting to bombard texts to some other person. Natsuki remembers Koharu telling him that she will write texts with the person she likes. This irks Natsuki that he slams his locker shut. Souji asks him what he is feeling fretful. Natsuki denies it. While walking at the outer hallway, Natsuki looks at his cellphone again and it is still 0 text messages. Souji teases Natsuki if he is being disagreeable because Aki didn’t reply back to his text. Natsuki says no. Kotarou says that he knows that if the message isn’t being replied back, Natsuki would become uneasy and jittery. Natsuki says is that so. To his surprise, Kotarou says, “It’s love. Becoming jittery and uneasy, and your heart is only thinking about that girl, but, you only have to see that person’s smiling face and that jittery feeling will fly and go away.” Natsuki’s eyes widen when Konoha calls out, “Koharu.” Konoha is calling out to Koharu that it is cold. [<- water that Konoha is splashing on her] While recalling being told, ‘only seeing that girl’s smiling face’, Natsuki turns around to see Koharu happily smiling. While Koharu lets her hair down, Natsuki stares at her and his heart is beating loudly. He remembers Kotaru telling him that “it is love--..” Koharu notices him and Natsuki blushes. To his surprise, Koharu runs toward him and calls out to him. Blushing Natsuki calls her idiot, and don’t come [to him]. While Natsuki bends down to cover his face, Koharu calls his name. Troubled and blushing Natsuki’s heart is still beating loudly. He wonders, “Is this for real?”

    It’s good that Koharu didn’t tell Natsuki that he’s the one she likes. It helps make him jealous over an imaginary rival, and at least, he should realize his feelings first for her rather than being ‘forced’ about it and make things awkward. And apparently, he is taking a step closer to that realization. We’ll probably see him blushing more with Koharu after that ‘hint’ he got from Kotarou. Or maybe, there will be the typical ‘avoiding’ which might cause misunderstandings. As I’ve mentioned before, things are moving at a good pace thanks to the people around the couple to give them the push or else, it will take a lot of chapters from them to realize things. =P I do wonder though what’s Touya and Aki’s role here..or the piano guy if things are going to become okay between the two childhood friends soon. I guess it depends on Natsuki if he keeps on pursuing Aki or not/in denial, and Koharu if she becomes closer with Touya and/or piano guy. It is also nice that Koharu knows how to draw the line. She does seem to get carried away over the texting and realized that she is doing it too much which could make Aki jealous or that is the girlfriend’s role. It does feel strange that Konoha isn’t advising her not to do it or else, she’ll fall harder for Natsuki especially since Konoha wants Koharu to move on. Of course, stopping her texts lead to Natsuki realizing what he’s missing without Koharu in his life. =P Lastly, it is partly amusing that instead of based on features, etc, Natsuki would choose a cellphone based on looks/what he feels for it. Scans by 夜莺工作室

    Quote of the day:
    People say you don’t know what you've got till it's gone. Truth is you knew what you had you just never thought you'd lose it!! ~ Author Unknown

    The One [Chapter 96]
    Thursday, December 6, 2012

    Lele and Glenn look at crying Feidna. Charging towards Lele, Feidna shouts that it is all Lele’s fault. Feidna slaps Lele and shouts that she is going to ruthlessly teach her a lesson. Just before Feidna is about to hit Lele again, Glenn quickly holds Feidna’s hand and tells her that is enough. He shouts that he knows about her misdeeds like being drunk these past few days, hurting a small-time model, and the news about losing an important spokesperson[for the brand]. He exclaims for her to quit being an embarrassment and this isn’t the Feidna he knows. Even if she is his ‘trusted officer’, he also won’t allow her to act recklessly. Feidna asks if he also thinks that she has changed. She tearfully says that person [Eros] also said that when obviously, the ones who’ve changed are them. Ever since Lele appeared, their attention were taken by Lele. Glenn’s most creative work is given to Lele and also, Eros..the one who said that he’ll forever take care of her, he unexpectedly will thoroughly server his relationship with her because of Lele. She grabs Lele and starts crying over what right Lele has to take her place. To Feidna’s surprise, Lele grabs her hand off her. Lele grabs Feidna’s hair and starts dragging her off to the side. Lele pushes her on the wall and shouts that no one took her place away. “Wake up you immature, childish brat!” Lele shouts that Eros already treated her with his X and that’s great, but she is fickle who leaves when she wants to leave, and comes when she wants to come, changing guys who had earlier dumped her. Because Eros’ pardons[/leniency with] her like a family member, so she got him again. It is her willfulness that has driven him away and it has nothing to do at all with her [Lele] appearing. “Even if I’m not around, he would also, sooner or later, cannot take your selfishness anymore and leave you!” Lele scolds her not to keep binding Eros just because they have the same past. His heart pains for her but that doesn’t mean that he ought to treat her well unconditionally. Lele tells her that she had always treated her as a respectable senpai but the her today really disappoints her [Lele]. Gesturing a thumbs down, Lele shouts that the Fire Goddess in her heart has become like this <- thumbs down. Before leaving, Lele shouts to Feidna if she wants to take back what she used to have, then learn to seriously work hard for it. “Don’t let the people who already treated you well to look down on you!!” Feidna remembers Eros telling her that no matter how headstrong[willfulness] she was before, but he always believe that she should keep her original sincerity. He has never been so disappointed in her for she had teamed up with Mandy to trick Lele and that took away his last trust on her. This made Feidna sob bitterly.

    Three days after, at the airport, there is an announcement of the plane to Spain is currently boarding. Ulysses tells Angus that they’re going. He asks Angus what is the matter for he looks gloomy lately. Angus denies it and blames it on the weather. Ulysses says that he will cheer up once they arrive in Spain for it is sunny there. Angus overhears someone shouting to let go and she hates him. He looks back to see a guy kissing a girl and her ‘female’ companion looking shock. It turns out to be Eros kissing Lele. After breaking it off, Eros says, “Go if you want to go, but no matter where you fly off to, I will chase after you [to come back to me]!” Andre and the others blush over this. Lele is totally embarrassed. Eros tells Andre to take care of Lele for him but if he tries to take advantage, he won’t let him off. “Understand?” Angus looks totally aghast. Ulysses asks what’s up on that side for they are quite noisy. Lele shouts for Eros not to mind them for they are leaving since it is time to board. While smiling Eros waves goodbye, Lele shouts that even if he is smiling like that, she didn’t say that she’ll forgive him. On the plane, Andre teases Lele about what if Eros chases after her, what she would do. Embarrassed Lele asks how would she know for who knew that he can be so thick faced. Angus realizes that it turns out to be Lele. Angus recalls Eros asking if he will be happy for him if one day he finds the girl whom he wants to be with throughout his life. Angus thinks, “Happy for you..? Then how about me..? What would happen to me? From the start, we are in one body, and fundamentally, we should belong to each other..isn’t it so?” At Barcelona, Spain, Lele and Andre are in a country-style pictorial for France’s Vogue. With Spain’s romantic mood, they easily got in the pictorial’s scene. After they finished the shooting for the day, the photographer tells one of the staff to look for a strong young man since they lack a helper in doing menial work. Andre is giddy over the photographer telling them that they are a match so could it be that he looks manly. While Lele is busy stuffing her mouth with food, Andre is wondering if Lele thought of him as manly and maybe during these two weeks of shooting, there will be fireworks given the romantic theme. Lele notices that her bra’s clip has unfastened. She asks Andre to help her fastened it back. With bleeding nose, Andre couldn’t believe his luck. While helping her out, Andre tries to tell her about having separate rooms being boy and girl even if he did have fun doing things for her while they were temporarily ‘living together’. Lele slaps his arm and exclaims what he is saying, he is her younger sister. Lele declares that even if he were to strip and take a bath with Leo and her, she won’t feel awkward about it. This shocks Andre. Andre asks if she never doubts the possibility that he could like a girl. Lele thinks that it is impossible. Andre pushes her down and asks if she doesn’t feel afraid if he did that to her. Lele instead pushes him down and says that that there is a difference with their weight so if they were to have a fight, Andre can’t win against her. Then, Lele happily ‘plays’ with Andre..though he looks like he’s being strangled. ^^;

    The next day, the door bell rings. Lele answers it and asks who is it so early in the morning when work is supposed to start in the afternoon. It turns out to be Leo and Taylor who surprise her and give her a bouquet of flowers. A restaurant, Lele asks them if they were sent there by Eros. The two sweatdrops and thinks that Lele is sharp. Just when Leo is about to say something, Andre arrives to ask who the two are. Leo grabs his hand and exclaims if he is Andre and start exclaiming how beautiful he is. Leo starts to cry over Andre’s slim body and being envious of him. Taylor loudly coughs and asks Leo if he forgot their mission. Leo remembers that they were tasked to help Eros by infiltrating the enemy territory and yet, he unexpectedly made friends with the enemy. Leo tearfully lets go of Andre and clings on to Lele. Lele asks Leo what’s up. Andre says that he turns out to be Leo and Lele said that they can be friends, and in the end, he [Leo] turns out to be cute. Leo nosebleeds. At the photo shoot, Lele angrily asks if they are there to spy on her. Taylor laments that they have no choice. Leo tells her that Taylor is worried that if he didn’t take care of her [or give consideration to Eros], and afterwards no one would want his son. Lele angrily shouts for get Eros to come here himself and sending soliders is not heroic or manly. Leo shouts back if he comes, would she listen to his explanation. Lele shouts no. Leo says, so.. Meanwhile, the staff member tells the photographer that he found someone to do the menial work. The guy says that he is ‘Yin’ so does he need his help. The photographer says that he needs firewood. ‘Yin’/Eros smiles and says no problem. And, Eros cuts some firewood that got the women squealing over how sexy he is. Andre asks what’s going on over there. A staff member tells him that it is a newly arrived worker and he heard that it is a good looking guy. The photographer calls out to Lele and Andre to come over. While the two sit near the bonfire, the photographer wants the fire to rage a bit. Yin says okay. The photographer wants Lele and Andre to be closer to each other as they warm each other. Andre happily holds Lele tightly. Suddenly, a torch goes near Andre who freaks out. Yin apologizes and asks if he didn’t burn his beautiful hair. The photographer shouts to Yin to be careful. Leo and Taylor look at each other and sweatdrops. Lele looks aghast. Yin threatens Andre to be cool or else, it won’t just the hair that will burn. Lele freaks out when Yin winks at her to wish her good luck on her shooting[/do your best and do a good shoot]. As whistling Yin leaves, Lele is totally freaking out over Yin winking and wonders what he could be thinking. Next chapter will be out on January 5th in Taiwan. Blurb for the next chapter: In order to chase after Lele [and get her back], Eros is giving it all he got. On the other side, Andre is also resolving to confess to Lele. And, Angus who is also in Spain is attentively watching all of this.

    So, it turns out that Eros is going to thoroughly server his relationship with Feidna. No wonder she is in such a mess and blames this on Lele. Good thing Lele gave her a good scolding. Hopefully, Feidna realizes the error of her ways and manage to get back on her feet again after this very painful lesson. She will indeed have to work doubly hard to fix her damaged reputation and at least, make Eros still trust her though it is unlikely that it will be the same before. Since that drama is over, it’s nice to see the ‘fun’ stuff of Eros chasing after Lele. That is a good one – kissing her at the airport that she can’t exactly make a scene. =P He even got Leo and Taylor as support in getting Lele to talk with him. I kind of feel sorry for Taylor. ^^; His threats on Andre is kind of amusing =P That wink is really cute..well, he successfully made Lele go from angry at him to freaking out =P So, I guess after the photo shoot, Lele ought to be back with Eros and maybe they can have a few pictures together =P The romantic theme is already empathize repeatedly so maybe some lovey-dovey later on. And apparently, it is making Andre want to confess but unfortunately, he surely will be rejected. Too bad for him Lele thinks of him as a sister ^^; Well, I think the author will use Andre to keep Eros on his toes. The remaining problem will be Angus to accept Lele. It is possible that he might get Ulysses help on this but I somewhat don’t think that will happen since that is already done with Feidna..and Angus wouldn’t want Eros to hate him. Scans by Icy_Chrisy for baidu

    Quote of the day:
    You REAP what You SOW: Life is like a boomerang. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later, with astounding accuracy. ~ Bright, Grant M.

    Stardust★Wink [Chapter 48]
    Wednesday, December 5, 2012

    Cover page: “What’s the future of the three’s relationship!? To be just like ordinary day’s scenery but right now, it appears there’s a difference.” Sou starts to walk away after telling Anna that he has no way of being with them crazy people. Anna snaps out of it when Hinata is calling on her cellphone. After she answers, Hinata asks if she caught up with Sou. Anna says, about that.. Hinata tells her that it can’t be helped if she wasn’t able to catch up with Sou anyway, it isn’t only today that they can do a stage practice. “Sorry for making you run after him in vain. Everyone has already gathered in the gym. Anna, you also quickly come.” Anna looks at Sou approaching the gate then she exclaims no, she’ll definitely bring him back so wait a moment. Anna runs and calls out to Sou. She exclaims that she understands that he doesn’t want to be with her, she doesn’t have any objection on that. “But, about these two things, don’t confuse one with another!! How can you be absent for the cultural festival practice, just because of your own problem!! *Sou is speechless while the other students are looking at them* As the lead character, who isn’t there, how can we practice! Since you’ve already agreed to be the lead character then seriously do it until the end!! That’s how it is to be a man!! If you understand that, then quickly go to the gym. *grabs Sou’s hand and starts pulling him* Quick!!” Sou angrily shouts to let him go for didn’t he say that he’s going home. Soon, at the gym, Anna manages to bring gloomy Sou to the gym and she happily tells everyone that the lead character has arrived. Nanoka angrily shouts at poop Sou that he’s too slow and does he think of himself as some celebrity to make them wait just because he is the lead character. Sou darkly says, ‘ha?’ Hinata says that they should quickly hurry and practice from start to bottom. He tells everyone that like what he said earlier, the performers go on stage at either of the two sides. Hinata tells Sou that lead Snow White is at the right side. Sou looks away and says, ya.

    Anna looks surprised over Sou’s reaction. Nanoka is calling Anna that as the prince, she goes to the left side. Anna wonders what’s up with that for how come Sou’s attitude towards Hinata is also like that. “I know the reason why Sou is angry with me. It is because I couldn’t decide. I’m also well-aware of that.” Recalling what Sou said earlier about Anna liking Hinata and Sou both at the same time, and then Hinata agreed to break up, and Sou not wanting to be with them crazy ones, Anna realizes that Sou isn’t only referring to her but also Hinata. [I think the Japanese pronoun for ‘you’ can be singular and plural, so perhaps, Anna at first thought it is only her as ‘you’, but it is actually ‘you guys’.] The next day, the female students are gossiping about Hinata coming to school alone without Sou. They also notice that lately, in the classroom, they [girls] haven’t seen those two guys together. “It’s really rare-- Could it be that they got into a quarrel?” Both Sou and Hinata are hanging out with different guys. Anna looks worried. And the cultural festival will be held tomorrow. Nanoka tells Anna that the classroom exhibit classes [/whose activities are being held in the classroom] are busy with last minute preparations. It is easier for them who are doing a performance but they will be busy on the official performance. Then, Anna notices Hinata walking alone the hallway. Anna apologizes to Nanoka and runs to Hinata. Anna calls out to Hinata but she couldn’t apologize to him that it is because of her, his and Sou’s relationship had become awkward. She felt like she is the female lead who got overly conscious and forgot her lines. While Anna struggles to tell him something, Hinata tells her that it is okay, there’s no need to worry for beside Sou, he has other friends. Anna is speechless as she thinks that she already knows that. Hinata continues to say, “So, there’s no need to be concerned about me.” While Hinata buys a drink from the vending machine, Anna looks sad. She thinks to be told not to be concerned, how can she possibly do that. “For Hinata, Sou is a very important existence. So important that it cannot just be described as ‘friend’ and there is one thing that I know clearly. It is definitely not something as ‘it is nothing at all’.” Hinata tells Anna that compared to being concerned about him, he thinks that Anna should properly talk with Sou. “There’s something you want to ask him, right? Like, how come he quickly broke up with Aso-chan.” Hinata looks surprised over Anna’s expression when she remembered Aya telling her that Sou went steady with her in order to make it real that he gave up on Anna and for Anna and Hinata not to have any misgivings. Hinata tells her that it isn’t necessary that she hurry. Hinata gives her a tea drink, and starts walking away to drink his own drink. Anna sees the word ‘at ease[/relax]’ on the drink and she smiles.

    While walking behind Hinata, Anna notices Tokiwa calling out to Sou if he is going home. Sou says that even if they say prepare but today, there’s nothing necessary that needs to be done. Sou notices Hinata and Anna. Sou looks serious. Hinata looks dark-sad[?]. Suddenly, to Hinata’s surprise, Anna grabs Sou’s arm and starts pulling him away. She shouts for him to come with her and she won’t let go. Going out of the school building, Sou asks what’s going on, and where does she want to go. Behind the building, Anna shouts that he’s asking ‘what’s going on’. “For you to be angry at me, forget about that, then, why are you angry at Hinata? Didn’t I tell you that Hinata didn’t do anything wrong? I’m the one who’s wrong so don’t involve Hinata into this!! ..Also, even if you are angry at me, don’t snub me. Straightforwardly talk to me..” Sou sadly says that it is nothing, how can he be angry at Anna or even Hinata. “Ah, Am I angry? Ah, more or less, a little but that can’t be helped. *holds head* I already don’t know what I should do. Seeing Hinata and you liking each other, I thought to give up like this. Even if there are times when I feel very sad, but I really feel that it is good upon seeing you two’s progress going smoothly. I want to wish you two, happiness. I only do not want to be a hindrance to you two so I went steady with Ayane. But for no reason or cause, she would go out of control so we also break up. And, afterwards, you said that it is possible that you also like me. *covers face* What is the point for all the things that I’ve done before. I already do not know what is right[/correct].” Anna hugs him and says, “..Sou, you’re thinking too much of the things around you. Even if it is wrong, it is also alright. It’s fine for you to only think more of your own happiness.” Anna thinks that Sou has always been enduring it alone by himself. “Prioritizing the thing between me and Hinata. Leaving his own issue for last. Making others not notice it. I fundamentally thought that I see it clearly but actually, I didn’t know anything at all.” Sou takes her hands off him and tells her that always until not so long ago, he is only thinking of himself. “A long time before, I’m more or less aware of Hinata’s feelings [for you]. But compared to Hinata’s feelings, no matter what, I want you.” Flashback of Junior high Anna looking distressed and said that she likes Sou but she doesn’t clearly know if this is the same kind of ‘like’ as that kind of ‘like’[/love]. Sou asked her if she wants to try it out because according to her, if they can kiss, then, it is really ‘like’[/love]. End flashback. Anna looks surprised when Sou gently touches her face. Sou says that since she said that he only has to think about himself, then, he won’t give in again. Sou leans towards to kiss Anna who has dropped the tea drink that Hinata gave her.

    Okay..if they kiss, that’s that. Anna has come to a decision..and well, it might as well since love isn’t exactly something that can be thought of logically but rather as to what one feels. Hehe, and I think most people will agree that Anna isn’t good with ‘thinking’ =P If she feels something compared to her kisses with Hinata..finally, the love triangle has been resolved. If not, well, it will be Hinata. I do find it kind of funny how Anna can easily pull Sou around like that. ^^; Like before, even if it is a bit late or she hesitates, she steps her foot in when she can no longer stand the situation and do nothing about it. That’s the side about Anna that I like. Somehow, it seems that Anna is doing those things because of Hinata. Of course, based on the two guys’ reaction and actions in this chapter, I have a sinking feeling that whoever Anna chooses, their close relationship is over or it won’t be the same anymore. I guess the author is going for a realistic thing over it or quite pretending it is all okay..and perhaps, it is only until one guy fully accepts and moves on, before their relationship can perhaps still be patched up to be more or less like before. As always, Hinata acts too nice for he seems to be really pushing Anna to be with Sou. It is like what he did before until Anna chased him. ^^; I guess that is a martyr side of Hinata and it seems that because of that, he won’t get anything out of it..if this series ends up with Anna x Sou. And, like before, he really knows what she is thinking that even if she wasn’t able to say it. If Sou is ‘the lead character’ in this series, then maybe someday, Hinata would find his human Coco =P Maybe that will be for fanfics =P Apparently, the next chapter is the finale as the author wrote in her blog, ‘次号スターダスト★ウインクは最終回です’ So, I think the climax would be a kiss during the play with whoever she decides to be with, since that ‘okay to kiss=love’ is brought up again. ^^ Hopefully, it will be satisfying even if it is ending unexpectedly. Well, maybe a time skip and we’ll see both guys happy ^^ And, strangely enough, the Ribon official site didn’t list it to be ending in the next chapter unless it wasn’t written in kanji ^^; Scans by all★wink汉化组

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    Don't regret doing something...regret not doing something when you had the chance to... ~ Author Unknown

    Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 43]
    Tuesday, December 4, 2012

    Title: 2 people in a dream. [This is before Yamaken came to the school->] In the classroom, Yano[/Shitayanagi] gave Haru a notebook which contains the notes that he missed while he was absent. Haru is touched by that for Yano is unexpectedly nice to him. Taking the notebook, Haru thanks him and says that he’ll treasure it forever. “Oh ya, I also brought a souvenir back.” Yano asks if it is a NASA autograph. Haru says that it is nori [/laver or seaweed sheets used for sushi or can be eaten by itself]. Yano is quite speechless while holding a pack of nori. At the door, Asako tells Haru that this nori is delicious. Haru notices that Shizuku passes by and uses the notebook to cover her face so that Haru won’t see her. Haru goes to the door to look at her and she quickly walks away. It turns out that Shizuku is eating nori, too. =P At the art room, Asako is making an outrageous pose as Shizuku tries to draw her. Asako asks her if she doesn’t want to reconcile with Haru, and is she ‘doing nothing but smile’. Somewhat irritated Shizuku says that she knows, she knows but knowing is one thing but she just seeing Haru’s face, her legs would start to tremble. Asako exclaims that it is alright for if she is really hated, and even if it is possible that until graduation, he also won’t look at her but she, no matter when, will make this her own issue, and she is already prepared to grumble. [<- I think that she means if Haru snubs Shizuku, Asako will bug Haru yet still be with Shizuku] This made Shizuku aghast and depressed. While copying a ridiculous pose by a male classmate, Sasayan tells Shizuku that it is alright for he thinks that Haru definitely also wants to reconcile with her. Shizuku blushes a bit over this and Asako pouts [<- probably because Sasayan is more comforting than her]. While walking at the hallway, feeling light Shizuku thinks that since Sasayan said that, it is most probably true. She decides to quickly find Haru. By the window, a couple of girls are telling Haru to move to the right a bit and quickly save it. Haru is on the branch of a tree trying to reach out to the cat. Haru tells them that if he moves forward, he will fall down. While the cat is meow-ing, Haru notices Shizuku quickly running away at the hallway.

    This made Haru become aghast for it seems that Shizuku is really angry for she really doesn’t want to even look at him. “Ya, this is something inevitable. *flashback of Haru saying that they all go to hell* In the end, I have said that kind of mean words. *jumps down the tree after saving the cat* I’m already prepared to be scolded. And be healed. *lies down on the ground while touching the cat’s paw. Nagoya the chicken looks displeased* Even if I’m used to people avoiding me but I totally can’t just ignore it. If this keeps up, it will be hard to break up this current situation.” Some students including Sasayan pass by and wonder what Haru is doing. Still lying on the ground, Haru tells the chicken and the cat to stop fighting over him. =P Haru sits up and thinks, okay, be healed [by her]. Delinquent looking Haru goes to her classroom and says, “Shizuku, come here for a while. *looks at the side* ..I’ve got something to tell you.” Everyone looks surprised. After recovering from her surprise, Shizuku slams her book on the table and thinks that it is good that Haru came first. In a serious pose, Shizuku says okay. The other students are whispering if it is a fight and this is quite strange. Forming a fist, Shizuku looks at Asako and thinks that she’ll do her best. Teary-eyed Asako forms a fist back at her. Sasayan and others continue to eat Nori [from Haru]. Later on, Haru and Shizuku are sitting behind the school building. They are all quiet and Shizuku wonders where to start [saying].. “Even if I’m very happy that Haru came first to see me. Right now, what is he thinking..” Shizuku looks at Haru who hide his head in the hood with the strings pulled. ^^;; Puzzled Shizuku looks away and becomes aghast. Haru then pulls down his hood. He thinks that if she hates seeing his face, then it would be better to hide it but then, doing that is difficult. “..besides, it has already been such a long time I haven’t seen her. Is it my imagination? She’s so cute.” Shizuku is thinking that it seems for a second there, she saw him wearing something. While she is thinking of wanting to go back[/he is back to normal], Haru wonders what’s up with his brain for he feels like wanting to touch her and it must be the power of Shizuku’s style. The two shake their head and think no, now isn’t the time to do that. Haru says, “About that, I’m sorry, Shizuku.” Shizuku looks at him and blushes. She says, “..ya, I also want to apologize to you.” Haru looks at her. Then, the two [cutely] turns around to face each other ^^ Haru smiles and says that it is really great that she isn’t angry. Shizuku says ya, and she thought that he hated her. They look at each other then, moves back to their original places.

    Haru asks her what the reason for her anger is. “I’m sorry that I didn’t properly listen to what you’re saying at that time.” Shizuku says about that, it is nothing and it isn’t important. “I’m sorry. Actually, you didn’t do anything wrong. It is my own problem.” Haru looks at her and says, “Let me tell you, for me, your problem is also my problem. I think that way because I’m quite afraid that this same thing will happen again. No matter what reason is, it is okay. I hope that you’ll tell me. I want to know your feelings.” As the wind blows the leaves, Shizuku looks surprised and speechless. The school bell rings. Haru calls out her name and Shizuku looks nervous. Just when she is about to say something, Shizuku quickly stands up and exclaims that the school bell has already rang. She apologizes to him for she has to go to class. As Shizuku leaves, nervous Haru mutters if she is going to class now. He looks up the sky and lies down on the ground. He wonders if the way he asked is wrong. In class, while trying to read, Shizuku thinks, “ feelings. Why why. Can I say it like this ‘Haru and I aren’t the same, I’m jealous of you’? Is it really okay for me to say that again? Won’t he hate me? This thing called feelings, how should it be conveyed?” And, it is the school dismissal. The students are looking at Yamaken who is waiting by the gate. Iyo comes out and asks her brother if he came to look for her. Yamaken tells her to quickly go home. “Listen well. Go straight home today. Just quickly go without looking back.” Iyo complains what’s up with that for he always ignores her. As the other students are muttering about Yamaken, Yamaken gets irritated that they are all looking at him and it isn’t like, he likes standing there. A girl asks him why he is at their school. Yamaken just smiles and says that he is waiting for someone. Then, Shizuku passes by and greets him. She asks him what he is doing there and it is too eye-catching for him to be there while wearing his school uniform. She tells him to stand farther away if he wants to surprise someone. Yamaken tells her that he specially came to see her. “If I didn’t do this, I won’t be able to see you.” After climbing over the fence, Haru is shock for Shizuku unexpectedly nicely went away with Yamaken. Just when he is about to charge at them, Haru stops and thinks, “If I chased after them, what can I do?” He looks at the side to see shock Asako and Sasayan & friends looking at his direction.

    At the coffee shop, Asako is muttering what Yamaken and Shizuku are talking about. They are hiding behind the bushes while the two [S&Y] are buying their drinks inside. She scolds Haru for dilly-dallying that the two had already gone in the store. Thinking that he wants to go home, Haru timidly apologizes. Sasayan laughs and exclaims that it is like playing a spy game. Haru asks Sasayan why he is also there. Sasayan says that [club] is on a exam break and he is very worried over all sorts of things. Haru exclaims that Sasayan is fooling him for he [Sasayan] faintly knows since he [Sasayan] is emitting the same aura as Yuuzan. Sasayan denies it and claims that half of it is goodwill. Asako exclaims that they are coming out. Yamaken and Shizuku sit at a table outside the coffee store [al fresco style]. While Shizuku is happy [but not showing it] over Starrucks coffee, she is ranting something about a guide book published is the same as the one during 05, is because it is the same editor. Yamaken thinks that even if he got her to go out but she is talking of such a limited topic, and she gradually is talking of things that interest her. “Besides that, from just now, I saw something hiding at that side. [<- Asako and Haru’s hair can be seen above the bushes.] It is already enough. *drinks coffee* For didn’t I already do this, and it is already at this step.” Shizuku spits out her drink when Yamaken asks her what happened afterwards between her and Haru. Shizuku nervously looks at him and tells him that she thinks that they generally should have already reconciled. Yamaken looks a bit sad. He says, “About that, you also definitely think that I’m more compatible for you. Always repeating this unknown significant[/insignificant] thing, for you guys to be like this, this isn’t called love. *Shizuku looks surprised* I came to tell you to please try going steady with me once.” By the bushes, Asako whines about totally not hearing what those two are saying. Asako scolds Haru for being always silent from the start. “Is it really okay that you didn’t go and stop them!?” While Sasayan is drinking his juice, Haru didn’t reply and just look up. Yamaken looks tense and Shizuku seems to be thinking. Blurbs: It seems that there will be a popularity poll being held here [] for favorite character/animal, favorite scene and your thoughts on the series until Jan 31st. I don’t know if people not residing in Japan can join. ^^; but there also seems be a raffle to win special prizes from the author. 3 first prizes = an autograph of the character you voted ^^, 10 second prizes = fan book with autograph and 30 third prize = postcard of character voted + autograph. Also, it seems that the next chapter will have more pages.

    Sasayan’s side story: Sasayan has a lot of friends. He likes going to school but hates exams. The things that he think about..very common things. During first year, from the school building, Sasayan and others look at Asako as she heads to school. Yano says that Asako is so cute and he’s lucky to have her as his classmate. Sasayan admits that she is indeed cute. Their friends say that Asako had dumped a lot of guys, too many to count, and it appears that she hates guys. Sasayan thinks that he likes the open-minded[/easygoing] type more. Then, they say that it is Haru..and who’s the person always with him..ah yes, Mizutani. In class, Asako drops her eraser on the floor. Sasayan picks it up and tells her, ‘here, your eraser’. Asako snubs him. Sasayan nervously wonders why he was snubbed and what he should say in times like this. He angrily thinks that this is terrible. And not at all because of karma, he unexpectedly become ‘friends’ with this kind of girl. [During school festival?], Sasayan calls Asako on the phone to help him out a bit in buying things for the others are not dependable. Later on, Sasayan and Asako were walking together. Sasayan is pulling his bicycle along with the lumber on it. They walk silently. Sasayan thinks that he isn’t an expert in dealing with this kind of person. Aside from Haru and Shizuku, Asako won’t smile towards anyone else. He also thinks that if he can become good friends with her, he will thank heavens for it and he totally doesn’t know what she is thinking. Asako tells him that for her to be friends with Haru and Shizuku, her everyday has become astonishing satisfying. Because it’s quite rare, to have very good relationship with those two that she also wants to be friendly in associating with others. Sasayan looks surprised. He says then, how about they also become friends. Asako asks if it is okay. Thinking that she is normal, Sasayan says ya. Asako happily says that’s great for actually, she specially worried over what if he likes her. Sasayan’s smile freezes. Holding up her arms, Asako exclaims that there is a possibility of there being a guy who will first start out as a friend and then, would ‘attack’ later on. “Ah, I also asking you, Sasayan-kun to give up on that kind of thinking.” Sasayan says, “Ah, I think I possibly won’t [do that].” Narration: “At one side, I have said some things, and possibly at that time, I couldn’t help but like her. (generally) About the rest of the story, I’ll tell you about it again next time.”

    I’m pleasantly surprised that the author is unexpectedly going for compatibility vs attraction. In this case, compatibility would be ‘less stressful/troublesome’. Indeed, Yamaken is less stressful for Shizuku compared to Haru and she won’t be ‘jealous’ of Yamaken in terms of academics. Yamaken would be easier to understand than Haru and she does find him easier to talk with about cram school, etc since Haru is totally on a different level on that. The crucial thing that Yamaken lacks is attraction. Shizuku doesn’t feel something special for Yamaken other than being a friend. So, given this situation, would she give Yamaken a try for maybe she will like him romantically? Then, that will be a win-win situation for her. Since Shizuku is a logical type of person, she might give it a thought. I don’t know though if she will give the answer now or not. Nevertheless, it is quite gutsy of Yamaken to do this. This is like a ‘do or die’ for him to at least give some closure for him and at least, he won’t have any regrets for not trying or as Yuuzan would put it, scared of being hurt that he won’t try it. Yamaken swallowed his pride and took this step. Amusingly, he doesn’t want Iyo to see him with Shizuku..possibly being dumped that he made her go home quickly =P Haru also grew up. He is no longer running away and being impulsive. I think his EQ just went up a few notches. Since Shizuku kept on avoiding him, he took the initiative. With that, he also took the initiative to apologize. He even realized that this will keep on happening if he didn’t get into the bottom of it. I like what he said about her problem being also her problem. I wonder if Shizuku is more shock over what Haru is saying, or her answer to his question..maybe both. Being away from her seemed to be quite beneficial for Haru. It is also nice that he seems isn’t keen on repeating the same mistakes = fast learner. Hehe, even so, there are still the silly stuff that Haru usually does like hiding his face in his hood..that is quite funny. I’m actually not sure over what to think of Haru no longer being impulsive and possessive. Even if it is good = less troublesome for Shizuku, it doesn’t seem to be like him..and it seems like he is on the ‘verge of giving up’ or something. Maybe, it is like giving Shizuku some space to think if she really wants him compared to Yamaken, and as before, it seems that he is well aware and prepared of the possibility of Shizuku leaving him later on. As for the side story, that was cute and well, love does tend to happen unexpectedly at times like falling for someone who you don’t think could even be your friend. ^^ Scans by 離境漢化組.

    Quote of the day:
    Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. ~ Winston Churchill

    Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 126-132]
    Monday, December 3, 2012

    At the kingdom of Arabia, Irrfan is listening to Zaki’s report on water still being an expensive natural resource compared to petroleum. A couple of men are talking about how Irrfan had changed completely into a different person upon arriving back from the desert. Before he was a ‘what the’ type of person, but right now, he would discuss everyday with his butlers about all sorts of things. Yesterday, they were talking about the commoner’s living conditions and today, it is about the problem regarding water. They say that if Irrfan inherits the throne, their lives might gradually improve. The king has heard them. And, that night, the king was thinking over things. Later on, he called for Irrfan to his throne room to inform him that it is time to pass the throne to him. Irrfan’s butlers are delighted over this news. Irrfan says that he is not good enough to inherit the throne yet because there are still a lot of things that he has to study. From his point of view, he still doesn’t have the right to become king. The king says that he is hoping that Irrfan won’t lose this enthusiasm upon ascending to the throne. Irrfan is still hesitant. The king tells him that someone who possesses the right and yet, he didn’t take the initiative to get it. That isn’t ‘modesty’, but rather, it is cowardice. After hearing that, Irrfan says that since he put it that way, he cannot pretend that he didn’t hear that. On the day of the coronation, Irrfan is shock that Rika isn’t coming. Zin says that they have already contacted her many times and it seems that she is preparing for something else that is more important. Irrfan angrily shouts what could be more important than his coronation day. The butlers think that it is cultural festival but then, they couldn’t tell Irrfan about it. Irrfan forgets it and excitedly asks what about Mei coming. They say that she isn’t because they couldn’t contact Mei’s butler. They also contacted the Hongo family but they were only told that everything about Mei has been left in the hands of the professional butler. They try to tell Irrfan to calm down but Irrfan has already started cursing Rihito for trying to break him and Mei up. The butlers wonder what break up, when it is just a one-sided thing. While Irrfan is shouting threats and wanting to go to Japan, the butlers tell them it is almost time for the coronation and he can do that after the ceremony. While Irrfan continues to shout and the two saying ya, ya, the two drags him away. ^^;

    At the coronation ceremony, the king is about to pass the holy camel as proof Irrfan will now be the new king. Glum Irrfan thinks that it is meaningless since Mei and Rika didn’t come. Just when Irrfan is about to take the harness of the camel, Zin calls out that Irrfan has an emergency phone call. Zaki exclaims for him not to be rude for they are in the middle of the ceremony. Holding Irrfan’s cellphone, Zin exclaims that it is Mei. With hearts flying around, Irrfan happily answers the phone. At a public phone, Mei greets him that it has been a long time but then, actually, their last meeting has just been 10 days. She informs him that she is currently at the airport of Arabia. Quickly riding on the camel, Irrfan exclaims that he is going to the airport. The king tells the audience to take a nap first, and they oblige him. ^^; At the airport, Irrfan calls out to Mei. And Mei calls out to the camel for she kept her promise that they’ll meet again. Irrfan angrily shouts over this. He looks around and comments that he doesn’t see that darn butler. Just when Mei is about to explain, Irrfan sees female Xiang and asks if this beautiful girl is Mei’s waiting lady. Just when Mei is about to explain again, Irrfan happily says that Mei has finally noticed his charm and this time around, she is sincere about him that she brought a waiting lady with her. Without listening to Mei, Irrfan exclaims that they should hurriedly go back to the palace and watch him on stage. And so, the coronation ceremony resumes. Irrfan takes the holy camel as proof that he is the new king. Riding on the camel, Irrfan is greeted by his jubilant subjects who were congratulating and wishing him ‘long live the new king’. Mei smiles and thinks that Irrfan has become king. The first time she met him, she thought that he was a HUGE IDIOT but right now, he seems more like it.Irrfan says that he will now take this opportunity to inform everyone about something. He climbs down the camel and approaches puzzled Mei. Holding Mei to him, Irrfan introduces them to Hongo Mei who will be his first queen consort. Mei exclaims what he is thinking. Irrfan tells her that for her to remotely and urgently participate in his coronation ceremony, she is a bride who is thinking of him, and tonight he’ll properly dote on her..

    Xiang immediately twist Irrfan’s arm. As Mei thanks Xiang, Irrfan’s butlers shout how can ‘she’ be rude to Irrfan. They shout that even if ‘she’ is a beautiful waiting lady, they won’t allow ‘her’ to disrespect.. Removing his wig, Xiang says that he isn’t a waiting lady, he is Mei’s butler. Irrfan shouts, “You are..!” Gesturing to Xiang, Mei tells Irrfan that she is prepared to marry this person. Irrfan is shock..pause..and exclaims in disbelief. Irrfan asks Mei if she is serious. Mei smiles and says, yes. Irrfan exclaims why, what is the reason? Mei tells him that a lot has happened. Irrfan exclaims what is those ‘a lot has happened’. Mei tells him that Xiang will die if she didn’t marry him. Irrfan exclaims in disbelief that because of death, Mei is forced to marry him. Mei says that it is because the dead cannot come back to life. Irrfan shouts to let Xiang die, and since he started it, he should carry it on until the end, and he [Irrfan] will straightforwardly carry out his [Xiang] wish. Mei calls Irrfan an idiot and she won’t let him do that. Irrfan shouts, “And, who do you think is the idiot!!!” Mei shouts back, “Of course, it is you!!!” Soon, the butlers watch as the two [idiots] are catching their breath from shouting. Pointing at Mei, Irrfan shouts, “Hongo Mei, I challenge you to a duel!!” With crossed arms, confident Mei replies, “Bring it on, it is just what I wanted.” The butlers sweatdrop. Irrfan exclaims that he challenges Mei to a duel, and if he wins, she’ll marry him. Mei says that’s fine and if she wins, he’ll hand this country to her. Everyone is shock. Mei apologizes to Xiang for she didn’t know how things ended up this way. “Do you hate it..?” Xiang smiles and says that he’ll give what Irrfan wants. To his butler and everyone’s shock, Irrfan agrees with the condition. Irrfan asks why they [butlers] are nervous for, it is impossible for them to lose to a brat who has no background. The two butlers are moved. Mei comments that the two butlers are serving Irrfan again. The two timidly say yes, and it is all thanks to her. Mei smiles over this. Irrfan says that this time around, he isn’t deliberately picking a fight with her. “If you SINCERELY like this guy, even if I’m frustrated.. I also won’t say anything about it.. But this time around, it isn’t like that. You are only deceiving yourself!! *towards Xiang* Hey, stinky brat, even if I don’t know what your plans are, but I absolutely will not give Mei to marry a despicable guy like you, who’ll use one’s own life to force her to marry..!! *towards his butlers* Let’s go, the parade is over!!” Before Irrfan leaves, Mei calls out to him and thanks him for worrying about her. Irrfan blushes a bit and leaves. At Arabia’s royal palace, Zaki asks Irrfan if this is really okay. Lying on his bed, Irrfan asks what he is referring to. Zaki says that Mei is his [Irrfan] and their savior so for the two of them to duel.. Irrfan says it is quite unexpectedly that they are afraid. The butlers deny it.

    Irrfan says it is inevitable because Mei is so nice that she really intents to marry that Chinese butler so he wants to save her. Zin mutters that isn’t that Mei’s good point. Irrfan glares at Zin that they keep quiet. A bit flustered, Irrfan says that he knows and even if he knows, he absolutely won’t allow it. Then, he complains that he is already ‘His Majesty’ so call him that way instead of ‘Your Highness’ or be punished. They say that if they call him that way, he would seem old. [<- their logic is ‘His Majesty’ = old guy] On the other side, Mei is happily eating with the former king. Mei laughs and says that she can’t eat another mouthful. The former king asks if she really can’t eat anymore. He says that it is rare for her to come by and yet, Irrfan.. Mei tells him not to say that because Irrfan is only doing that because he is worried about her. The former king says that actually, it isn’t a bad deal if Irrfan wins and she becomes his daughter-in-law. Mei asks that isn’t he a fan of Rika. The former king replies that those are two different things. Mei says that even if she isn’t his daughter-in-law, she will still always come to visit. The former king laughs and says that is good. Mei reminds him that if she wins, this kingdom will be given to her. The former king laughs and says, ‘give to you, give to you’. Xiang quietly watches at the side. He recalls Irrfan calling him despicable for forcing Mei to marry him. Xiang thinks that is right, he is a despicable person for he knew that Mei absolutely cannot refuse if she used his life to force her to agree. If everything went smoothly, it won’t be long before he gets Mei-ojousama or rather, their goddess. The goddess, Hongo’s wealth and influence, and also their tempered- FIGHTING SKILLS..everything is ready except for the one tiny crucial thing, but why.. Xiang sees Mei happily waving at him. Xiang remembers being called a despicable guy. In a huge bedroom, Mei jumps into the bed and exclaims that her stomach is so full. Xiang takes a note from the table. When Mei asks what it is, he says that it contains the details for the duel tomorrow. It will be held at the central plaza at 6am, and it will be an unarmed duel. Mei is glad that there will be no weapons used. She mentally thanks Irrfan for this. Mei sweatdrops and says that it seems quite painful so maybe they should forget about this. Xiang tells her that it is no hindrance for he is used to pain. Xiang is puzzled when Mei approaches him. She tells him that he must not get injured. Xiang suddenly remembers Rishu smiling at him. Then, he felt a sharp pain for being called a despicable person. While Xiang supports himself on the table, Mei asks him if he is alright because he looks pale. Xiang calls her name and suddenly hugs her. Xiang apologizes and asks if he can hug her like this for a while. Mei wonders why Xiang’s body feels so cold. Then, someone from the stained glass above calls out, “Get away from Mei..!!” Mei looks up and thinks that this voice. “Could it be.. Shibata..!?”

    Xiang goes in front of Mei. Using his arm, Kento breaks the stained glass and gives Xiang a kick on the face. Mei shouts for Kento to stop but Kento grabs Xiang’s collar and start punching him on the face. “Don’t go near Mei!! Don’t look and stare at Mei!! Don’t use your filthy hands to touch Mei..!!” Since Kento won’t listen to her, Mei angrily shouts for him to stop and breaks a vase with roses in it. Breathing hard from shouting, Mei tells Kento that is enough for Xiang is totally not hitting back. Kento got angry and starts to scold Mei that it is her fault, and why did she ran away at that time. Mei changes the topic by asking how come he knows where they are. Kento says that of course, it is because he clearly knows what she is thinking in that head of hers. Thinking that she can’t hide things from Kento, Mei laughs and says is that so. Kento says that it isn’t funny at all for he heard from his grandfather that she is going to marry that guy, so is it true. To Kento’s surprise, Mei admits that it is true. A bit flustered, Kento asks if she likes Xiang. Mei looks sad and starts to explain that if she didn’t get married to Xiang, he’ll die. Mei says that she thinks that Xiang has a very important reason in doing this even if he hasn’t told her about it yet. She adds that if she marries Xiang, there’s no need for him to die. Kento asks if THAT IS ALL THERE IS TO IT. Kento shouts for her to quit joking around because for her, this might just be a small issue but they were risking their lives for her. “ seems that you still don’t understand, Mei.. We.. Just by thinking that you might possibly become some other guy’s.. It is already unbearable..”

    Mei looks somewhat surprised by this. Kento tells her that Xiang isn’t the type of person she thinks he is, for until now, Xiang is a killing demon[/murderer] who had already killed numerous people. Mei looks surprised by this. Calling out to Xiang, Kento says that before, he [Xiang] would call them beasts so what’s up with this taking advantage of Mei’s kindness. “You’re the most awful and despicable person.” Downcast Xiang didn’t refute it. Mei says that even if that is so, she will be sad if Xiang dies. Going in front of Xiang, Mei apologizes to Kento and exclaims that she is still going to stay here. Kento is surprised by that. Then, they hear some people outside saying that the noise came from Mei’s room. Mei smiles at Kento and tells him that she only wants to know the truth of the issue. “Tell this also to Rihito-san. And also..thank you for coming here for me, Shibata..!!” Kento shouts for her to do what she wants. With that, he quickly runs off. At the hallway, Irrfan asks the guards what’s going on. He is surprised when he is told that there was a ruckus in Mei’s room. He sweatdrops when they tell him that it seems that Mei has been playing touch ball in her room that caused a vase and the roses to spill all over the place. Irrfan is surprised when someone whispers that the guards in the palace are too relaxed. He turns around and asks his butlers if someone said something. They were clueless. Back in Mei’s room, Xiang admits to Mei that what Kento said is true for until now, he has been committing numerous crimes. “I never doubted nor even have regrets towards this path that I have chosen. Perhaps, I should say.. I no longer have the heart of a human. But.. I don’t know why, as a despicable small person staying at your side.. I gradually felt so much pain..” A tear falls down from Xiang’s eye. Mei smiles and thinks that he finally let her see his a side of his most important truth. She approaches him and wipes his tear. She tells him that regarding his past, they’ll talk about it again next time but what’s more important is tomorrow. “You’ll use your proud and graceful self to beat Irrfan and the others!!” Xiang mutters her name. Mei thinks that when that time comes, he can truly be reborn from a despicable person to a butler.

    At the central plaza, the duel between Irrfan and Mei starts. Irrfan says that the competition’s time limit is an hour. The other side will lose if he’s on the ground for 10 seconds, admits defeat or leaves the fighting area. “I’m reminding you again, Mei, get away from that guy..!!” Mei refuses. Thinking that he had personally chosen Mei’s skirt, Irrfan says that Mei is quite stubborn. He tells Zin to do things in accordance to his ability. Zin says okay. Mei tells Xiang that he isn’t a despicable person and this is something she can guarantee. Somewhat smiling, Xiang thinks that Mei’s words, which he engraves in his memory and heart, is his pride as her butler. The competition starts. Zin immediately kicks Xiang’s face but Xiang blocks it with his arms. The people exclaim in pride that it is a beautiful kick and no wonder Zin is their country’s boxing champion. They assume that winning is now at Zin’s grasp. Zin recalls eavesdropping while Zaki asked Irrfan if this is okay, for how can he just bet the country’s destiny on one person in this duel. Flashback: Zaki said that it would be better to have some countermeasure. Irrfan asked him if he wanted him to cheat. Zaki told him that he only said COUNTERMEASURE. Irrfan laughed and replied that it is interesting giving the fate of the country to a trivial butler. “We believe in that guy’s strength.. and isn’t that the best COUNTERMEASURE?” End flashback. While fighting, Zin thinks that Irrfan is leaving everything up to him. “I cannot waste His Majesty’s intention. I will honor Arabia by offering His Majesty Irrfan this victory..!!” Somewhat smiling, Xiang thinks that it has been a long time since he felt such a clear morning. “Someone is willing to believe in me, who was utterly filthy. Mei-ojousama.. I won’t become a despicable person again who’ll betray you. *jumping* My body felt so light. It seems like I have grown wings. Currently, I’m ‘Mei-ojousama’s butler’. The butler of ‘World’s number 1 Ojousama’, whom I had strenuously searched for. Everything is for Mei-ojousama. I will offer the glory of victory to our goddess. For this reason.. *Zin looks surprised for Xiang’s eyes look serious and dark* I’m going to make you.. Yes, you.. Come.. [and] break.”

    Xiang reaches out to Zin. Everyone is shock and puzzled by that strange ‘crunch’ sound they heard. They notice that Zin’s shoulder is drooping down. Irrfan quickly shouts at Zin to dodge. Everyone is surprised to see Xiang pinning Zin’s neck with his legs, and heard another ‘crack’ sound. While strangling Zin with one hand and pinning Zin’s free hand with his other hand, Xiang repeatedly bangs Zin’s head on the ground. Zaki worriedly tells Irrfan that if this keeps up, Zin will.. Irrfan shouts to Zin that is enough, just admit defeat. Zin tells him not to say nonsense when the fate of the country is in his hand. Irrfan angrily calls Zin an idiot for his life is more important than the country. He orders the soldiers to grab hold of Xiang. Noticing the soldiers rushing towards him, Xiang quickly stands up and kicks them away. Mei shouts to Xiang that is enough, stop. With a crazed look, Xiang didn’t hear her as he continues to ruthlessly kick away the soldiers. The audience starts to become scared of Xiang that they wonder out loud if he is a monster. Mei shouts, “Xiang, can’t you hear me?! I beg of you, please quickly stop.. Stop, Xiang..!!” While breathing hard, Zin looks up to see Xiang getting ready to finish him off. Xiang is thinking that he has to pulverize all of the insects in front of him. While Mei shouts for him to stop, Xiang starts to strangle Zin. Suddenly, someone jumps into the ring. It is Kento who stops Xiang by putting him in a hold. He tells Xiang, “Hey, that’s enough. For you not to hear the voice of the ojousama calling stop.. in the end, you’re not a butler, but only a murderer.” Xiang snaps out of it and looks at flustered Mei. Mei calls out to Kento. Kento asks her if she now understands this person’s true attitude. “Up to this degree, this is already not about a competition to become a groom. If you continue to cover up for him, you’ll also be walking towards a criminal path.” Xiang looks sad as he looks at his hands. And, later that night.. Xiang disappeared from their sight. Mei and Kento enter the room to find a note by the vase, along with Xiang’s C-rank butler pin.

    Mei reads the note. Xiang apologizes for leaving without saying goodbye. He thinks that Kento has already told her about his past and it is true, he is THAT KIND of person. “No..from that day on, when my homeland has been snatched away.. perhaps, I’m no longer human.. Since then, I have stained my hands with unspeakable blood.. during the time while searching for the ‘new goddess’. We have met numerous goddess candidates. They are all beautiful, intelligent and emit radiance. But.. we felt that it isn’t enough to move our inner hearts. One time, we met a woman [Shiori].. She made us think that she is the ideal ojousama that we were looking for. But, we were just deceived for she is a complete counterfeit. At that time- we met an unknown devil who exchanged a piece of news for the price of my right eye. *Shinobu told them about at the far east, a famous peerless butler lives together with this interesting ojousama.* We paid a visit and found a tanuki. *Kintarou commented that Xiang had such an impatient expression* With complete enthusiasm, Kintarou-sama listened to our ‘search for the goddess’ journey.” Flashback: Kintarou asked what is the ‘goddess’ qualification. Xiang said that she is to continue seeing that beautiful dream about a happy world. Kintarou said is that so but he thinks that isn’t the totality of what they are searching for. Puzzled, Xiang asked what other thing is there. Kintarou told them that they must find it out by themselves. End flashback. Mei continues to read that to make the story short, Mei is the goddess that they are searching for. “About the reason..please don’t even ask about it- Everyday as Mei-ojousama’s butler, I felt an unprecedented happiness but those days is on the verge of ending. While fighting for time and committing crimes, the price of numerous lives, I have made myself quite filthy that if I continue on staying at your side, Mei-ojousama will also be polluted.. That would be like sending off to a funeral our hardships in searching for the goddess. The one who’ll revive the village.. is Fei who is only persevering. Mei-ojousama, I would want to entrust this dream to you. Please tell Fei.. convey my thanks to him [for his help] until now. I’m going to actualize a dream that I had almost forgotten--”

    After she reads the letter, she starts to cry and call out to Kento. Kento becomes anxious. She goes to him that in the end, she wasn’t able to help Xiang at all. She had made him, Rihito, and others worried that she troubled them, and yet, she wasn’t able to help Xiang. She thinks that fundamentally she doesn’t know Xiang’s darkness and that darkness is quite deep. “Can my light possibly touch his darkness--..” While Mei cries, Kento is loss for words. Then his cellphone is ringing. It is Fujiko. Kento tells her that he is in Arabia and Mei as at his side. He tells Mei that it is a phone call for her. Mei answers the phone. Fujiko exclaims that it is great that she is okay and what the heck is going on. She has heard it from Kanzaki and is she really going to get married to Xiang. Fujiko is surprised when Mei tells her that Xiang is gone. Fei grabs the phone from Fujiko and asks Mei what’s going on. Mei tearfully tells him that Xiang thinks he is quite filthy that he cannot stay there and he mentioned about actualizing a dream that he almost forgot. Seeing Fei’s disbelief expression, Fujiko asks if he has any clue. Fei says that maybe Xiang is going to assassinate the country’s head of state who destroyed their village. Fujiko exclaims that for him to go alone, it is too reckless and that has no difference with going to his death. Fujiko exclaims to Nezu that they should hurry. Nezu tells her that from the start, it isn’t a territory that they can meddle in and it is almost time for her to go to school. While Fujiko is surprised by that, Fei asks Mei to please save Xiang. Fei admits that he actually doesn’t believe a new goddess can re-establish their village because no matter what they do, the village won’t be like how it originally was. “It is only Xiang.. Because that is Xiang’s wish so I’ve just accompanied him.. That is the only thing that I can do.. But Mei-ojousama, if it is you.. no.. no matter who it is.. it doesn’t matter who it is.. please.. don’t just turn a blind eye to Xiang [and let him be in danger]..”

    Then, Fei is surprised for he got the busy tone. Fei says that Mei hanged up. Nezu says that it is definitely the work of Kento because as a butler, he must thoroughly remove anything that might possibly put the ojousama into danger. And, Mei also knows that if she alone makes the move, will make Hongo family, St. Lucia Academy..not only that, but also Mei’s dream of ‘world’s number 1 ojousama’ will also be tarnished. Putting his cellphone back in his pocket, Kento is looking at Mei who looks back at him. Fujiko smiles and says that even if that it seems like Nezu knows everything but there is one thing he doesn’t understand thoroughly. Nezu asks what that is. Fujiko looks at him and says the ojousama’s frightening side. Back to Mei’s side, Kento says that for things to reach up to this point, Mei’s love for meddling in other people’s business and Mei’s nature of being thoroughly nice should stop while she’s ahead. “If you pass through the limit.. and continue on protecting Xiang, you’ll also become a criminal.. And you cannot accomplish your dream to become ‘the world’s number 1 ojousama’.” Mei smiles and tells him that even so, she is greedy for once it is in her grasp, she won’t let go of it. Kento shouts her name but Mei just apologizes and says that she knows what he is telling her but even if that is so, she cannot just sit and do nothing about Xiang. Kento asks if even she is going to give up her family, school and ‘ojousama’ status. With determination, Mei says yes. This surprises Kento. Mei asks if he is going to stop her again. Kento says no, he only thinks that she is the same as before. Kento throws his cellphone to Mei and tells her to properly use her ‘killer rapier’. The phone rings and Rihito answers it. Mei sweatdrops when he says that it is quite nostalgic to hear her voice. Mei timidly apologizes. Rei says huh so Mei shouts her apology for leaving him hanging to dry upon seeing him and ran away. She also apologizes for making him worried. In short, she is sorry for all sorts of things. Rihito didn’t answer that Mei says that in the end, he is very angry and maybe this isn’t something that can easily be bygones just by apologizing. Rihito says that just hearing her lively voice is enough for him.

    She timidly says that he might feel that this is rude but she has a request. Rihito tells her to say it. Mei says that she hopes that he could provide some help for Xiang. Mei tells him that in order to kill the one who destroyed his village, Xiang went on a journey alone. She says that it is quite reckless and if he did that, he will definitely.. Rihito says that she’s scared that Xiang will be killed and a so-called government isn’t that naïve. “Do you want to make an enemy of THAT, Mei-ojousama?” Mei says that she knows that if she protects Xiang too much this will cause trouble to her grandfather and the school, and..her promise with him to become the ‘world’s number 1 ojousama’ will all become nothing. “..I’m very sorry.. even if that is so, I.. Please, Rihito-san. About this thing, you’re the only one whom I can ask..” Rihito tells her to say it again. Rihito says that this might be a bit impolite but can she say it again, her ‘request’ using the highest tone of her voice that she can. Mei and Kento pause over this. Taking a deep breath, Mei shouts, “Please, Rihito-san!!” Rihito smiles and says that he’s satisfied. “It is really satisfying, Mei-ojousama..!! Even if the world becomes the enemy, at the last moment, it is still the REQUEST of the ojousama to the dependable butler. This is the moment that I’m dreaming of, this is the BUTLER’s HAPPINESS.” Kento takes the phone from Mei and shouts, “You’re not the only one she asked a favor to!! You pevert!!” Snubbing Rihito takes away the phone from his ear as Kento continues to shout things at him. Grabbing the phone back, Mei is saying, “Then.. about that.. Rihito-san..!!” Rihito says that it is such truly a coincidence for right now, he is in this country. And, there is a scene of Rihito, with a suitcase, standing by the cliff overlooking a city.

    Among the crowd, long haired Xiang thinks that he finally remembered. He watches the huge LCD television about news regarding Asia’s biggest Industry, Commodity and Trading 2012 International Fair that is finally starting tomorrow. Luo Shou Zha [羅首柤], has been scheduled to attend at the opening ceremony and he will be arriving at the location tonight. Xiang thinks that it is more than he can bear that person had destroyed his homeland. “No, I should say, for being the person who had ordered to kill my beloved Rishu.. I’ll definitely sent that person to the western paradise [<- other world after death in Buddhism]. Let’s start the last dance.” At a huge building, a couple of guards stop Xiang from going through a door. They tell him that ordinary guests cannot go through there. Xiang immediately kicks him. The other guard tries to get his gun but Xiang immediately kicks him too. Xiang quickly runs through the corridor and hides by the corner. He thinks that something is not right for it is too quiet. He goes to a double door. He is about to open the door but he stops. After a pause, he decides to open it. A man is sitting on the chair that is overlooking a huge window. The man says that as a butler, at least, knock the door first. Xiang smiles and apologizes because he is actually in a hurry. The man also tells him to please discard his disguise. Flipping his hair, Xiang asks if it doesn’t suit him. The man says no. The man stands up and it turns out to be Rihito. Rihito says that it is only that compared to long hair, he likes short hair more. Xiang says is that so, and no wonder he cut Fei’s hair. Taking off his wig, Xiang says that after he is fired as Mei’s butler, is he now bowing down to some scoundrel in another country. Rihito says that he already heard it from Kintarou that his dismissal is a complete nonsense but he doesn’t know if that scoundrel is lying. Xiang didn’t reply. Rihito says that is right, Shou Zha was unexpectedly invited to a tea party so he left earlier. At some place, Rika complains as to why she has to come to this place. While having tea, Fujiko is talking with Shou Zha and Claris is eating. Rika says that it is enough just to have Fujiko there and this suits her so how come they have to.. Izumi tells her that if the ‘world’s most beautiful woman’ is absent, the value of this tea party will be reduced to half. This pleases Rika that she says that is right. Izumi mutters that this is the most that they can do, and the rest will be up to Rihito.

    Back to Rihito, he tells Xiang that is how it is, so the prime minister isn’t here. Xiang comments that it is such a meticulously planned obstruction. Rihito tells him that it isn’t an obstruction but rather saving his life because if he pushes through his plan to assassinate, he will also be erased. Turning around, Xiang tells him that from the start, he doesn’t have any yearning for his life. “Then, I’ll just change the date of visit.” Xiang stops when Rihito says that Mei is waiting for him so he should return to Japan. Xiang turns to him and asks, “..What if I don’t want to?” Rihito says that no matter the method, to fulfill the ojousama’s wish is the butler’s meaning of existence. Xiang says that Mei’s dream is actually quite beautiful so he cannot return to her side. “I don’t want her to see this ugly side[/attitude].. As a butler, you can understand me.” After a pause, Rihito says that even if he is successful in his revenge, it won’t bring back the dead to life. Xiang comments that his accent[/tone] didn’t change. Rihito smiles and says, “Actually, I really understand your feelings. If my most important person is taken away.. for example, Mei-ojousama. First of all, by the world’s most corrupt[/dirty] people on the world, I will erase his existence from society. After I turn his family and friends into trash residue and throw them away, I will use the most painful and humiliating way to torment him to death.” Xiang says that he’s really bad but he likes Rihito’s expression more when he is speaking the truth. Rihito says, then, he has another truth that he wants to say. “Honestly speaking, I’m not interested in your life experience and circumstances. Even if it is only for a short, short moment, you had taken Mei-ojousama away from my side... even claiming yourself to be Mei-ojousama’s ‘groom’. Regarding this kind of person, I really want to properly teach [him] a lesson.” Xiang smiles and takes out his knives. Xiang says, “Regardless of how you put it, the fact remains that you’re jealous of me. It’s fine, quickly come at me, uncle.” Rihito smiles and fixes his glove. He replies back, “I don’t really detest teaching a lesson this opinionated kind of.. kid.”

    I guess if ‘being nice and everything’ won’t work, it is time to do the ‘harsher way’..and probably the ‘language’ that Xiang understands. Rihito might probably beat him up, tie him up and bring him back to Mei. =P That will satisfy what Mei wanted and Rihito can unleash his jealous and stuff on Xiang..hmm..a bit like what Kento did? I hope the author will show the fighting scenes and how Rihito will win..not just skip through it but I guess this isn’t a shounen manga so it will most likely not be depicted. It is only now that I realize that Rihito is quite dark especially the way he said about what he’ll do to the person who killed his important person. He is definitely not a person one would want to be an enemy of. He is really a contrast to Kento who is nice, etc, quite like Mei. I do wonder though how come Xiang never bothered to fight Kento when Kento is beating him up. Maybe Xiang is too ‘shock’ over being called ‘detestable guy’ and Kento just got the timing right. Okay, I’m still hoping that maybe Xiang can be Kento’s butler since he is the only ‘rich suitor’ who doesn’t have one unless he is fine with being the ‘extra butler’ for life. It is nice though how Irrfan changed to become more responsible and values life than country though his infatuation with Mei is still the same. ^^; Okay, about valuing life over might be good but yet..not really since he is the king. I guess it will depend on the people how they view that. Save life means each life is important to him but country also means ‘many people lives’ so if he devalues them..he shouldn’t be king. Of course, since the other party is Mei, he probably thinks that everything will be alright. Anyway, *dance of joy* finally, got this updated ^^ Anyway, since Mei will give up everything to get Xiang back, it somewhat reminds me of the bible parable of the lost sheep especially since ‘sheep’ is a pun for ‘butler’ in this series =P Scans by 深雪汉化.

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    Are you a lost sheep, needing Jesus the Shepherd to find you? Call out to Him today and let Him rescue you. Remember, you matter to God. ~ Our Daily Bread

    Free Talk: News..
    Saturday, December 1, 2012

    About Stardust★Wink chapter 48, according to lkyland of baidu, it SEEMS that in the chapter, Sou is still snubbing Anna. That’s not the important news but rather, according to the author, chapter 49 is the last chapter. O_o So, I guess either Anna choose one of the guy or no one at all. Another rushed ending..sigh..maybe she should have ended it after the Mari arc. ^^;

    About Reimei no Arcana, apparently, the one in charge of the Chinese scanlations is busy with exams and it is expected that she won’t scanlate anymore. So, unless it is continued or some other Chinese group picks it up, that’s it for the RnA summaries.

    Haha, apparently, Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo ja Nai chapter 1 is also out. ^^; Okay..lots of stuff are coming out and they are piling up again. ^^;; Please be patient..I’m hoping to get rid of the pending series this month.

    Free Talk: Skip Beat! 195
    Saturday, December 1, 2012

    This proper comment is based on the English scanlations. As always, this author delivers when it is time for the arc’s climax. Instead of just Ren possibly making a move, it is Kyouko making the move. Kyouko does have a tendency to ‘idolize’. I find it amusing that whether in the form or ‘Ren’ or ‘Corn’, Kyouko really puts ‘him’ on a high pedestal and rejects everything that will taint her ‘idea’ about ‘him’. With Corn before, she wants him to keep ‘flying high’. In this case, she doesn’t want Ren to be ‘fallen’ like her. It must have been quite a shock for Kyouko that she will do everything she can do to prevent Ren from ‘losing’ which would be a contrast to her ‘perfect’ idea of him. Hehe, even doing such flirty things with him. =P I guess that kiss conveyed that to him and to her relief, she had pulled him out. Temporarily or permanently..time will tell. On the context of acting, I wonder how far they will keep this up. Well, even if they did, I somewhat doubt that it will be shown especially since this series is serialized in Hana to Yume. I did recall the author having a side story before which hinted on sex..but that was when Skip Beat has just started. ^^;

    Actually, I wonder if this will continue or in the next chapter, we will have a new scene. Something like we’ll never know what happened or it is up to our imagination. ^^;; Haha, like we might never know what Kyouko’s birthday gift for Ren. Well, two things are sure. One, Kyouko and Ren’s relationship is one step further even if it is well, just acting. I’m curious how they will react to each other after this sibling act is over. Two, when Ren meets Shou afterwards, he would be more confident especially if Shou taunts him regarding Kyouko. I find it interesting that what ‘cracks’ Ren’s darkness are scenes of his past with Kyouko. It makes me think that maybe it will indeed help pull Ren out of the darkness. My idea is that as ‘Kuon’, it isn’t all dark and bad because one time as ‘Kuon/Corn’, he had happy memories with Kyouko and cheered her up when she was down. Maybe that will help him accept ‘Kuon’ a bit. So, whatever mark Kyouko is going to give Ren, I think that will be good replacement for his watch to keep dark, crazy Kuon in check..or rather, remember the ‘good’ that Kuon did rather than the ‘bad’ ones. And, Lory is quite perceptive to give this ‘Love Me’ work for Kyouko..hehe, will it cure her as well and make that her last ‘Love Me’ work? Next chapter will be out on Jan 5th in Japan. Scan by hobbymoe@weibo

    Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 0/Prologue]
    Saturday, December 1, 2012

    [Free Talk: This is Kanan Minami’s new series. I think this is in the Shocomi special I’ve mentioned before. Chinese scanlations can be read here. If you know the correct name of the guy, feel free to tag me. Thanks~]

    Cover page: “Oriyama Karin. 16 years old. Today, I got married.” Narration: “Unexpectedly, I’m the only one who hasn’t been dating upon entering high school.” In a car, the driver tells a girl sitting at the backseat that they are now in school. Hugging a stuffed toy[sheep or pillow?], Karin whines that she doesn’t want to go to the opening ceremony. The maid grabs the toy and tells Karin to quickly get ready and it isn’t unusual for a first year female student to NOT HAVE a boyfriend. Throwing the toy to her, Karin exclaims, “Karin do not have a boyfriend yet because I haven’t met the person who suits me!” [<- She sometimes refers to herself as a third person. I think that is usually done by girls who are acting cute.] Narration: “No matter when and where, I’m the focus of everyone’s attention. *Scenes of her parents giving her gifts and will give her whatever she wants. And, other students are envious of her because of her flower decorated hat and tie on her elementary uniform.* Princess role is my individuality. That’s right, because Karin is a princess. So, my destiny is to one day meet the perfect prince. Karin has always been waiting for that day to come-” At the opening ceremony, Karin is using her binoculars to look at the guys and walking around the auditorium. She thinks that none of the guys she sees is her type for they are either ordinary or not good looking. None of the guys seemed manly for her that she wonders if she went to the wrong school. While the other students are sweatdropping over Karin, the principal[?] tries to tell the homeroom teacher to call that girl’s attention since The homeroom teacher says that he can’t for that is the ojousama[/milady] of Oriyama family. Then, Karin overhears a girl asking her friend what they’ll do after the opening ceremony. The friend exclaims of course, it is to go see the soccer club because she studied in this school for Tsuruki-senpai. [Guesswork from 鶴木]

    At the soccer field, the girls are gushing over a guy who managed to get the soccer ball from the others. Karin realizes that guy is Tsuruki. Using her binoculars, she looks at Tsuruki and she thinks that his height and body build is barely proportion but the crucial thing is the face. Then, she got frustrated for she can’t see Tsuruki’s face since he is always facing away from her while playing. Starting to walk, Karin angrily thinks that he keeps on running around that she can see his face. The other girls start to wonder what’s Karin doing for she just entered the field. The other soccer players are also surprised to see her but Karin’s eyes are still on the binoculars, trying to see Tsuruki. Just when she is whining over not able to see him and the binoculars are useless, Tsuruki is running backwards to hit the ball. He loses his balance since she is in his way. After they fall down to the ground, Tsuruki asks her if she is alright and is she hurt. A bit dizzy, Karin somewhat looks up and says that she is okay. Tsuruki says is that so, then that’s good. Karin is surprised to see his face, [and he turns out to be good looking]. Tsuruki says that even if she charges into the field, he won’t accept it. Karin is puzzled over what he is talking about. The other girls start to rush forward. Holding gifts, they exclaims Happy birthday Shun [guesswork from 尚]/Tsuruki-senpai. Tsuruki tells them that he already told them that he won’t accept any of their gifts. He smiles and says, “Sorry, that I even made you guys specially prepare them for me.” With hearts in their eyes, they exclaim that it is alright. Patting Karin’s shoulder, Tsuruki asks if she is also.. Tsuruki is surprised when Karin suddenly hits his hand away. She shouts for him not to casually touch her. “I’m Oriyama Karin. How is it possible that I’ll prepare a gift for you! You’re overestimating yourself!! ..ah, but.. yes.. *stands up* June 6th is Karin’s birthday. *flips hair* I can make a special case and let you give me a gift, okay? *points at Tsuruki* June 6th! Remember that!!” Everyone is stunned as Karin leaves. Tsuruki smiles and says, “So, she’s Karin.. Since that is so, I’m looking more forward to June 6th.” While walking away, Karin blushes and touches her shoulder where Tsuruki touched her. Narration: “April 10th. Finally, met the prince who suits Karin. However, on Karin’s 16th birthday, [I’ve] realized that he will not become my lover.”

    I guess we have a spoiled arrogant ojousama for a lead. Hehe, she somewhat reminds me of KKwH’s Sakura. ^^; Well, since she thinks of her as a princess and she is rich, we can get to see lots of gorgeous gowns. ^^ It seems that she is only thinking of ‘looks’ as her basis for her ‘prince’. ^^; I wonder if this will be a ‘taming of the shrew’ thing. Tsuruki doesn’t seem to be the type who’ll easily go gaga over her or do whatever she wants. Well, it seems Tsuruki can keep his fangirls in control. Interestingly, it seems that no other guys are interested in Karin based on this chapter. Is it because she is hard-to-get or too eccentric? =P Well, at least, Karin won’t be that bullied because of her status and personality. About her last sentence in the narration, maybe not ‘lover’ but rather ‘husband’ =P So far, it is interesting. Scans by ClassBianca.

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